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My Challenge? Appetizing Tater Tot Casserole

One note on the corn as the vegetable option -- it's SWEET! I only added a little bit in my last-night taco version, and it really, really sweetened it up. The kids had no problem with it, though I have seen them avoid green beans if I add those. I found it surprisingly sweet. Maybe if you really bastardized this thing and used ... fall-apart-roasted beef a la barbacoa or lamb, though then I would auto-think of artichokes. ... Not sure! It's a casserole though, so heck, none of it matters all that much [imho]!

Dec 07, 2012
jojojovich in Home Cooking

My Challenge? Appetizing Tater Tot Casserole

Someone mentioned carmelized onions, which makes me think of using homemade cream of corn "soup" or homemade creamed corn (which I made recently which was killer delicious), along with some spice in there. I love the opposing / complimentary flavors. Kids likely wouldn't like it, and it's them who are chiming in for this.

They, on the other hand, have enjoyed when I have taco'd up the ground meat I'm using. And there, especially, I could see using sour cream instead of the creamed soup. I've not yet done that, but may tonight! ;)

Dec 06, 2012
jojojovich in Home Cooking

The ultimate way to season cast iron, per Cook's Illustrated

what if you accidentally used olive oil (as my debuyer crepe pan just said 'oil' unfortunately), and then I did it a second time, also not doing it in the oven for an hour [which sounds great] but rather on stove top with the oil -not- covering the entire inside per the attached directions which said I only need a mm of oil.

After the two attempts, back to back, one olive oil with [I read somewhere else] potato skins, the next using only canola oil spread across the entire surface with a paper towel, there is a slight rough patch along about 1/3 of the wall.

Should I ignore this and just keep seasoning it using better methods? Or is there a way to get rid of the rough patch before attempting crepes in this, or using it for anything else?

Thanks for any help anyone can give me with this new mysterious [but very exciting] pan. Thank you so much for your expertise here; I'm just learning about seasoning a decent pan....

Sep 29, 2012
jojojovich in Cookware

Single diner - Frontera/Topo or alternatives

Hi jbw.

I'm pretty sure the Ohio House, at Ohio + LaSalle Streets, is open super early, only 3-4 blocks west of Michigan Avenue, so convenient, definitely a greasy spoon, attached to an old, '50s hotel, and opens at 5:30 am. A good spot. I've enjoyed it for a long time.

Reviews here:

Nov 25, 2009
jojojovich in Chicago Area