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Any Dim Sum with Carts near Woodbine and Steeles?

Thanks T Long, combo cart and menu system sounds great, a definite must try!

And very much in the area of where I meet friends and clients.

Thank you!

Any Dim Sum with Carts near Woodbine and Steeles?

Ended up saying that the places with carts were too far away...

But my husband prefers dim sum with carts, so I will definitely give these places a try with him and some friends before taking clients, IF they stay open long enough for me to get to them all... I remember going to try Elegantview on Victoria Park many months ago only to discover they were gone!

Any Dim Sum with Carts near Woodbine and Steeles?

Thank you TorontoJo and omdomd!

I don't think Dragon Dynasty will work for this week, but I definitely want to try it and maybe even get brave and go with some friends on a weekend.

Ginger & Onion and Very Fair also sound like places to experience for fun, not a business lunch, especially since none of us speak Chinese... maybe I can invite my dentist! LOL!

Any Dim Sum with Carts near Woodbine and Steeles?

A client of mine really wants to experience Dim Sum with carts for lunch on a weekday this week.

My go to lately has been the Spring Villa at Woodbine and Denison because it is close to clients and friends I go to lunch with in the area, but they do not have carts.

Would be willing to travel as far south as Finch, as far north as Hwy 7, East to Kennedy, West to Bayview.

Hoping that Charles Yu or some other expert in the area could point me in the direction of a decent place with carts. If all the places with carts are not very good, I would appreciate knowing that as well... I can just say "sorry, couldn't find one" :)


Amaya AYCE Royal Tasting Menu

Thanks CarNut, I was surprised by the AYCE aspect, but with 4 courses and that much food, maybe nobody ever asks for repeats?

I called both locations to inquire about the difference and Bread Bar offers a few more dishes, but I don't think it justifies an extra $14 per person, so we are going to give the original location another try and do the tasting menu... usually we just have our tried and true favourite dishes, so this will definitely get us to try some things we haven't had before.

And yes, the higher price option at both locations includes wine pairings, but again, Bread Bar is more than the original location.

You have $10 for a meal, where do you go in Toronto?

Even though they only are open during the day the Veggie Combo at Mystic Muffin is a great and healthy meal for under $10.

Folia Grill for any of their meats in a pita - my personal fave is the pork belly souvlaki.

As already mentioned, the shrimp dumpling soup is the best item at Swatows and they are open late!

I also 2nd Belly Busters and California Sandwiches, but only the Claremont location, somehow they taste the best to me!

And for jerk, I am still a die hard Mr. Jerk fan, always less than $10 for a meal.

Amaya AYCE Royal Tasting Menu

Has anyone tried the AYCE Royal Tasting Menu at Amaya?

The Amaya Indian Room shows AYCE at $42 - $59 per person.

Bread Bar does not mention AYCE at $56 - $72 per person.

Even though Indian Room is closer, I have always preferred Bread Bar, but that is not a small price difference.

Anyone tried either?

1701 Bayview Avenue, Toronto, ON M4G 2C1, CA

Bread Bar
3305 Yonge Street, Toronto, ON M4N 2L8, CA

The best Schnitzel

Schnitzel Queen = tender, tasty, thin and crispy Schnitzel with addictive potato salad and slightly sweet Sauerkraut which makes for a hefty, coma inducing meal... but so worth it.

Much like Mystic Muffin, I want to bring them my business for their warm and friendly personalities as much as the great food!

Worth making a trip down there during the short window that they are open!

Folia Grill: pork gyros is not your typical gyros...its ridiculously amazing

I was there this afternoon and spoke with Ben, the new owner, and Steve. They both confirmed that Steve is there to stay. He said let everyone know he is not going anywhere.

I thanked Ben for only adding to the menu, and leaving my favourite items alone - namely the Zucchini fries and pork belly souvlaki.

We tried the pork gyros and while it was good, we still prefer the chicken gyros and pork souvlaki better.

Whatever you choose, those are some huge sandwiches filled with tasty meat!

My only complaint, which I keep forgetting to mention to them, is when getting take out, they put the napkins at the bottom of the bag... which get oozed on by those stuffed to the brim sandwiches... or is it there to protect the bag... hmmm?

The Best Samosa in Toronto

For meat samosa - Simba Grill, which is conveniently located across the street from Fresh From the Farm.

In my opinion the best veggie samosa are from Surati Sweet Mart and they have the best tamarind dipping sauce!

Recently tried them after being disappointed with Mistaan Sweets.

Simba Grill
375 Donlands Ave, Toronto, ON M4J3S2, CA

Surati Sweet Mart Ltd
26 Carnforth Rd, Toronto, ON M4A2K7, CA

crusty & chewy

Bagels: St. Urbain
Popcorn: I still love Kernels for caramel popcorn.
Artisan Bread: Epi Breads Cheese Boule might not be super crusty, but it has a great chew and flavour!
Peanut Brittle: The stuff Bulk Barn sells is pretty good!
Apple: Try to find a Crispin or Matsu apple for crunchiness, failing that Granny Smith are always crispy, just not local right now.


Epi Breads
1526 Bayview Ave, Toronto, ON M4G, CA

Best Chinese Bakery on Spadina for Fruit and Cream Cake?

Just to follow up:

I ended up ordering a cake from Furama Cake and Desserts Garden. I just had to call 2 hours in advance and the cake was ready for me, with the little chocolate Happy Birthday sign AND some candles for the cake - nice touch!

Small cake would be $15, and the large 2 lb cake that I went with was $20.

Everyone including the birthday girl enjoyed the cake, so I will definitely return there again.

The egg tart and BBQ pork bun I bought while there were also very tasty and higher quality than the cheaper places.

Furama Cake and Desserts Garden
248 Spadina Ave, Toronto, ON M5T, CA

Best Chinese Bakery on Spadina for Fruit and Cream Cake?

Those swiss rolls are high quality so are more expensive than other bakeries and they don't bake a lot extra so they are often sold out by the end of the day, and they are closed on Tuesdays, but they are worth the extra effort!

The owner explained they use all fresh ingredients, real eggs and real butter, not liquid egg product and shortening... you can really taste the difference, and they are not too sweet!

Darn, now I am craving one! :)

Best Chinese Bakery on Spadina for Fruit and Cream Cake?

Thanks LTL, I suspected that the cakes in Chinatown would be low quality as the demand for high quality would not be there the way it is in Richmond HIll and Markham.

I had thought about T&T but I wasn't happy with their Swiss Rolls so I have never tried any other cakes there. I will try to get a single slice there and if it is good I will order the cake there.

Thanks again!

Speaking of Swiss Rolls, thanks to Chowhounders I will only buy my Swiss Rolls from Richmond Hill Bakery, who make the best ones, especially the Coffee flavour!

Richmond Hill Bakery
1 Spadina Rd, Richmond Hill, ON L4B 3M2, CA

Best Chinese Bakery on Spadina for Fruit and Cream Cake?

It won't let me add the link for Lucullus:

Lucullus Bakery
505 Hwy 7 E
Thornhill, ON L3T 7T1
(905) 762-0625

Cafe Maxim's Patisserie Ltd
648 Finch Ave E, Toronto, ON M2K2E6, CA

Lucullus Bakery
505 Hwy 7 E, Markham, ON L3T 7P6, CA

Best Chinese Bakery on Spadina for Fruit and Cream Cake?

Now that I live downtown, I don't know which ones are the best, but I seem to remember Lucullus Bakery on Hwy 7 west of the 404 had good cakes, if not ordering in advance you have to take what you can get at most of these bakeries, sometimes the specific kind you want might be sold out.

If you are looking for something in North York, Maxim's on Finch west of Leslie is more high end than the typical Chinese bakery, but I usually bought the cakes with meringue in them there, not the cake I have described.

Let's hope we both find our cakes!

Cafe Maxim's Patisserie Ltd
648 Finch Ave E, Toronto, ON M2K2E6, CA

Lucullus Bakery
505 Hwy 7 E, Markham, ON L3T 7P6, CA

Best Chinese Bakery on Spadina for Fruit and Cream Cake?

When I lived in Richmond Hill there were tons of Chinese bakeries that sold those white cakes with whipped cream icing and fresh fruit on top, a nice light dessert that is not too sweet.

I wanted to pick one up for a birthday party next week but I really don't want to drive all the way up to Richmond Hill or Markham for one... however I don't know which ones on Spadina (or Dundas) are any good.

Any recommendations?

Do I need to order in advance?

Late Night Good Eats

Swatow for shrimp dumpling soup is my late night go to... can't speak for any other items on the menu but on weekends I think it is open until 4 am. but after the bars close the place is swamped and weekdays it is open late too, I think until 2 am.

I have not been in a long time but I seem to remember T-Bones Sizzling Steaks & Burgers in Scarborough is open 24/7.

Have always read about 7 West on Charles being open 24/7 but have never been.

I had this dilemma on Saturday, and sadly, went to KO Burger on Bloor west of Spadina, they might be open until 2 am, but I would rather have had McDonalds... that was one dry tasteless burger!

Thanks Yongeman for the jerk chicken idea... must try that next time I want real late night eats!

7 West
7 Charles St W, Toronto, ON M4Y1R4, CA

309 Spadina Ave, Toronto, ON M5T2E6, CA

T-Bones Sizzling Steaks & Burgers Drive-In Restauran
2540 Eglinton Ave E, Toronto, ON M1K2R5, CA

Allan's Misty Mints

I went crazy looking for these last year, found them at Canadian Tire of all places! Much like many treats from childhood, they do not taste the same... more waxy, much sweeter, less minty...

Folia Grill for souvlaki & other grilled food at Pape & Cosburn

I went to Folia Grill with a friend last night, had the grilled chicken breast, which was wonderfully moist with the perfect amount of grill marks and a light drizzle of a lovely lemon sauce. The zucchini fries were great as always! Village salad is exactly what I want in a Greek salad, tangy salty feta, crunchy cucumbers, tomato chunks, sharp red onions, oregano and a bit of vinaigrette - not drowned in dressing. Pita bread was warm and tasty. Great meal and leftovers for lunch today!

I asked the fellow behind the counter if the rumours about the place being sold were true... he said it has already been sold but the new owners plan to keep it as a Greek restaurant, but he didn't know if they would keep the exact same menu.

I told him I hope they just add to it and not take any of my favourites away! Have yet to find another place that offers pork belly for souvlaki and those killer zucchini fries!

If you like the place - go, so the new owners know there are people who love the food as it is. If you haven't gone yet - GO NOW, in case they do change the menu. But I sure hope they don't, it is one of my go to places for both dine in and take out.

Folia Grill
1031 Pape Ave, Toronto, ON M4K 3V9, CA

Yu Xiang Pork

Yen Ching in Bayview Village was the Chinese restaurant I grew up with, now that it is closed, I am hoping to find some other places to get my favourite dish - Yu Xiang Pork..

At Yen Ching it had tiny slivers of tender pork, not quite ground pork, but not slices or chunks. There were slivers of water chestnuts and lots of garlic and spicy brown sauce that made it perfect on a bowl of steamed rice. I can't remember if it has wood ear in it or not.

I will also miss the Mu Shu Pork, the Crispy Shrimp (tiny battered shrimp in a sweet and spicy garlic red sauce), the Crispy Beef (tender beef battered and coated in a spicy dark brown sauce) and the Szechuan Meat Sauce Noodles (thick noodles in shredded beef and carrot in a spicy hot sauce), but I think these were all dishes Yen Ching created?

Even though I live downtown, I am more than willing to travel to Richmond Hill or Markham, because I know that currently, that is where most of the best and busiest Chinese restaurants in the GTA are...

Can any of the Chinese Food experts on this board help me with some suggestions?

Yen Ching Palace at Bayview Village

I am in sad shock over this... I would have gone for a farewell meal if I had known... my childhood memories of this place... I will miss Yen Ching!

Where to find Triple Kimmel Rye?

Thanks for the suggestions!

I remember Haymishe when I lived in Ricmond Hill, so I will give the toronto location a try!

Where to find Triple Kimmel Rye?

Wondering if anyone here has a recommendation for a bakery that sells good Triple Kimmel Rye Bread?

Doing an online search I came up with Future Bakery in the St. Lawrence Market, and Harbord Bakery... but wondered if anyone had any suggestions...?


St. Lawrence Market
92 Front St E, Toronto, ON M5E, CA

Harbord Bakery
115 Harbord St, Toronto, ON M5S, CA

San Pellegrino Aranciata

Like scarberian said, try Highland Farms - there is a location on Dufferin north of Finch where I have bought Aranciata in both cans and bottles.

Highland Farms
850 Ellesmere Rd, Toronto, ON M1P, CA

Highland Farms
3300 Rutherford Rd, Vaughan, ON L4K 5Z2, CA

Deli Duel has expanded - June 19th

I agree with the OP, Caplansky's is not the same as it used to be when he was at the Monarch, and personally, I am glad for it.

It used to be too smokey, too spicy, and too dry for my liking... he clearly adjusted the recipe to match the rest of his Jewish deli menu.

Now if only he could actually make an effort on service in the restaurant which seems to go from extremely great to extremely bad, depending on the day and server you get!

I agree that Goldin's deserved to win, his fatty deckles are the best, but I have only had it at home, never tried it at the Free Times Cafe, is it as good there?

Free Times Cafe
320 College St, Toronto, ON M5T1S3, CA

356 College Street, Toronto, ON M6J, CA

Wedding Cake Shoppe deal

So glad that someone else posted this early this morning, because I did not have a chance to until now!

I bought 2 vouchers, and for those who have never been and love peanut butter, try the peanut butter cupcakes - sooooo gooooood!

Your favourite Farmer's Markets and vendors?

Thanks for all the suggestions! I am hoping to find fresh local strawberries soon!

Kellen's reopened as Leslie's

Dang! I thought this was a new thread saying Kellen's had re-opened!

I have yet to find sauerkraut like their's with tiny bits of speck - it was tastiest after sitting all day on the hot table... weird, but true!

And nobody sells sausages that taste the way their's did... not Vienna Fine Foods, not Denniger's, not Reither's... I keep searching but nothing comes even close.

For me, the original location in Don Mills Plaza was part of my childhood... I miss it so much!


Go to Gigi's in Buffalo, it's not local, but not as far as NYC :)

My personal fave is Hattie's in Saratoga Springs NY, they won the throwdown against Bobby Flay for fried chicken, and is my all time fave... crispy, lightly seasoned, nevery greasy, and always delicious.

Haven't found anything close in Toronto - sorry. I just don't think there is the demand to keep such a place busy.