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Three-Bean Salad

this recipe is great, dkenworthy: thats what cookings all about!!!

May 07, 2010
calfoodie88 in Recipes

Hey, We Won a Beard Award!

So amazing, it's well deserved, and like everyone else has already stated, I've been frequenting this site for years, It's a twice a day routine.

May 07, 2010
calfoodie88 in Features

Acme Bread--where to buy?

I'm sorry to say that TJ ( Trader Joes) and Whole Foods only carry al fornaio, which is decent, but is not the same grade as acme. Their is something so rustic about the Italian Betards and Sweet Baguettes from acme, so fresh such great texture, I love the bread soo much I wouldn't mind working with them.

Old-school sourdough bread?

Boudin and Acme. Best breads everrr

Good Eats in Santa Clara?

It's on a different level. Osteria is a good eat, and for being in Pally average dinner with wine your spending 20-25 per person... Good luck at Luna or Strada, they are perfectionists, I was just giving my 2 cents for an amazing meal at a recession's price.

Good Eats in Santa Clara?

JAVA JOE, are you Indo? I have been looking around for other Indo based restaurants/markets for my/and grandmothers cooking supplies. I have been going to Ori-Deli Indonesian Market and Restaurant, 5479 Snell Ave. For 15 years, and although its very compact, and probably couldn't pass food and health regulations, it sure gives you the feeling your in a little indonesian house getting some of your grandmothers food. Also LiangLiang is a different environment but still decent food. the gadu gadu is too die for!!!

Good Eats in Santa Clara?

Okay first of all, you have to stop in on Wolf Avenue for Alexanders Steak house. Forsure something out of the ordinary. As for something not so on the map, and not so heavy on the wallet, stop in off Homer in Palo Alto for Osteria. Although they are open for dinner, I would suggest going for an early lunch, there only open 4 days a week, if I'm not mistaken. If your in the mood for a to die for pasta dish order the Pasta Vongole, you will be fulfilled even with the highest expectations. These are only a couple of my favorites also most mentioned so far are better than good. :D Let me know if you decide to try either.


Shaved Fennel and Pistachio Salad

I'm giong to be pretty honest, when glancing over the recipe, i was hesitant to make it, but im glad i followed through. Aida once again, amazing side dish for almost any occasion. Awesome and thanks for sharing.

Dec 16, 2009
calfoodie88 in Recipes

Top Chef - Las Vegas - Finale Part 2 - 12/09/09 (Spoilers)

This season of Top Chef has really brought skill, talent, ethics, and diversity into the kitchen. Overall I had a feeling Michael was going to swoop in on the win over his older brother. I had such high hopes for the underdog in technique, Kevin. I realize now that he has a bit more maturing to do in the kitchen, then we will be on the star level no doubt. He needs to listen to the judges and learn to take the criticism that their putting out, not disagree. Also how can you send out a toothy pork belly!? In the finals non the less. DISAPPOINTING! goodjob though Michael and Bryan your techniques and dishes were magnifique!

Dec 11, 2009
calfoodie88 in Food Media & News

Black Pepper–Manchego Cheese Puffs

thanks aida! you came through again. I resorted to Kosher salt... IMO was the way too go, just had to cut down about 1/4 of what recipe called for. You come through with some amazing recipes for cocktail, evening parties! I cannot get enought!

Dec 03, 2009
calfoodie88 in Recipes

What's the #1 Thing That You Eat and Say, "Wow That REALLY Hit The Spot"?

An earthy well cooked rack of lamb, with a subtle vegetable pairing like grilled asparagus with mash or parsnips. Reminds me of my parents essence of cooking.

Nov 24, 2009
calfoodie88 in General Topics

Spiced Cranberry Sangría

though it may work just as well, it definitely won't have the zingy and flavor this one packed. Great Recipe for the Holidays!!! thank you:]

Nov 20, 2009
calfoodie88 in Recipes

Top Chef - Las Vegas - Ep. #12 - 11/18/09 (Spoilers)

I agree with most, excellent episode, I think it was an interesting idea for Kevin to try a new technique, and he played the game right by asking the right brother for the temperature required. I predict Kevin and Bryan in the finale, with Bryan's knowledge and passion to strive for excellence whether its technique or creativity, he's coachable and has a more understanding for out-side-the-box cooking and pairing. Let's see how it pans out.

Nov 19, 2009
calfoodie88 in Food Media & News

Braised Belgian Endive

making this tonight, can't wait, thanks

Nov 19, 2009
calfoodie88 in Recipes

The Other Napa

konditor awesome review, felt it was very honest and non chalant

Nov 18, 2009
calfoodie88 in Features

Fried chicken to rival Ad Hoc

Mission Street Food is the best place to go when your in dire need of some chicken with the best skin you could ever ask for! 3 stars.

Mission Chinese Food
2234 Mission Street, San Francisco, CA 94110

Green Beans with Smoked Bacon

Just made this dish a few nights back, what can i say but it was soo savory and delicious. The Red wine vinegars(sp*) tart balances perfectly well with the greasy bacon. Definitely make sure to cook bacon until it is just cooked before your liking, as it gets a bit more of a cook later on. Thanks fellow chefs/foodies!

Nov 16, 2009
calfoodie88 in Recipes