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Guu is Guu(d) – review + pics

That is a Fantastic Review, thank you! Great Pictures too! I'm going on Monday night so now i have an idea of a few dishes that i know i MUST have for sure...(pork belly and pork cheek for sure!) and i LOVE ebi so i'm So excited to have that as well. Thanks again BokChoi!

When does Guu open?

Yay! i can't wait for Guu either! I have a reservation for Monday night...will post a report as soon as I can!

Korean restaurants in Toronto?

where's Cho Sun Ok? I have crazy naengmyun cravings sometimes..

Dining group in Toronto?

Thanks Vinnie and jayt90...I've submitted membership for the google chowhound group..just waiting for approval! thanks again

Dining group in Toronto?

Hi! I'm new to Chowhound- officially signed up now- although i already use it quite often, to source tasty eats while traveling for work, etc. When I'm heading to a new town and not sure where to go to refuel, I love looking up recommendations on Chowhound. Anyway! I'm sending this out there now because I'm thinking of joining an "eating club", or dining group, or whatever you wanna call it! Can anyone suggest a good one out there that joins, say, even once or twice a month?