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Kids Cooking Classes

Katie's Cooking school in Encino

finger-food desserts

How do you make Toffe Crunch Matzos???

Aug 26, 2007
Mother Hubbard in Home Cooking

After movie dining near Landmark theater?

pastina or pomodoro-both on Westwood Blvd.
La Serenada-Mexican Seafood on Pico, walking distance.
Islands-Pico and Veteran
Louise's-Pico just East of Overland

Good Breakfast in Beverly Hills...not at a hotel and not $40????

8539 W. Sunset Blvd.
Great breakfasts. Is this too far-it's West Hollywood. They have two others, one in SM and one in Studio City
Duke's also on Sunset at San Vicente.

Sushi Suggestion-LA/La Cienga Area?

Koi-on La Cienega

New sandwich shop in Westwood

What street is it on, please?

Dinner in Downtown on Sunday?

Roy's is mediocre. I recommend Cafe Pinot which is pretty, light and airy for a Sunday afternoon. I just checked it out on Zagat and it doesn't open until 4:30 on Sunday. Checkers in the Hilton has great reviews and is open for all day.

Dinner in Downtown on Sunday?

Mortons is not downtown and I think has closed.

Great Salads

The best chopped salad in the city is Factor's Deli on Pico and Beverly Drive in BH. Two great different choices and the portions are huge. I get my "fix" at least once every 10 days.

Restaurant for teen B'day (5-boys)

Boys always like Benihana type restaurants and there is one in SM and one on LaCienega. And your table is like a private room. Showy and fun.

Recs around UCLA for healthy restaurant

Just saw a 15% discount coupon in LA Times Week-end Section for Jack Sprat's this morning.

Where can I get an awesome lobster

My biggest objection to the Palm in WH/BH is that I like a steamed lobster and they won't do it. Only broiled. Perhaps if you phone ahead they will do it.

Would Pastina on Westwood blvd be considered a special occasion restaurant?

By me it is a neighborhood restaurant. The food is good and reasonable, and they have a full bar. We go frequently, but if you are young, the crowd is pretty old.

my CHOW [Moved from General Topics]

Thank you

May 08, 2007
Mother Hubbard in Site Talk

Looking for trad Japanese on Westside tonite

Take note that Hide is cash only.

my CHOW [Moved from General Topics]

Is there a way to clear out my "my CHOW" posts. Or do they stay forever?

May 04, 2007
Mother Hubbard in Site Talk

Getting rid of fish smell after cooking...

Very easy. Put out a small bowl of white vinegar on drainboard when you leave the kitchen. Et voila next day smells gone.

May 02, 2007
Mother Hubbard in Not About Food

Palm Springs Restaurant for 12pl [moved from L.A. board]

Very good, but I don't think in their price range.

May 02, 2007
Mother Hubbard in California

Palm Springs Restaurant for 12pl [moved from L.A. board]

When is the event and any particular kind of food? Here are a few suggestions.
Do you want Palm Springs, Ranch Mirage or Palm Desert or does it matter? Does it have to be a private room?
Some suggestions for that price range, but not private room-John Henry's,(Palm Springs) Shame on the Moon,(Rancho Mirage), Vicky's of Santa Fe, (Indian Wells), Acqua pazza (Rancho Mirage)

Apr 29, 2007
Mother Hubbard in California

HELP! Need somewhere for 25 in WLA

Thanks, it has to be a little more upscale than that. I perused Zagat and found Drago and L A Farms.

HELP! Need somewhere for 25 in WLA

Thanks, I'll check it out.

HELP! Need somewhere for 25 in WLA

I need a restaurant with a private room for 25-both teenagers and adults for next week-end in SM or WLA area. Medium priced or less. Hiip and fun if possible.

Meatloaf & Eggs Breakfast. Who Makes it?

I agree, great meatloaf and super for lunch.

HELP! Lunch recs needed near Wilshire & Westwood Blvd

Mary and Robb's is a wonderful coffe shop and everything is really fresh. Good salads and turkey sandwichs. Also good breakfasts. Just N of Bristol Farms on same side of street. Good hamburger at Gardens on Glendon-eat in bar.
Cheap is Sandbags on Westwood just north of Wilshire.

best omakase experience?

I stopped going to this Sushi "nazi" when he started pre cutting all his fish. Is he still doing it since he has moved?
Give Sushi Masu on Westwood Blvd just south of Santa Monica a try for omakase.

Best Cornbeef Hash

I just had great corned beef hash on Sunday at John O Groats on Pico between Bevrly Glen and Overland. I asked for it crispy and it really was. Fresh corned beef and not mushy. Always crowded, but if you call while you are on your way they will p;;ut your name on the list.

Tortilla soup at the Four Seasons

I agree with the Bel-Air Hotel

Westside Restaurant with Private Room for 20-25

Just guessing but probably around $50 with a couple of drinks, It is probably different for private parties. I had my birthday there in that private room just over a year ago, but my hubby paid the bill. And I was there last Sat. nite for a private birthday party for a good friend who wanted to go there because of my party.

Westside Restaurant with Private Room for 20-25

Chez Mimi on 26th St just South of San Vicente. Lovely intimate back room with a lovely patio for hors d'oeuvres before dinner. Food is very good. Not overly expensive. They give you several choices for each course for your guests. Their Tomato Bisque is a winner.

Asuka Restaurant (Westwood) - new and improved

I hope what you say is true. Asuka has been my neighborhood Sushi Bar for years and steadliy went downhill-so badly that the last time I was there a few months ago it was inedible. We always go to Sushi Masu down the street (just south of Santa Monica). Will give Asuka a try again when we move back from our winter sojourn in the desert.