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wanted: kid-friendly breakfast restaurant for pre-BSO kids concert midday Saturday

Thanks everybody for the ideas so far. More info about us. We live in the outer suburbs... near 495. We (husband, me and our two girls 6 and 9) will be driving into the city all the way or driving to Alewife and going from there. The girls can certainly walk say up 20 minutes, as long as it isn't absolutely freezing or otherwise very unpleasant outside. (This is meant to be something really fun not a character-building exercise!)

I looked at the menu for the Other Side Cafe and I think they would like the chocolate chip waffles. The cafe doesn't open until ten though and so I am a bit concerned about making it back to symphony hall for a noon show. Google maps tells me it is a 10 minute walk. Do you know if the service there tends to be slow? Do you know if they take reservations that would enable us to be seated right at 10?

I see too that the Trident Booksellers Cafe is right there near the Other Side Cafe, again a 10 minute walk to Symphony Hall. And they serve breakfast beginning at 8. Is it tough to get a table there? I am guessing they don't take reservations.

Since this is meant to be a special treat we ideally want someplace a bit nicer than everyday, though not so nice that kids aren't welcome, or the food more fancy (and expensive!) than two picky kids will appreciate.

Thanks again everybody for your suggestions!


wanted: kid-friendly breakfast restaurant for pre-BSO kids concert midday Saturday

Our family is new to the Boston area. Can one of you longer-time residents recommend a reasonably priced place that serves good pancakes/waffles/ etc. on Saturdays that we could easily go to and then get to a noon BSO kids concert? We would be willing to use the T, though I haven't yet looked into whether there is a T exit near Symphony Hall.

Thanks for your advice! This is a surprise for our kids and we want to make it special!