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Glen Burnie Trattoria Alberto

I haven't seen anything on Trattoria Alberto recently, awhile ago I heard it was quite good, am thinking of going on Saturday. If anyone has any recent experience, would appreciate hearing. If not Trattoria, any other good restaurants in that area?


I was just browsing on restaurants near the Academy and came upon this thread -- it prompted me to make reservations at estia's - thanks, Chowhounds!!

Nov 26, 2007
caminowalker in Pennsylvania

DC restaurant for this Saturday night

If you are carnivores and wine lovers, and not familiar with the Brazilian churrascaria steakhouse experience, Fogo de Chao at 11th and Penn is lots of fun! There are only 10 of them in the US - essentially it's all you can eat, but they come to your table and slice off various cuts of excellent meat entrées: beef, lamb, pork. My favorite cut is "picanha," but they have fillet, sirloin, leg of lamb, more. Plus an AYCE "salad" bar that is so much more than salad: palm & artichoke hearts, fresh mozzarella/ tomato, smoked salmon, prosciutto. I have never been disappointed. $50 per person. And wine, real good wine.
11th & Penn is easy from the Mayflower, though not walking distance. DC cabs are zoned not metered, so anything in cab Zone #1 is the same price ($6.50 base fare plus 1.50 per add'l person.) Cabs sit in front of the Mayflower. Or Fogo is a block from a Metro stop, as is the Mayflower, if you want the subway ($1.35 per person each way.)

Baltimore Sunday Brunch [Moved from Mid-Atlantic board]

Thanks everyone! I think we're going to go with Miss Shirley's because it's not Fells point (where I took them last time it was my turn to host.) But I personally look forward to trying a number of these suggestions.

Baltimore Sunday Brunch [Moved from Mid-Atlantic board]

Wow, all of these sound good - anyone else have any Sunday brunch suggestions?

So far, I am looking at Miss Shirley's (menu sounds and looks divine!), Hull Street Blues (local favorite my source says), Little Havanas (waterfront, easy to find and park at), Midtown Yacht Club, Red Star Bar, and Blue Moon Cafe.

Last time these DC friends came up to Baltimore, we went to Fells' Point and had dinner at John Steven's, which they enjoyed. So I'd like to show them another part of the city this time. [Looks like Red Star and Blue Moon are both Fells Pt.]
To recap, looking for Authentic Balto., but a place that is not smoky, please. (Soon that won't be a problem...) Sunday brunch.
Thanks, everyone!

Baltimore Sunday Brunch [Moved from Mid-Atlantic board]

Some friends up from the DC area are coming up to Baltimore September 23 and we've decided to meet for Sunday Brunch. So I need a good place to take them. Last time they came up, for dinner, and we went to Fells' Point, which they enjoyed. So I'd like to show them somewhere else that is authentic Balto.
Someone suggested Hull Street Blues, but I've never been there. I've also hear Gertrude's at the Art Museum has a good brunch. Suggestions, recommendations?

Hoagies in Wilmington

We call hoagies subs in Delaware, and Wilmington has two rival sub shops - Capriotti's and Casapulla's. There are a number of each in the area, you are sure to be near one or the other. Caution - wars have started over which shop sells better subs or cheese steaks! I like both. The original Capriotti's (as far as I know) is at 5th and Union in Little Italy and the original Casapulla's is in Elsmere, a mile or 2 down the road. But the other locations are just as good.

As for pizza, IMHO there is none better than Grotto. Another great Delaware institution. Also with lots of locations.

Jul 23, 2007
caminowalker in Mid-Atlantic

Completely Lost - Help Please... ;_;

Pans: Non stick, for skillets only. I have had a couple Calphalon skillets for 20 years now (the hard annodized surface) and have used stainless steel utensils on them with no problems. Totally non-stick, but without the coating. Worth the extra money to buy right the first time. Macy's sells them, and other places I'm sure, but there are Macy's all over the place. If money is the object, however, and you really need to keep your spending in the low range, I would go with a pre-seasoned cast iron skillet, before I would buy a cheap nonstick skillet - cast iron is dirt-cheap, like $10, and bullet-proof.

Pasta: I wouldn't waste the extra money on the nonstick technology for saucepans or pasta pots, however. Just put a couple of tablespoonsful of olive oil in a regular saucepan or stock pot (depending on how much pasta you are cooking) and the pasta won't stick. Be sure to use plenty of water, don't try to jam a lot of pasta in a small pot or you'll regret it. Drain it in a colandar and presto! pasta.

Utensils: I use stainless steel, everything else rusts or melts. Doesn't hurt the Calphalon or anything else I have. And tongs are great utensils, I second whoever said that.

BTW, I've been cooking a long long time and have yet to preheat dinner plates, even on holdidays. So don't worry too much about how to do that.

Jul 23, 2007
caminowalker in Cookware

Wilmington, DE - Domaine Hudson & Harry's Seafood

Have eaten at Harry's a number of times, and never been disappointed.

Jul 17, 2007
caminowalker in Mid-Atlantic

Business Dinners in the Inner Harbor

Maybe you have already made your arrangements, but I agree with bordeauxfan about Fogo de Chao. You won't regret setting up a dinner there, even though it is not yet open - it opens in August. (As long as your adventurous diners are not vegetarian.)
Excellent wines, service, and best of all, you start eating as soon as you sit down. I've been a number of times to the Fogo restaurant in DC and once to Philly; my daughter always goes to Fogo whenever she is in Dallas. Yes, it's a chain, but there are only 8 of them in the whole US - 9 when the one @ the Inner Harbor opens.
I say all this knowing full well that Baltimore is a seafood town. You can always go down to Fell's Point for steamed shrimp if you want an authentic Baltimore experience or to Obrycki's for crabs --though IMO crabs and "business diners" are not in the same category - unless your people already know how to attack a crab, hard shells can be frustrating . (I agree with the Phillips comment too, avoid it.)
Good luck.

Nobody Expects Spanish Brandy

Ah, Spanish brandy... my husband always asks for Cardenal Mendoza for Christmas. You can never go wrong with it.

Jul 17, 2007
caminowalker in Features