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Why are Indian restaurants so crummy compared with the glory of Indian cuisine?

Dear Brian,
Well no issues in having a frank discussion.
True Indian food is strongly typeset to the indian palate. It can be very spicy, made from local ingredients that you need to grow up with. I think!. For example both north and south indian dishes can be is very spicy and probably have only local appeal. I personally dig both but especially south indian.
Many of my american friends do not care for it. Which is fine.
Really the curry, biryani and tikka that India is known for is not true indian food. Indian cuisine is primarily vegetarian.
I notice in your blurb that nowhere do you mention that you actually like indian or this that dish.
Maybe you just don't like indian and haven't found any you liked because it is not out there....:)

Jul 17, 2007
animesh372 in General Topics