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Shad in central Connecticut, Mass?

Found our Shad at the #1 fish market in Hamden, which they assured us was the very last of the season. Then on the way N saw a sign for a "Historic Ferry" in Rocky Hill Ct. I like ferrys so we followed the signs down to the landing. The ferry was closed, but in the basement of the of a nearby house was a little fish stand, Hale's Shad. They had both Shad and 3 kinds of roe, and it the shad was much cheaper than at the fish store. Got to watch them cleaning the shad, a very skilled operation that must be done right it the fish is to be edible. Next year we will know where to go!

Be warned that Hales is very hard to spot since you can only see the sign from the parking lot or ferry dock, assuming there isn't a truck blocking it.

Shad in central Connecticut, Mass?

Anyone know if it is still shad season in Connecticut or Mass? I just found I have to make a run to New Haven and thought it would be fun to get some if it is available now, for some reason it doesn't seem to make it to northern NH.

Oh, also, can anyone recommend a good fish market in anywhere along I-91 ?

Oysters in Bradenton/LBK/Sarasota?

Looking for reasonably priced oysters or good oyster happy hour in Bradenton Long Boat Key Sarasota area. Any ideas?

Apr 09, 2014
giantmouth in Florida

oyster lover

Wednesday at Newicks, $ 1 each. They usually try to have 5 different varieties. Shucking is professionally done, Ours (Concord) seems to be attracting a lot of oyster lovers!

A friend has succeeded in buying them at that price for take out.

Upper Valley VT/NH Roundup...Hanover, Norwich, Lebanon et al

Can some one elaborate on the Chinese gas station food? There's no address in this thread, and the link in the original post is dead.

Is it still there? If it is, what is the location?

"Polynesian" style Chinese restaurants

May I suggest Jim Lee's Chinese Cookbook for anyone starved for this genre of Chinese cooking? Probably out of print but available at libraries and inet.

Good, solid recipes for mostly Cantonese chinese food. His discussion of Lobster Cantonese recipes variants alone is worth the price of the book.

Best Breakfasts in New Hampshire

We are partial to the Schoolhouse Cafe in Contoocook. It's right off I-89 exit 7, on 103 next to the Davisville Flea Market (which BTW opens this Sunday 4/15).

Nothing exotic - no mango crepes or eggs benedict - but good pancakes, eggs, homefries and sausage with homemade bake goods, and terrific homemade hash. And they are famous for their traditional New England donuts.

happy hour/cheap oysters in Bradentonb/LBK/Sarasota area?

I want to gorge on oysters while I am here, but even the fish store want $10 a dozen which makes it hard..In the Keys there are plenty of places offering $5 a dozen oysters at happy hour which seems more like it, or $30 buffets with unlimited oysters. Any similar deals around here?

Mar 20, 2012
giantmouth in Florida

Best place for Caribbean Lobster in Long Boat Key/Sarasota area?

Every time I go to Florida or further south I swear I am going to have a southern/caribbean lobster but then they are always out of season or so expensive I decide I would rather just have, for the same price, 3 or 4 Maine Lobsters when I get home.

I'm going to be in LBK area next week and would really like to make another attempt. Any advice?

Mar 19, 2012
giantmouth in Florida

Fresh curry leaves and galangal at new Market Basket in Hooksett NH

Unfortunately MB seems to have a "Grand Opening" package of cool stuff they send out to the new store, which then is never restocked. We had all sorts of neat stuff like oddball clams and soft shell crabs when ours opened but never since.

Though I did notice the other day a new line of fresh chillies in the produce section which included the tiny little red thai ones! It will be interesting to see if they still have them when I need them.

Where to buy Pork Fatback in central NH?

Anyone know any butcher shops or grocery stores in central NH that carry pork fatback? And will sell it in less than 100 lbs?

Any Boerewor (south african sausages) in NE?

I had some of these about 30 years ago and they were dyamite, Hight praise from me as I am a devotee of Noaks, so I have been looking for some more ever since. I figure there must be some enclave of South Africans some where here in NE where I might be able to find some. I found some in a diner in Brrooklyn but they woud't sell in quantity. Any suggestions?

I know there are some places down south that will ship then, but i;d like to buy local if I can.

Moejoes - Portugese in Manchester NH?

Just ran into a mention of a restaurant serving some Portugese food in Manchester NH, Moejoes which is off Candia Rd.

Found a website and it looked interesting. Not too much Portugese dishes on their lunch menu, but a few at supper, and they apparently have an occasional $17 buffet with all their Portugese specialties with one coming up on the 21st.

I love Portugese food, and can't figure out why I have heard nothing about this place. A search here found only one brief mention. Anyone tried it?

Canned or frozen scungilli in NH?

I need some scungilli and am willing to settle for canned, only thing is I can't seem to find it anywhere in NH.
It tends to be a fairly common item in italian groceries, but there don't seem to be any of them here in NH either. If you have seen scungilli in NH or bordertown MA recently, please let me know.

(I know I can get it on line, but it would be nice to be able to walk into a shop and buy it)

Cannot log in anymore due to advertisements blocking login

I am getting ads that cover most of the log in box most of the time. This time I was finally able to log in by switching from one screen to another until I found one that didn't have the ad (pork). The ad doesn't have an x button to make it go away and the login box cannot be moved for better access.

This seems characteristic of sites when they get too greedy and try to cram too much advertising on.

Apr 28, 2011
giantmouth in Site Talk

"Best of NH" poll - If you like Sunshine Oriental please vote!

Just noticed that voting is about to close for NH Magazine's "BEST OF NH" poll, and thought is would be nice if all us Sunshine Oriental (Concord) fans could give them a vote, since they are not even listed on the official choices for Best Chinese but it is easy to write in.

I have had a couple more really good meals there (as well as becoming addicted to Singapore Rice Sticks) and think it would be nice if we could give Tina a boost.

You can vote at

I am am not connected with them in any way other than being a big fan of the place.

(off to finish off some leftover Salted Head-On Shrimps from yesterday, with a bit of Salted Fish and Chinese Sausage fried rice...)

Has Beirut Sharwarna in Manchester closed?

Been by a few times and it always seems closed but no sign or anything. If they are, I have to figure out how to pickle turnips.

Lead in Slow Cooker Inserts?

Presto makes an all purpose cooker - basically a slow cooker that goes up high enough to deep fat fry in it - in an unlined stainless steel version. It's a bit pricey, at about $80. (Now just wait I bet some diehard Adelle Davis fan will tell us how lethal SS is!).

Jan 21, 2011
giantmouth in Cookware

What vintage of used Slow Cooker should I look for?

Aluminum? You know what that'll do to you?

Jan 21, 2011
giantmouth in Cookware

Odor filters on deep fryers?

I'm looking for a small deep fryer and would like something that won't smell up the house. I notice some now come with carbon filters that are supposed to reduce odors. These are usually a sheet of paper impregnated with carbon (probably activate charcoal) or two layers with some carbon granules in between.

From what I know of filtration, a carbon filter in an application like deep fat frying such a filter would have an effective life measured in minutes so I suspect they are just a scam.

Has anyone tried any of the fryers with filters, and do they seem to work? If so, any idea how long?

Jan 21, 2011
giantmouth in Cookware

Service? What service? At Famous Daves

Not so fast. There is an excellent Indian restaurant.

Dexter oyster knives, and prices of oysters at fish stores...

Warner Market Basket. I found the wrapper, and the were $5 not $6/lb. But the the ones she got me worked out to about $1.30 each. The had a very heavy, somewhat murkey and overpowering, oyster flavor, almost like someone had dumped Chinese oyster sauce on them. A bit too strong for my taste, I much prefer the Damriscottas from Free Range Seafood.
I was in the MB a couple days later, so I asked the fish guy if he could check out the packaging and see if he could find where they came from, but he had no luck. The odd thing was, the ones in the case that day were a mix of fairly big knarly looking ones like the ones my wife had bought me, and smaller, neater ones that had a pattern of radial ridges going out from the hinge end. I don't ever recall seeing oysters with that sort of pattern, but I don't claim to be an expert. But the difference between the two was so pronounced that it suggests MB is, at the very least, mixing oysters of different types.

Dexter oyster knives, and prices of oysters at fish stores...

Funny how these things work. After I wrote that last post my wife came in from the Market Basket supermart a mile down the road with a bag of in-shell oysters. Now in the ten years we have been going there I have NEVER seen oysters there, and they certainly didn't have any during the whole xmas season, a big time for oysters when many grocery stores that don't ordinarily stock them do. So what did they have in mind getting them in now?

Alas, they couldn't tell her where they were from, and at $6 a pound they were pretty expensive.

Dexter oyster knives, and prices of oysters at fish stores...

Stopped by JPs in Eliot Maine the other day. They are a major oyster vendor (apparently sell to the Grand Central Oyster Bar in NYC) and typically carry 20 varieties. It's unclear from the website if they sell retail, but theydo - but only in quantities of 100 (the 100-count bag being the way oysters are normally packaged for wholesale). Thse run from $50 for some of the Canadian ones (French Kiss?) upward, with some of the good ME and MA ones going for $65 or so (and probably higher). Oh and they ship but not sure how that effects price.
That seems pretty reasonable to me, if one is intending an oyster bash, considering especially the choice and fact that they are probably a lot fresher than ones bought from a fish store or Whole Foods, and will hence keep longer in the refrigerator if one intends to eat ones way through 100 without assistance.
Oh, I found Damriscottas at the Free Range Seafood place in MHT for $1, much nicer that the Malpeques I was getting in Concord.

Dexter oyster knives, and prices of oysters at fish stores...

Having given up on finding reasonable priced oysters at local restaurants, I finally got around to getting myself a good oyster knife so I can open my own.

Knife I chose was a Dexter New Haven (Dexter makes four or five top quality, reasonably priced traditional models, all named for oyster cities. No oysters in New Haven anymore, but when I was a kid I can remember seeing empty shells piled up 10 feet high where the oyster boats docked).

Knife is a revelation. I just hold it up in front of the oyster and they pop open from fear and resignation. Seriously, it is amazing how well the thing works compared to various cheapie and homemade ones I have used in the past.

However, even opening them myself, I am still paying $1 to $1.25 each at fish stores which seems awfully expensive after eating $4/dozen happy hour specials in FL. Anyone know if they are any cheaper near the source, say, in Damriscota or the Cape?

Any good non-Italian sausage in NH?

Anyone know of any sources of really good sausage in NH? Interesting stuff like bratwurst or weisswurst or boerewors, done right? Something more than the usual sweet or hot italian and linguini that seems to be all most grocery stores around here stock.

I know Noacks in CT would fill my needs, but they are a 3+ hour drive from here.

Need Christmas fruitcake in Concord/Manchester area

Let me guess - you're one of them atheist Christmas haters, aren't you?

Need Christmas fruitcake in Concord/Manchester area

I find myself in sudden need of a Christmas fruitcake, and its too late to order from mail order vendors in Texas or strange religious colleges in the south.

Any idea where I might find one in the Concord/Manchester NH area? Doesn't have to be the world's best, but just decent.

Halfshell oysters in NH?

I was down south just before the spill and just about lived on raw oysters (3 doz at one meal!). A lot of bars there have them of $5 or so a dozen on happy hour.

Very sad to get back here and find them nearly nonexistent or crazy priced, especially when one consider how many great New England varieties there are.

Weathervane used to have oysters and clams on the halfshell 3 for a $1, but they don't even have them anymore, like most other supposed "seafood" restaurants. If I'm lucky and feel like cutting myself one of the seafood stores in Concord has them, but tiny little PEI ones for $1 each.

Meena's Kitchen in Nashua

To those who are put off by vegetarian restaurants, do remember that the Indians have been doing it for about 5000 years, so they know who to do it right. No embarrassing tofu fake meats, just really good veggie dishes, so good you won't notice there is no meat.