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Montecito anyone?

The birthday isn`t until late September so hope all will be clear by then. Regardless, curious to see what people think of the food.

Montecito anyone?

Didn't see a thread on Montecito yet. Considering going for my birthday dinner, anyone been yet? Thoughts?

Thanks in advance !

Brock Sandwich: Boy does this place look good!!

Will echo the sentiments - fried chicken sandwich is amazing.

Also tried their porchetta sandwich served in a hot dog style roll. Was less impressed with this compared to the fried chicken. It's no Porchetta and Co to be sure. Glad these guys are in the neighbourhood.

Toronto Underground Market - starting in September

A bit disappointed to be honest. Was there for the PM event and really felt it wasn't worth the ticket price.

Highlights were Home of the Brave's ribs and Hot Bunzz's chicken mole bun (a collab with La Carnita I believe).

Maybe it's because vendors don't bring enough stock as they want to sell out, but the vibe dies down so fast at about 8pm. For this money, I want a party. Bring more people. I don't mind waiting in line for a little bit longer if everyone seems to be having fun and food is in good supply.

My 3rd time now, likely my last especially if tickets stay this high or if more vendors don't show up.


Went last week and had a reaffirming Momofuku experience.

- pretzel bread
- razor clams
- chitarra pasta
- roasted rice cakes
- sides - carrots, corn
- peach pie and crack pie for dessert

Pretzel bread was perfect bread. The texture of the roasted rice cakes has that addictive glutinous chew. My favourite dish there. Carrots were roasted to the point of real savoury/sweet transformation with a rich herbaceous sauce. Razor clam dish was heavy handed with butter and not very balanced, but was still sublime. Chitarra pasta was nice but not life altering (would probably skip it next time). Desserts were great - crack pie is everything it should be, peach pie was perfect but the accompanying coconut ice cream was a bit of a disappointment. Too much suntan lotion, not enough coconut milk smoothness.

We had a beautiful meal, although things weren't 110% perfect. Food was beautifully presented, rich, aggressively seasoned (sometimes too much). We had perfect service but did notice some minor issues at other tables. I think we could have made slightly better selections as there was some overlap in flavours but everything was truly memorable.

Glad they're still putting up great food. We got there at 7 and was surprised as to how empty it was, but by mid-meal it was bopping full with Bay St and Queen St alike.


Resurrecting this thread because I'm going tonight and getting mixed reviews online. Any standouts besides the rice cake/sausage dish?

I went last year and had a great meal, but now people seem to be consistently disappointed. If you have go to's I'd love to hear them.

Best bet in Baldwin Village - Kinton, Yakitori, or Elle M'a Dit

Thoughts on the best spot in this neighbourhood? Haven't been to any of these 3 but continue to hear good things.

Likelihood for getting a table for 2 helps a lot - we'll be there at 8pm on a Thursday.

Thanks for any input!


Went last week, had the loosey, steamed bun, squash poutine, torched mackerel, bulgogi cheesesteak, pretty much everything Chris Nuttall Smith told me to.

Everything was great although I should have ordered slightly differently - the loosey and the bulgogi cheesesteak are both really tasty but quite similar at the end of the day.

Prices are reasonable, service friendly, ambience very Ossingtonish. Go!

Playa Cabana - New Junction Location

Went last week and had a great meal overall.

Guac, crispy brisket tacos, fish tacos, corn, 2 burritos, margaritas, house made cream soda.

Tacos and drinks were the highlight, but everything was really solid overall. Get reservations. You will need them. A party of 5 could only be seated at 5:30 or 9:30 on a Tuesday.

Service was friendly but there are still some kinks. Gave a meat burrito to a vegetarian who ordered a veg burrito. Luckily she was flexitarian(ish), and they ended up making up a whole new veg burrito for people to eat there or take home.

Gets loud during prime time, ambience is a bit schizophrenic but fun. Thank heavens for a great restaurant in the Junction.

Where to buy skirt steak

most Rowe farms locations that I visit (Roncesvalles, Bloor West Village, etc.) always have skirt, flank, or flatiron.

good takeout sushi in High Park/Bloor West?

Just had Lan Sushi takeout in the Junction last night - fresh, tightly packed maki, friendly owners. Definitely a good solid standard.

Hey! Rod Bowers new Roncesvalles location

Went a couple of weeks ago. Had mac and cheese w roast pork and a side of brussel sprouts, friends had gnocchi as well as a beef dish w roasted sunchokes and garlic puree.

Gnocchi was the standout, both the mac and cheese and sprouts were somewhat unimpressive and unmemorable. Beef came out almost cold with unimpressive sides. On the whole portions were small.

Service was friendly but slow. Took a while for our food to come especially for a quiet rainy night mid-week. CNS was right about constant smell of burnt oil.

Total bill with 1 beer each, tax and tip was $90. Not outrageous but given portions, not worth the money and not good value for me.

I really wanted to love this place. The room is big and lovely. Don't know if I would've gone with the jugular and given zero stars, but my first impression was that there are better places to go in the neighbourhood. Too bad.

High end dinner for executives

George or Colborne Lane would have been my first thoughts as well.

There's also Lucien which is definitely on the higher end of things, as well as Swish by Han (although some mixed reviews on this board).

Hip Toronto restaurant ideas needed - good food, service with terrace or outdoor space

Origin and Black Hoof both have great patios, but reserving a patio anywhere will be difficult especially for a 'hip' spot.

Late Lunch / Happy hour on a Monday

I believe The Saint on Ossington is open Monday afternoon. Would be a good place to spend the afternoon.

Street Food Block Party (TUM/Food Truck Eats) - May 5 @ Brickworks

Was fortunate to get tickets for this Saturday, looking for any tips/recommendations based on past TUM or Food Truck Eats events as I have not been to one yet.

Admission is $20. Did your admission get you anything or is it simply admission? I felt like 20 bucks was steep if it's just to get you in the door.

Average price of food ? Guessing in the $3 - $5 range?

Also guessing I should get there early to avoid lineups and vendors running out of food. Since shuttles stop running at 5:15 pm and the Davisville bus stops at 6 pm, do most people just take cabs once the event is over?

Any other good nuggets? Good vendors you'd recommend from past events?

Thanks all.

Toronto Momofuku set to open July 28th

According to this:

I thought it would be closer to December. This is awesome news!

Analysis Paralysis - Help me choose a restaurant: Nota Bene, Acadia, Campagnolo, Frank's Kitchen? Other?

I feel like Acadia best suits your criteria - a bit of hip (although there room was pretty bare/minimal when we were there), but inventive tasty food, great cocktails, fun vibe.

need hip, trendy, delicious resto recommendations please

The Bowery would probably be right up your alley and is literally steps from Origin.

DonDon NotNot NOW Now NoNo

David Ort (FoodWithLegs) just gave a pretty positive review just this afternoon -

$5 meal?

If you're ever in Rexdale - transcendental doubles at Drupati's or Lena's at Albion/Islington, amazing pupusas At Mi Pueblo at Weston/Sheppard area.

need hip, trendy, delicious resto recommendations please

Origin fits your request to a tea, exactly where you should go. Buca is also be a great spot which fits your wishlist.

Spotted - Ravisoups Restaurant near Dundas W station

There is a great restaurant location that's been closed up for months on Dundas between Bloor and Annette/Dupont. It used to be a sports bar like place blessed with a great patio, but just driving by this morning I saw signs for Ravisoups Restaurant in the Ravi style font. Really exciting to see what's potentially in store!

Assuming this is Ravi's answer to a more full on restaurant rather than cheap and cheerful lunches? Regardless, this stretch of Junction Triangle / West Bend area needs more patio love like this.

Restaurants at Bloor/Bathurst

No mention of Banjara? West of Christie station, one of the better Indian places in the city.

Bar or pub near Massey Hall

Now that Duggan's is gone, my pre Massey go to usually one of the Terronis on Victoria or Adelaide.

Piola Toronto - Queen W. - Now Open

Went to the opening last night as well.

I'm not a pizza nerd, but I had a great margherita there last night. Fresh, bright tomato sauce, great chew to the crust with a nicely distributed char on the bottom. They use a hot stone rather than a wood oven to encourage even cooking.

Only Organic and Tankhouse on tap and about 6 other bottles to choose from. Euro-beat friendly music, somewhat flashy decor, and service was eager and friendly. Everyone seemed very happy to be there on their first night!

To me it's better than Terroni, and close to Libretto.

Recommended lunch restaurant near University and King?

The Gabardine is close and is loved by many on and off this board.

' Ortolan ' - Anyone?!

Really enjoyed my meal there. Solid cooking, pretty good value too.

Could be just me, but I had the feeling like the FOH and BOH staff were both passing the time by making fun of their customers. I know most places do anyway, but at least be decent enough to it behind our backs. :)

Markets/restaurants to buy plain steamed buns (west end)

I'm guessing T&T sells plain steamed buns (to make your own Momofukuesque pork buns), but are there other places in the west end that sells them?

I've heard some restos would be open to selling them to you, but I don't know of any. Hoping some in Chinatown or Kensington area could (e.g. Chinese Traditional Bun?). Looked around briefly yesterday but had no luck.

Any help is appreciated!

Chinese Traditional Buns
536 Dundas St W, Toronto, ON M5T, CA

Mildred's Temple Kitchen Dinner?

Essentially agree. Food was beautifully presented, nice service, but small portions, exorbitant prices, and the dishes tasted average. Once was enough.