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Good public cafeterias in soulless city buildings?

The Moakley courthouse on the waterfront has a fine cafeteria with a nice view (or used to - last went there about three years ago). Of course, you had to go through a very heavy-duty security check to go there.

Sep 01, 2013
teaperson in Greater Boston Area

Any local gourmet, healthy (diet) meal delivery services?

My brother has used in Brookline. She's not cheap, but she does do tasty food to your specifications.

Jul 20, 2012
teaperson in Greater Boston Area

Lunch places in Waltham

Third on Domenic's. It may have lost a bit of its charm in recent years with rational organization of the lines, but they still bake their own bread and have fabulous parmesan (chicken or eggplant) sandwiches.

Jul 08, 2012
teaperson in Greater Boston Area

Good restaurants in the Fort Point Neighborhood?

Sportello right next door always has decent veggie options.

Jul 08, 2012
teaperson in Greater Boston Area

Concord, Lexington, Arlington?

I'd definitely agree that Diakanyama is the best Japanese in the vicinity. Much more authentic than Dabin, and better service too.

I'd also recommend Scutra in Arlington. Sometimes the food there suffers from "one ingredient too many", but it's usually quite good.

Oct 30, 2009
teaperson in Greater Boston Area

Uncrowded Dim Sum Restaurant

Yangtze River in Lexington has a dim sum brunch/buffet on weekends. The dim sum comes around on carts, and the buffet has other food. The dim sum doesn't compare in quality to the other places mentioned in this thread - but it's good. The buffet includes a range of foods from utterly Americanized to quite authentic -- congee and salt-and-pepper shrimp, for instance. And it is uncrowded and convenient to your guests.

Yangtze River Restaurant
21 Depot Sq, Lexington, MA 02420

Aug 22, 2008
teaperson in Greater Boston Area

Lenox, MA area Fancy yet Casual

I'm planning a family getaway for my father's special birthday. So I'm looking for something that is fancy enough for my father (who has somewhat traditional tastes and expectations of elegant dining) but that's not going to be aghast at serving a well-behaved kindergartener as well (who is going to want something simple like pasta). Any ideas?

Purchasing Hu-Kwa tea?

Teavana only stocks their own tea. Cardullo's in Harvard Square also stocks it (and takes orders by phone, too), and a wide range of other Mark T. Wendell teas. I'm a big fan of their Kee-mun. I've looked at the Hu-Kwa - what does it taste like?

Cardullo's Gourmet Shoppe
6 Brattle St, Cambridge, MA

Apr 28, 2008
teaperson in Greater Boston Area

Lyndell's: 120 years, free cupcake 12/3

I used to live near Ball Square and Lyndell's (along with Sound Bites) was definitely one of the highlights. Amazing quality at reasonable prices. I had no idea that it was so old (although it definitely seems like a throwback to another era).

Nov 24, 2007
teaperson in Greater Boston Area

Brunch Saturday Lexington area

Something Savory in Arlington Heights is not fancy but offers very tasty food, although more on the lunch-ish side. Lexx in Lexington Center also is open for lunch on Saturday.

Something Savory
1312 Massachusetts Ave, Arlington, MA 02476

Nov 24, 2007
teaperson in Greater Boston Area

Moving to Arlington - where's good?

Punjab does have some very different and very tasty food. But service can be very inconsistent. The last time we were there, we called the waiter over a half-hour after ordering, and asked him to check on our food. Ten minutes after that, with no sight of the waiter again, we flagged down the hostess. She asked us what our table number was, so that she could check on the food (we're supposed to know that?). She came back and reported that the kitchen was backed up and our food "would be coming in a certain period of time" (what time?). Two minutes later, our food came out - lukewarm, and clearly having sat for a while waiting on our waiter.

Next time, takeout.

Oct 16, 2007
teaperson in Greater Boston Area

Metrowest Addition

According to the mall map, it's on the first floor near Nordstrom's -
(an aside: how can you spend millions of dollars on remodeling the mall and about $99 to build a useless, unreadable website?)

Sep 14, 2007
teaperson in Greater Boston Area

in need of birthday dinner recommendations

How about Elephant Walk? The $29.99 tasting menu they offer is quite reasonably priced, IMHO, and offers some very interesting choices. They've got alcohol. And both the Cambridge and Boston locations are T accessible.

Elephant Walk
900 Beacon Street, Boston, MA 02215

Elephant Walk
2067 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, MA 02140

Aug 27, 2007
teaperson in Greater Boston Area

Rialto rest. week meal: highs and lows

I didn't leave hungry - I didn't leave stuffed. I felt full. Something has to give when you're paying half-price, and I'm glad it was mainly portion size. I thought that a bread basket of two rolls for two people was a bit stingy, especially when it was never refilled.

I had the risotto, which I think was the best thing I had at the meal. The pesto really gave a nicely balanced zip to the whole dish. I'd agree with bella sarda on the bluefish and torta. My wife had the tuscan tomato bread soup for an appetizer, and it was fabulous too.

Aug 07, 2007
teaperson in Greater Boston Area

Shall I dare bring a toddler?

Near the Children's Museum, the closest good option is the Flour bakery - three blocks up Congress St. and take a left. They have great sandwiches, and even a pricy PBJ for your kids. But get there by 11:45 or you'll face a long, child-unfriendly wait.

If Flour's too busy, go up the alley a block to the Yadda Yadda cafe, a sandwich place run by an Albanian family. It's quieter, although not as memorable.

Yada Yada Bakery
34 Farnsworth St, Boston, MA 02210

Jul 28, 2007
teaperson in Greater Boston Area

Good lunch place near Museum of Science?

Wolfgang Puck has now taken over the cafeteria at the Museum, and while it's not up to chowhound standards, it's definitely a cut above fast food. Both the freshly-made burritos and the freshly-cooked penne are palatable.

Or you could pop over to Helmand, which is owned by the family of Afghan president Hamid karzai.

Jul 18, 2007
teaperson in Greater Boston Area

Weeknight Special @ Scutra

My wife and I went to Scutra tonight, and she had the three course special. There were two choices for appetizers (Kale soup with chorizo, which was good, or green salad) and veal scallopine over carrots and mushroom risotto (which was very good). I forget the other dinner entree. Dessert with the special was a chocolate cake that was good but not great.

I had a corn and duck tamale for an appetizer that was beautiful although a bit too vinegary, and an entree of perfectly-done shrimp with 'eggplant parmesan' - roasted eggplant with fresh mozzarella, which was extremely good (although not that large a portion). I had a berry tart with champagne sorbet that was exquisite.

Scutra recently built an addition, so it's a lot more spacious than before. We've eaten there several times in the past and been impressed by the food. The service has definitely improved, although still not perfect, and the desserts have also gone up a notch. Prices are not cheap, but we'll be back.

Scutra Cedrone Restaurant
92 Summer St., Arlington, MA 02474

Jul 17, 2007
teaperson in Greater Boston Area