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$100 weekly grocery allowance for two, what are some options for dinner?

a couple of months ago Oprah had several FoodTV celebs on and the theme was cooking on a tight budget. Tyler florence had a good pulled pork crock pot recipe. There were several others and all were on her web site.

Nov 14, 2009
BelleRI in General Topics

Propane vs Induction one more time

We are looking at sites to builld a new home. none of the sites have a natural gas connection. I love cooking with gas but as this is not an option, I would like opinions on propane vs induction. I am open to range or cooktop. Purchasing new pans are not an issue nor cost. I would just like to know which is over all best as well as any namebrand recommendations. Thanks for any and all words of wisdom.

Nov 14, 2009
BelleRI in Cookware