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Lord Hobo was a trendy thing to do in NYC a few years back (the no sign thing). The B-Side was the first to successfully do it here in Boston/Cambridge. I think it's just silly the way this new venture is clearly trying to 'ride the coat tails'...yet doing so poorly.

I too, hope they "get their act together."

Lord Hobo

Perhaps I didn't make myself clear. I have lived here (in this exact neighborhood), and worked in the restaurant/bar business for 19+ years!!

I like bars. This neighborhood does not. You should not have taken that personally. I have watched some amazing places disappear. I am pretty sure you people did not live here when Daddy-O's was here( the absurdly over-priced Oleana's now sits in it's place)if so, we probably know each other! I do not work for the CLC, nor do I want them to win in this situation. I also do no want to sit idly by and watch some idiots do it wrong so the space will be empty for another year-(ish).

Lord Hobo is doing it wrong. Never mind the surly owner(s), manger(s) and staff who give you the nasty look and over charge you for a vodka on the rocks(2x now) or argue with you on what beer you had on tap the previous night. The lower beer prices are the smartest thing they have done, as they serve no popular domestics. (...because they are too good to wtf??)

While we are on the subject of what's wrong....if they love the name "Lord Hobo" so much (which everyone is taking the piss out of - yes, you know you have)...why no signage yet, ? Oh, and if you are traveling north (nw) on Hampshire St., the place still looks outside lights?? Why would you ever board up a window on a major street?

I have overheard the staff (manager/owner) refer to the B-Side one too many times. They are not the B-Side and will never be. They need their own identity, but cannot seem to find it. I find this tragic.

You guys have got me all wrong!!
Do I want a good new bar in my neighborhood?
Hell yes. It's 132' from my front door and that's a much shorter walk than to/from Innman Sq!

I just don't want it to suck so bad that I would rather walk the 10min in zero degree cold....but I would rather right now, because it kinda sucks right now....

Lord Hobo

My grandmother was from Newcastle England and has always made (and called it) Shepard's Pie with minced beef. Everywhere I have lived in Ireland, it was made with lamb (mutton). Mostly, after living all over the UK and N.Ireland, I believe it's a rural dish served with whatever is fresh and available. Here in the USA, it's bastardized like everything else we copy.

Lord Hobo

Definitely unfortunate.

Lord Hobo

That is a great stab at it Celeriac. However, the Cambridge licensing commission isn't ignorant, but these owners are, by opening with high menu prices and low alcohol prices it will result in just what you said and just what the CLC does not want: another alcohol fueled destination (and neither does the neighborhood to be honest).

The smarter thing would have been to have lower priced menu items to insure a menu item was purchased with almost every (almost) check. Another end result for Lord Hobo's kitchen, will be a higher food cost, as less food is ordered, more will go bad and be tossed out. They need to rethink their menu for themselves as well as their customers.

Venue in Harvard Square or surrounding areas for an office holiday party

Tavern in the Square(Central Sq) had a nice set up at the event I attended...The managers name was Steve and Sean ...they were very attentive...and we were in a private room off to the side.

Lord Hobo

.....And my experience was exactly as written. I guess you got lucky!


Lord Hobo

PS didn't say I "hate it"....I am very disappointed though....

Lord Hobo

I've been 5x for basically 2 reasons. One being, it's a central meeting place for us neighborhood dwellers to meet before we go elsewhere and two, I keep wanting it to not suck (yet it keeps sucking).

I do agree with you though. There is no reason to wait in a line anywhere, ever! This includes Christmas night at the B-Side a few years back when Ben brought J-Lo inside. need at all!

Guess time will tell.

Lord Hobo

Why would yo spring $20 for Shepard's Pie, when you can walk 10min to The Druid and get a huge authentic Shepard's Pie for $10?? Lord Hobo (besides it's ridiculous name)has ridiculous standards and besides the the two B-Side staff leftovers, has the most unfriendly staff I have ever encountered. I usually do not judge a place until three months have gone by, but this is my neighborhood and I have seen this place through three incarnations.

Sure, the B-Side was dirty, crowded, unorganized, and etc., but in the end, the staff loved it and the neighbors and it was friendly. It was a neighborhood joint.Don't get me wrong, I am happy to have another business open here, but upon my very first visit and the owner sticks his nose up because I prefer a vodka instead of a beer, I have to wonder?! Clearly he doesn't know where his profit margins are in his business or which clientèle could possibly be patronizing his establishment during a snow storm?!

Yes, I do think the food is good, with room for improvement. This is a bar, not a restaurant with a James Beard award winning chef at the helm and a three month wait for reservations. You may want to reconsider prices and portions.

Yes, the beer list is good, but the staff is not as up to date with what's available or knowledgeable as they could be. Perhaps 'pre-meals' (5-15 min informational meetings w/staff ) are in order before you open, so I don't have to 'sample' every beer I ask about or school them on what they have on tap.

Also, this is a neighborhood bar, whether you like it or not. Get to know your neighbors. They are the ones who will end up supporting you. I mean, sure, 'beer geeks' (no offence) will come and go, but this location is not easy to get to/from, especially in winter.

Oh and one thing about cleanliness....yeah, your place is pretty pristine, now, but your staff is pretty filthy. I saw some nasty habits the last 3 out of 5 times I have been in. The first 2, I wasn't looking. Why just last night I saw a guy ran food to a table, touched his hair, counted $$, picked up dirty dishes/glasses(fingers in glasses), went to bar & ran drinks to another table, sneezed in hands, went back to the bar to run more drinks.....It was gross. Perhaps a class in sanitation is also in order.

You are not the B-Side, and you may want to think of some kind of uniform, I mean I couldn't tell who took my order, who rand the food, or who to pay. I do find this annoying.....and yes, I have worked in the business for 20 years and wish you luck....lots and lots of luck!

Lord Hobo
92 Hampshire St, Cambridge, MA 02141