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Lings Kitchen - Fords, NJ

I've went back to Lings for about two times a week since they've opened and i have to say that i do not taste that much of a difference. Sure, there is a smidge of difference but i have to say it's still the best chinese food around. I've talked to the girl in the front and although it is "under new management", they have managed to keep it in the family. The people running the place are extremely friendly and they always remember my name as soon as i walk into the door and they know exactly what i always order. My son is a particularly picky person and he wouldn't eat particular veggies and they were willing to customize everything to the way i want it. i guess it's up to personal taste because i see a few people who do not like their food anymore but hey, i am one customer that their amazing service and good food has kept.

Nov 07, 2009
JTish74 in New Jersey