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The Eva

The picture shows a lime, not a lemon.

Oct 30, 2010
Mary Ann TX in Recipes

Lexus Tweet What You Eat Sweepstakes

I also hope they post the winners Chrisan and especially what the winners were eating, the time they were eating and how they were selected as winners.

Sep 16, 2010
Mary Ann TX in Features

We'll Just Split This

Nick's Italian Restaurant in Lindale, Texas will prepare you an Italian dinner on one plate or split the dinner and serve one portion split and placed on separate plates. My husband and I enjoy going to Nick's when we are hungry or just looking for something to eat.

We are always greeted and treated as very special guests, as everyone who dines at Nick's is treated. We tip 25% and are always treated to something special such as a new wine, desert or specialty for us that evening.

Nov 16, 2009
Mary Ann TX in Features