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Good food and a piano-bar!!

I am 28 years old and haven't seen a piano-bar in Montreal before. Of course there are jazz bars, but that is not what I am talking about. A real piano-bar, where a man plays on weekends while people have a drinks and sometimes even sing along... I can totally see this place becoming that. I tried it this week while walking on Parc ave because I saw there was spanish guitar playing that night. It was really nice. It is obvious that they are starting out because there are things missing here and there, but their food is very good, they are not at all expensive, the place is warm and cozy (not pretentiousness), and there is live music at times... My kind of place, personally... Oh, I forgot to mention that they make their own cured raw salmon! It was delice... I hope their place works out because I totally see it become a quality neighborhood place (I live nearby)...

Montreal sushi?

I am not going to start an argument about this because tastes are different. However, I will still call it a best kept secret because more than half of Montrealers still don't know about it - food lovers will of course know about it. Also, I love food enough to not emphasize on the service too much. Anyway, in general, people are nice to you when you are nice to them... Besides, I find that TriExpress is not the type of place you go to to get first class service; it is a homey sushi shack type of place, where people are just themselves. Lastly, compared to the sushi I ate in Japan for a an entire month, Tri is the closest comparison I found in Montreal - and I have tried alot of them - sushi is is my favorite specialty.

Best Coffee in Montreal?

So many good coffees in Montreal! Go to Caffe Italia in Little Italy - the best by far and you will have the pleasure of being surrounded by many old Italian men arguing and having endless conversations. Also have a coffee at one of the cafes on St-Viateur in Mile-End. You have a couple there that will not disappoint you at all. My favorite is Club Social...

Where's the best burger in Montreal

The best burger in town is Bun's. They have 100% natural beef; they make the buns themselves; it is made on charcoil, with charcoiled deliciously marinated potatoes. The ambiance is super cool and it was started-up by this young guy who had the genius idea of having a small burger shack that simply offered good quality burgers for $4, and for 6$ with potatoes. I love it. There is one on Ste-Catherine and St-Marc and one on the St-Laurent club strip.

Montreal sushi?

The best sushi in Montreal is a very well kept secret. Only true sushi lovers might know about this place. Tri Express, located on the corner or Laurier and Marquette was started-up by the best Sushi chef in town, Tri. He used to be the chef and partner at Treehouse and Kaizen, but left the restaurants to start his own beautiful little place. It is little (10 tables), cozy, perfectly setup, and his sushi is out of this world. Noone has tasted sushi until they taste Tri's sushi. And I have been to Japan and eaten plenty of sushi there...

Tri Express
1650 Av Laurier E, Montreal, QC H2J1J2, CA