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Visiting Brit

thank you for all the suggestions! the thing about the north end is i just moved from there and hate the goddamn feasts.

i just went to ECG for brunch the other day and loved it. i would love to go back for dinner.

ive never been to durgan park. i just googled it...but i seem to be missing the point to how it's quirky...please explain

Visiting Brit

So my cousin is in town for the weekend and I want to take him somewhere fun to eat, but not exactly sure what to aim for. I do not want anywhere too fussy/fancy. Something with a little novelty. As far as I know he eats everything. He's british and this is his first time in America. He definately would appreciate an odd/quirky place. I live in central square, but it doesn't necessarily need to be in that area. thanks!

Best Chicken Salad Sandwich in Boston

Lately I have been craving chicken salad, weird, I know.

Any suggestions of chicken salad sanwiches around town?

Birthday Dinner for Mom

Also, what do you think of Salts? I think its on Main street near Cuchi Cuchi..

Birthday Dinner for Mom

I was looking at pictures online of Rialto (obviously a slow day at work). It looks really cold...the menu does look good though.

Birthday Dinner for Mom

She will be staying with family friends right outside of Harvard square. She might be tired, but I also want it to feel nice/festive enough that it feels special.

Birthday Dinner for Mom

So my mother will be flying in to Boston and will be in town for just one night, which happens to be on her birthday. She's going to be staying in Cambridge and will probably be tired so I'm looking for a good place in that area. I definately want something nice, but as she will have just gotten off a six hour flight and be jet lagged I don't want it to be somewhere fussy. Somewhere with excellent food and a calm ambiance. Also, she doesn't like seafood. Any thoughts?