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Best Fish Taco in Toronto?

Any thoughts on where to find a great fish taco in Toronto?

I would love some classic fried recs as well as some high end twists on the classic.

Thanks hounds!

Nov 18, 2009
LucieS in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Restaurant Wedding in the GTA

Have you ever been to event hosted at Spencers?

I eat at Spencer's brunch about once monthly.
I have tried a tasting size portion of a few of their meals on their dinner menu. I wasn't fond of their vegetarian dish on the menu which was drowned in too much parmesan and a muddy flavoured almost gravy like sauce. The pine nuts which I was looking forward to just got lost in all of the other bold flavours.

However, their risotto is delicious and they do fish very nicely. Their pan seared pickerels was one of the single best pieces of fish I have tried. Their trout had nothing to complain about but nothing to praise really either. I still can't get over that pickerel.

My fiance loves their ricotta gnocchi and chcicken as well as their prime rib meal.

It's definitely something to consider--however I don't know how they work for events. Does anybody know? I have actually tried e-mailing ( don't want to get into personal contact until I dwindle it down to 3 or 4 options) I actually tried e-mailing a month ago. They don't discuss private events too much on their website and of course welcomed you to e-mail them and of course I never got a response.

I just inquired to if the restaurant was available for a buy out and if I would be charged on a minimum payment of food and beverage sales and if so, roughly what would be the minimum for a night in spring.

Maybe I will have to decide whether or not they are worth contacting directly however I imagine that it would be fairly over budget.

I also wonder how they do their bar...if it's based on consumption then I would probably be looking at over $100 pp--which is way over my budget.

Nov 18, 2009
LucieS in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Restaurant Wedding in the GTA

Hello everybody,

My fiance would really like to have a wedding at a great restaurant--no offense to anybody who had a wedding at one, but I tend to find banquet halls very tacky and bland. We both appreciate good food, good music and decor--stress on good food!

Now some details about the wedding. There will be approximately 100 guests (if you know of a venue that seats a little less like 90 then I would want to look into that as well). Here is a kicker though--I want to spend less than $9000 on food and beverage.

Now I am aware that Toronto is an expensive place, but our families actually live along the Hamilton, Burlington, Oakville, Mississauga route. If there is a great restaurant that you can think of that can accommodate that, I would love to hear about it!

Also, important note--I am a vegetarian but 90% of our guests are not--we want to be able to accommodate those who enjoy a nice piece of meat as well as those who don't eat any.

We want it to be a seated, plated meal and we also want to be able to dance.

If anybody has any ideas it would be greatly appreciated.
If there are any places that you can think of that slightly stray from what I have stated--maybe a slightly different location, or maybe just a touch more expensive--I would still love to hear it because I am a flexible person.


Nov 17, 2009
LucieS in Ontario (inc. Toronto)