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Utah - looking for AWESOME breakfast

Left fork grill in S SLC has great breakfast

Left Fork Grill
68 W 3900 S, Salt Lake City, UT 84107

BBQ in Utah

They moved....1394 Southwest Temple Salt Lake City, UT 84115. I haven't been their since the late 90's

Downtown Salt Lake City - Save me from Convention Center food!

Chow truck !

Roadtrip from Denver through southern Utah and to Vegas.. food tips??

In Green River, UT (just off I-70) their is a rundown diner called Ben's. Its on Main st., their is only one street in town. I haven't been their in a few years, but they had fantastic Green Chile. It came as a side with burgers or with eggs for breakfast. We always used to to go here for breakfast after a night or three of camping in the desert.

Coffee question, electric coffee maker

techni-vorm with thermal carafe is the way to go

Feb 27, 2010
GluteusMaximus in Home Cooking

Best Places to Eat in Narita???

Mike - forget Narita, go to Tokyo !!!!

Jan 26, 2010
GluteusMaximus in Japan

Peru: Low to mid range?

Lima has GREAT food. Where to start??? For a good lunch, go to Miraflores, walk up Av. Larco and look down side streets on cuadra (block) 4 and 6, I forget the names of the streets. There are a few restaurants with menus in front, look for something that sounds good. I usually look for tallarines saltado (Peruvian style lo mein), palta rellena (avocado stuffed with Chicken salad). El Menu del dia usually has an appetizer, main dish and a drink for a few bucks and usually very tasty in this area.
Google Gaston Acaurio, Peru's celebrity chef. He has a bunch of restaurants in Miraflores, La Mar is my favorite. A little upscale, but fantastic.
There is a place I keep reading about in Lima called Chez Wong. Its in a bad part of Lima, but the foodies rave about the chef.
There are just toooooo many cevicherias to talk about. My in-laws say the best ceviche is in Callao. We ate in a great place cross the street from Castillo Real Felipe a few years ago. Don't go at night, Callao is dangerous enough in the day. And of coarse there is Pollo a la Brasa (rotisserie Chicken), the BEST chicken I ever had. Pardo's and Las Canastas are my favorites. Hope your Spanish is good. Enjoy !