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Going to The Helmand for first time...any advice?

I had some type of braised meat (don't remember the name) served in something like a tandoori pot and flan for dessert. I agree that everything is can't miss good. We also have a non meat eater in our crowd and it's one of her favorites. We actually went to their place in San Fran and when the discussion with the staff got around to where we were from we had to sheepishly admit we didn't know they were 10 miles away but have been back many times since. Some of the dishes are spicy hot so if they say so believe them.

Veal kidneys

Any ideas where to get fresh veal kidneys? Have tried pork (good but not great) and older beef (threw it out). Had them in a bistro in Normandy and obsessed ever since. Live near annapolis.

Nov 11, 2009
tomaslank in Mid-Atlantic

Rognons or similar

Looking for casual french bistro manhattan or brooklyn with bent towards the offal side

Nov 11, 2009
tomaslank in Manhattan