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Best Montreal Bistro for Dinner?

I vote for Narcisse in the old port. Live jazz and yummy food.

Cheeburger Cheeburger?

I went there when it first opened and I thought it was delicious! I had a chicken sandwich and it was perfectly done. Loved the free toppings- I got sauteed mushrooms, pickles, sauteed onions and something else (I forget!) . The fries were out of this world, cut with the skin on and very deep flavour. The dips were yummy, I would recommend getting them. My dining partner and I both agreed that we have never had better onion rings. They were beautifully crispy and not greasy, very substantial and addictive. To drink, I had a sugar-free peach soda and it was served in this adorable martini shaker, and VERY generous portions. I would happily go back. Cute decor, and set in the gorgeous Les Cours Mont Royal. I see myself having a nice shake there after a movie across the street :) I'm hoping it does well, the owner seemed very involved and I was impressed at their attention to customer service in spite of the staff being a little green. Overall, this restaurant fits its niche perfectly. It's a great burger place where the focus is on the food, not on sexy decor or high-tech ordering devices, and the food was fab.

Brunch Ideas

I am serving brunch on Sunday to people who have the following dietary restrictions
- Atkins Diet
- Gluten Free Diet
- dairy free/ egg free
- diabetic diet

What the heck am I supposed to serve???

Oct 20, 2010
lissalee in Home Cooking

best chocolates in montreal?

I'm going to throw in my 2 cents and suggest Suite 88, even though it's alreadya been mentioned. It's not on de Maisonneuve near Drummond and not only are the chocolate gorgeous to look at but the store front is also stunning. Juliette is a close second, although I have not tried any of their truffles. I would also recommend Chocola on Monkland as everything I have tried there thus far has been extraordinary.

Ben and Jerry's Mootine

Has anyone tried this yet? I cannot believe they came up with this confection, this delectable smörgåsbord of ice cream, sugar and brownies. I'm not allowed to eat this stuff because of my special diet but if anyone can provide a review I would be extremely happy to live through your experience

Looking for a place to buy cookware in Montreal

perhaps Ares? not sure what metro it is near unfortunately but I think it is well worth the trip

What five cookbooks would you keep?

1) How to Cook Everything (Marc Bittman)
2) Baking From My Home To Yours (Dorie Greenspan)
3) Vegetables Everyday
4) French Taste (Laura Calder)
5) The Perfect Recipe for Losing Weight and Eating Great (Pam Anderson)
6) The big book of chicken (Maryana Vollstedt)

...this is just what I can remember off of the top of my head. I honestly can't choose just 5 cookbooks

Oct 20, 2010
lissalee in Home Cooking

Birthday Lunch

I would like to arrange a birthday lunch for my mother, who is turning 55, and some of her close friends. Can anyone recommend a nice place to bring them that wouldn't be too pretentious but would also have that 'lovely' quality that makes them feel special?

Dessert in Montreal

I would like to go out with friends for dessert/coffee for my birthday.
So far, I have thought of Juliette et Chocolate. I would like to avoid Rockaberry at all costs. Ideally I would love a place that has both dessert and live jazz.

Any recommendations?