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Tokyo, July 2014: Feedback on my foodie plans so far and suggestions still needed

Thank you so much, Ninisix! Fuku, Imahan, and Yoshitake it is! I will be going to the Imahan branch at the Odakyu Daiichi Life Building in Shinjuku as I will be in that area the whole day. Hopefully the quality is at par with its original branch in Asakusa.

I only have one last decision to make and will appreciate your thoughts:

For tonkatsu - Butagumi or Katsuzen or Katsukura?

Jun 18, 2014 in Japan

Tokyo, July 2014: Feedback on my foodie plans so far and suggestions still needed

Hi All. This board has been so helpful in planning my trip. I have managed to skinny down my super long list, thanks to you all. I am down to only two choices per category, which is also the hardest part of decision-making. Would really help to know which restaurants you would choose.

Sushi - Sawada or Yoshitake (have reservations at both places on same day so need to cancel one)
Sukiyaki - Imahan or Hiyama
Teppanyaki - Ukai-tei or Kawamura
Yakitori - Fuku or Birdland

Thank you!

Jun 14, 2014 in Japan

Espresso and coffee in Makati? Philippines

Go to the Japanese chain UCC for the best coffee! Must try their Sumiyaki, my favorite! Ask the server for crystal sugar if you want it sweet, otherwise they just give you regular white sugar. In Makati, UCC is available in Greenbelt 5, Rockwell, Paseo Center, and at the park outside Shangri-la. Pair it with their tiramisu, the best in town!

Another must try is the Sumibi coffee at Kohikhan in Rockwell mall. Of course, you gotta have their Le Royale and baked cheesecake, too!

Anyone eaten at Magnolia in Hong Kong? Help!

let me know how it goes and if the fried chicken is worth another visit! :)

Anyone eaten at Magnolia in Hong Kong? Help!

1. been there 3 times but no fried chicken those 3 times. so no, i don't think they serve fried chicken. or maybe i wasn't lucky enough.
2. if i remember correctly, i saw 3-4 private rooms. each room can seat around 15-20 people. if you can get a group of 10 you can have a room all to yourselves.

sorry it took me forever to reply, but i wanted to finish my review on it so you get a peek of what to expect. anyway, here it is:

Best BUFFET restaurant in Hong Kong?

for me it's always a toss up between conrad and sabatini. if you want the complete deal from sushi & sashimi, indian curries to grilled meats then conrad is for you. if you are someone like me who believes desserts are much more important than the mains, then go for sabatini.

Anyone eaten at Magnolia in Hong Kong? Help!

hi big_apple_ken! if you can afford to spare 3+ hours for dinner and you enjoy simple but good home-cooked food, then you must give magnolia a try! there's nothing fancy and spectacular about the meal, but the gumbo, jambalaya, baby back ribs, cornbread - they just hit the spot, give you that warm and fuzzy feeling. it's one of my favorite restaurants in hk.

not the place for a romantic dinner though as you need to share the table with a whole bunch of people. this makes it quite an experience. i highly recommend it!