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Recommendations for casual lunch at Bay Bloor?

I second New York Deli! Tasty Borscht soup, Ruben sandwiches and Latkes. Casual and comfortable.

Best places around Ryerson University!

I second Gary on Milo's Pita (in Dundas Square food court) Great falafel!!

And Chipotle! It's relatively new. On Yonge, just north of Dundas. Delish burritos, tacos, nachos etc... Hugh servings. Check it out: http://www.chipotle.com/#flash/food_menu

first time visitors from NY

Apparently not popular at all. ha damn, sorry...... we've always had a great time there. Anyway, have fun where ever you end up!

first time visitors from NY

"Cest What" is a good place for Friday night. Front/Church St. Good pub grub. Bison burger, sweet potato fries, delicious apple pie.... oh and beer from around the world. Cozy atmosphere, fire place, board games....

Brunch in Greektown: "Mocha Mocha" tasty food, lively on the weekends.
If you go south of there on Queen East St. "Bonjour Brioche" is lovely.

Hope you have a great time here!

Great Scrambled Eggs? [Moved from General Chowhounding Topics]

My boyfriend makes the bomb of all scrambled. Add cream cheese and Oregano. The combo is insane!!

Mar 05, 2008
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