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Adding egg to your oatmeal?

Ha! I was trying to think of a way to incorporate protien into my sons breakfast when I was making oatmeal a bit ago. I wanted him to stay full longer, and get the benefits of the whole grains of oatmeal. Plus its said kids stay fuller, and are more productive when they get both at breakfast. So, here I thought I was being clever by adding an egg, and well, looks like I was beaten to the by the way, he loved it, and didnt notice a taste difference. Oh I made my oatmeal with quick oats, lightly salted water, a cap full of vanilla, cook till its bubbling, then I whipped an egg with a little water, stirred it in as the oatmeal was cooking/thickening. We eat our oatmeal with a bit a butter mixed in, then brown sugar and milk on top.

Nov 17, 2009
momma_t in Home Cooking