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Just Moved to Miami Shores, looking for best foodie finds in the area

Thank you! keep the recs coming
btw they tried steves and didnt like the pizza believe it or not :/ any other pizza ideas?

Just Moved to Miami Shores, looking for best foodie finds in the area

My folks just moved to Miami Shores from down south and looking for the best eats in the area. Anything ethnic (especially the best chinese), hole in the wall, good delivery, etc. They love yakko san and sage deli but need more recs!! Thank You

Private Room for 30th bday

I called alta because the menu look amazing, but its $2500 food minimum, which is too much for us unfortunately ;(

Feb 12, 2013
morganeats in Manhattan

Private Room for 30th bday

Hello, I would like suggestions for a restaurant (pretty much anywhere in manhattan, no neighborhood preference) for a Saturday night dinner in March. There will be approx 15 people and we would prefer a private room. I am hoping to keep it around $60 a person give or take. Something fun with excellent food. No Mexican Food or Japanese please! So far, I have been suggested to check out Freemans, Beauty & Essex, maialino & Hearth but I have not eaten at any of these places and cannot vouch for the food. Suggestions and Advice are welcomed... Thank You in advance

Feb 11, 2013
morganeats in Manhattan

La Gloutonnerie, South of Fifth?

I had a delicious dinner there during miami spice.
The ambiance was beautiful but there were few people eating there, so it was a little dead. I do not recall everything we ate... i do recall the french onion soup, mussels and escargot, all of which were excellent. The prices are extremely high in my opinion, which is unfortunately a deterrent for me. If you have the pocket book, however, I would recommend trying it.

Bartender/Mixologist for Private Event in Southampton

I will be in Southampton in June and am looking for a good bartender/mixologist for a private dinner I am hosting. Please let me know if there are any individuals or agencies worth contacting.
Thank You

Private Chef and/or Mixologist in Southampton

In fact, they are all extremely cute haha
We are going in June so we should have time if you are able to get more details for me. I greatly appreciate the help!

Private Chef and/or Mixologist in Southampton

do you know if he is a chef... is this him?
does he live/work in long island?

Yummy Lunch/brunch for a big group

Coming to Austin next month with a group of 12. We are looking for a lunch or brunch spot for Saturday... Somewhere that will take a reservation preferably. We prefer somewhere with a charming setting and are open to different food types. Any suggestions welcomed!

Jan 18, 2012
morganeats in Austin

Private Chef and/or Mixologist in Southampton

I am coming to Southampton in June with several girlfriends. We are renting a house and would like to hire a private chef and/or mixologist for an evening of fun cocktails and possibly gourmet appetizers. If you have any names or ideas to share we would greatly appreciate it!

Chef headed to Miami need good eats??!

Never been but heard from a foodie friend that it was overpriced

Miami with Mom?

clarkes has a good breakfast/lunch/dinner (its a gastropub with irish fare but offers a lot of solid american options). It is casual.
Smith & Wollensky has american food/steak etc and a beautiful view.
Olivers on West avenue has good american food for brunch/lunch
Beer & Burger (name says it all), love their burgers
Books & Books cafe on lincoln road has good standard american food for lunch and dinner
If you want casual fried seafood, you could head up to shuckers on Normandy or over to CJ's crab shack on Ocean (not places i personally frequent but I have some friends who often enjoy both spots)

Chef headed to Miami need good eats??!

I would say michys is pretty delicious... I think it far surpasses sra martinez. Definitely one of my favorite miami spots.
The pubbellys are pretty fun and good (a tad overpriced for the amount of food though). Ate at pubbelly sushi last night and was very impressed. We should have paid much less for the amount of food we ate, but the food was innovative and of high quality.

Sugarcane is never a miss for me, but like pubbelly... its "tapas" style which translates to small plates at high prices and has a similar aesthetic. The good thing about sugarcane is that you can make a reservation, whereas at pubbelly, you may have to wait for some time... especially on a weekend night.

Another fun cuban option is El Palacio de los Jugos (On red road and Flagler road). The food is yummy and its a fun environment. Its more of a market vibe then a restaurant but you can eat there (outdoors on a picnic bench). I happen to think the cuban food is quite good there.
Versailles is not amazing BUT a lot of the dishes are tasty, it is an institution and has a fun vibe. I prefer it over Sergios.

Zuma, while i haven't been in a while, has a very good robata and offers some interesting japanese/seafood.
I adore all things Boulud but the dining room at DB in miami is a little stuffy and not so fun. The food is quite good, but I agree that you could find some more interesting, unique to miami options.

Ive always had good meals at meat market on lincoln road
I have also heard very good things about scarpetta

Any recommendations for a personal chef to cater a birthday party?

Peter Stearn, He's a miami beach local and an amazing chef

Buenos Aires for Xmas Eve and New Years


I will be on my honeymoon in buenos aires for xmas eve and new years eve. We are interested in dinner reservations. Nothing touristy. Something really fun with delicious/unique food!!

Coming to Austin in Februrary & looking for a few good rec's/

I will be coming to Austin with around 8 to 10 girls in February. We are all BIG foodies and would love some different recommendations. We are interested in the following:
Dinner Spots that are lively and good. At least one sushi and/or seafood option.
Lunch Spots that can accommodate a large group. Anything with food unique to the area (except bbq).
All recommendations welcomed!

Aug 12, 2011
morganeats in Austin

Alta Mare or Grillfish or...?

Its quite expensive, but BLT steak inside the Betsy has delicious fish

Has anyone eaten at Haven or The Local 150

Looking a new spot to try this weekend. Anyone been to Haven or The Local 150? If so, thoughts?

Chicken and waffles

Smoke't BBQ near UM does it (but i've never had).
Peoples BBQ might also

French Macarons in Miami area?

Just had the BEST macaroon's ive had outside of France at MAD MAC in bal harbour (upstairs next to sagafredo). SOOOO delicious

Good Paella caterer?

Paella Party


Ive passed by a few times and its been really crowded! maybe just people who were fed up waiting to sit a joes... but im very very curious

South Beach Deco Bars

The bar at the National is cool and has a great Deco Bar. The Eden Roc bar is one of the coolest deco bars ive seen... the restoration on the rest of the hotel is sort of weird but they did a wonderful job on the bar. The Fountainbleu and Ritz South Beach are both Morris Lapidus buildings that have been beautifully restored (the fountaibleu will probably have a more happening bar... however, the ritz is right next to the national and you could easily pop into both places).

South Beach Cafe
121 5th St, Miami Beach, FL 33139

SOBE Honeymoon and Birthday - 4 nights

I think there Sardinia is def not the best italian food options on the beach. Casa Tua is delicious as is Osteria del Teatro and ive heard great things about Il Gabbiano. I also happen to think the pasta at tiramesu is pretty good.

I recently took some new york friends to puerto sagua because we were too lazy to leave the beach to go to versailles and frankly i was embarrassed at the quality of the food and service. Id only go back to pick up some croquettas (not for a meal).

I have never been but heard good things about both Ola and D.Rodriguez for cuban (alittle higher end but probably way better food).

Red light is good but it doesnt even compare to Zuma... Zuma is better in every respect in my opinion, decor, location, service, and food. Also, I wouldnt be so quick to send non-locals to the red light neighborhood (esp by cab) ... while i dont necessarily think anything would happen to you, its not exactly a place to walk around or catch a cab.

If you are going to venture off the beach, I think it makes more sense and would generally be more fun to go into the Design District where you could see some shops and other people walking around. Sra Martinez and Michaels are on a nice little street in the design district where you could take a small walk, windowshop, etc.
Sugarcane is really yummy in the midtown area. Small plates. The price can add up but I have had GREAT food there.

DB bistro is one of the best meals ive ever had in miami, they have a great pompano dish. But I agree that the decor and ambiance is sort of meh.

Beer and Burger is really good for a casual lunch or dinner.

There have been mixed reviews on Pubbelly, which is a pork inspired gastro pub on the beach. I had a pretty good meal there and have tried to go back but they get too crowded on weekend nights. You could get small plates and its casual (not cheap, but not expensive if you keep it under control).

Smith and Wollenski has a beautiful location right on the water at the port. Its a great spot to grab a couple of drinks bc its in south point park and you could take a nice walk and hang out in a fun environment.

I also think meat market on lincoln road is a good dinner option. Fun ambiance and yummy food.... can walk to new world symphony.
Not many people run to Solea but ive had 2 amazing meals there (in the W hotel)... i think the paella is awesome (not mexican or cuban... but spanish... sort of close :)

Sra Martinez
4000 NE 2nd Ave, Miami, FL

Casa Tua
1700 James Avenue, Miami Beach, FL 33139

First timer in New Orleans need suggestions

Take him to Snug Harbor for a show and/or see who is playing at tipitinas uptown or house of blues. Emeril's is probably the best dining option of his restaurants in NOLA and i think a favorite on this board... Ive had great meals at Delmonico's but its sort of fancy shmancy.
I would also consider a Jazz Brunch at Galatoires (i think that could be fun for a 17 year old).

Jackson Square is obviously a great place to take him (you can walk up charters into the square, get a beignet at cafe du monde and continue walking up to the french market)... you can stop at verti marte on royal for po boys or central grocery for a muffaleta as well.

I also think Mardi Gras world may be fun (you have to take a ferry across the river I believe... but i think its quick).

I might also suggest a cemetary tour. Ive never done one but Ive heard they are cool and I could see where a 17 yr old guy might like it.

Emeril's Restaurant
800 Tchoupitoulas, New Orleans, LA 70130

Galatoire's Restaurant
209 Bourbon St., New Orleans, LA 70130

Mar 21, 2011
morganeats in New Orleans

Herbsaint or Cochon or Butcher

Herbsaint.... that being said, i find cochon and herbsaint to be very different options. Cochon will be a cool experience where you will be sure to try something you normally wouldnt find on another menu. Herbsaint is clean food, interesting yet true to nola flavors & alittle more refined in presentation and options. I personally like the menu at herbsaint better but cochon could be a fun experience. Bucher is def a nosh place, and its sort of a heavy greasy porky nosh.

930 Tchoupitoulas St., New Orleans, LA 70130

701 Saint Charles Avenue, New Orleans, LA 70130

Mar 16, 2011
morganeats in New Orleans

Soho Beach house.

I actualy have eaten there another time so I think my opinion is relatively fair. I ate there with a food critic and I doubt she would return willingly. I do agree that a restaurant should have the opportunity to work out kinks but it had been open for sometime when we went and I do not think that more time will bring creativity to this menu. If a restaurant is inviting local foodies for a promotional event, they should really get their act together, otherwise what is the point.
Also, i found the prices expensive for the food offered. If I want to pay that kind of money for basic Italian cooking, there are several other restaurants I would prefer, including casa tua, macaluso's, il gabbiano, or la loggia.
Also, in miami beach most hotel restaurants are not typical. They are competing with John Deluca at the Raliegh, Scarpetta, Hakkassan, Solea, asia de cuba, etc etc as nearby hotel restaurants... so, my feeling is that the restaurant has to seriously step up its game if it wants to attract local (non-members) looking for a delicious dinner.

Soho Beach house.

I did not enjoy Cecconi's. We ate there as part of friends for cecconis and ordered a million things on the menu. The service was TERRIBLE. They were very nice and apologetic but just totally bad. I have nothing positive to say about the food. It wasnt BAD, it just was completely boring and lacked little creativity. That being said, its a beautiful space... totally romantic and relaxing. I would go for dessert and coffee.

Where to eat at 3 or 4 am?

im pretty sure versailles is open all night
le sandwicherie is open till 5am
Davids Cafe is open 24 hrs
latin cafe 2000 on biscayne might be open late... not positive
S&S diner opens at 5:30 am ... good if its an extra late night of going out

Rehearsal Dinner Ideas

Thanks! I love the Raleigh outdoor area but the restaurant was taken over by John Delucie and I am not sure if it will end up being very $$$ and mediocre food like the Lion (his nyc restaurant) seems to be. I know the waverly inn (his other nyc spot) was a hit for many years but I never went. Have you eaten there since he took over?