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Buffalo Chicken Dip

Love this dip. So tasty and it's a crowd favorite. Bread is the favorite dipper.

I cut out the saucepan. Instead I let the cream cheese come to room temp and mix it with the hot sauce until well combined. I do that to keep the hot sauce separating from everything else during the baking. I suspect that's why these instructions have you cook this together. Same results, a little less time by not using the saucepan. But I do have to bake it longer, by about 10 minutes before it's bubbly.

Feb 05, 2014
stimply in Recipes

Warm, Cheesy Swiss Chard and Roasted Garlic Dip

Good starting point. All this cheese and cream can easily take twice the amount of chard, shallots, and garlic. Some fresh herbs would be good. The pine nuts are overwhelming. No need for 1/3 cup.

I have to mention the instructions. They are bulky. Do this, set aside, do that, set aside...mix with your fingers... And each step is an unfriendly 6 lines long. Could be written better. Not to mention the step where you chop everything, sauté it, then chop it all again? How about have me chop it small enough the first time. Just clunky in its writing style.

Feb 02, 2014
stimply in Recipes


We went again last night for a drink. The menu changed a tiny bit with the new year. We didn't try anything though so can't offer any new reviews. The bar was full so I wonder if more people are coming for the beer and not the food.

The gorgonzola ravioli was gone, replaced by a mushroom one. Some new entrees suggest some focus, maybe -- a couple of items with polenta.

We were greeted right away and warmly at the door. An improvement. We'll try some of the newer menu items soon and report back.


We've been three times now. We keep going mainly because of the beer selection and great price on hop devil draft. Our last experience was frustrating. The food has been hit and miss, with more misses than hits. The best so far was the smoked trout app and a special flatbread (salmon with capers and onions).

Rather than writing a long post about the shortcomings, I think I can sum it up by saying the restaurant doesn't have a focus. The market area is unfocused (pottery, t-shirts, cook books, yoga stuff) but I know that's still evolving...

The menu poses the biggest problem for me. There is no common thread weaving the offerings together. I love the idea of an eclectic menu but, this one seems more confused than eclectic. If the dishes were better than the confusion wouldn't be a big deal. We've tried about 7 different items and can only recommend 2 and one of those was a special. Some of them seem to need just one more ingredient to make it special. (Like the risotto cakes needing bacon or even a bit more salt. Gorgonzola ravioli needing some nutty crunch for texture.)

The whimsy of the interesting decorations, the odd collection of items in the store, the play pen area, etc. are all very nice but whimsy (if you want to call it that) doesn't work for the menu. The beer selection is the best feature.

We'll check back in on it but until we hear about improvements to the food and menu, we'll be getting beer and some select apps.

I noticed some comments about service. We've had 2 good experiences and 1 really awful one. The awful one was entirely the server and not the kitchen at all. She simply had no concept of how to be a server or was entirely off her game. (Attending to more than one table and one task at a time was not in her repertoire.) The other two servers that night were busily attending to their tables so it had nothing to do with how backed up the kitchen may have been, etc.

Parkside in Hamilton: When one sour beef & dumpling place closes down, another one springs up

The Edelweis bakery server sour beef & dumplings.

Parkside in Hamilton: When one sour beef & dumpling place closes down, another one springs up

OK, so I haven't tried the sour beef but someday I hope to. The Parkside is a relatively new place on Harford Road. (


My favorite part: $3 Hop Devils on top. Great price for a fantastic beer.

Some mixed food reviews from our 2 visits. The good stuff has been really good. First time we had their special flat bread, salmon and capers. Boy, it should be a menu item. We also had the Mediterranean flatbread, which paled in comparison to the salmon. The risotto cakes were decent but lacked something like a punch of meat. (Hello, bacon anyone?)

The second time we went (yes, to get more inexpensive Hop Devil), we had the gumbo and the smoked trout appetizer. The smoked trout was fabulous. I could've eaten 2 orders of it. Super fresh and refreshing. The lightness was absolutely necessary next to the gumbo. The gumbo heat was too much, and we're not spice wimps.

The kid area is kind of neat and I'm not a kid person. I'm fine with there being an area to contain them. Of course the screaming, joyous voices aren't contained but at least they aren't running through the place. Really, what are you going to's a restaurant, there are bound to be kids.

Looking forward to seeing it evolve. Can't wait to try the brunch, which I hear is scrumptious.

They should be doing more in-house PR by chatting up their customers. Both times we went it was kind of quiet and one of the owners could've easily made a pass through the room to talk to their customers about the deli/market.

We've had enough tasty food to believe there's a recipe for success, once they iron out some of the wrinkles.

I definitely recommend this to others in the area.

Crabs in Northeast Baltimore City area?

Yep, that might help, huh? I'm much more used to being west, not east, having grown up west of the city.

Do you have any suggestions for northeast baltimore?

Good Recs for Baltimore City -Hamilton area

Yes, it is still around.

Crabs in Northeast Baltimore City area?

We recently moved from the downtown area up to the Parkville/Hamilton area. Our favorite crab place was Captain Dick's off of Rte 1 only it's a bit too far to drive to now.

Any recommendations for crab shacks in northeast bmore? We tried Hale's the other weekend and I wasn't too impressed. I don't care if they're MD crabs or not. I care that they're meaty and freshly steamed (and decent prices of course).

Someone said he has friends that swear by Crabby Cousins on Harford and their lot always looks packed.

Any thoughts?

First Date Suggestions in Columbia /Elkridge Area?

Don't let your first date be at the Cheesecake Factory. Not that it's not OK for chain eats.

Elkridge is not so far away from Baltimore so make him head up here and go somewhere more original. Having you both go to Columbia doesn't make sense. Elkridge is closer to Baltimore than Columbia.

But if you aren't going to have him come to Bmore, why not meet in downtown Ellicott City and walk the streets to settle on a place together? Nice way to talk a bit before sitting down.

Sister just moved to COlumbia,MD

Columbia is home to my favorite Chinese restaurant. Jesse Wong's Asean Bistro off of Rte 108. Delicious Crispy Eggplant!

Columbia is laden with highly-visible chain restaurants. Don't be afraid to try some of the independent ones in shopping malls because they are often good finds.

That same shopping center has a Thai restaurant (can't remember the name -- it's farther back in the group, near a Quizno's) that we like a lot. Their veggies are nice and fresh! Drunken Noodle is yummy.