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Breakfast at Schipol

Some time ago, I recall reading somewhere on Chowhound that there is a great breakfast to be had somewhere in Schipol airport. My searches so far have been in vain. Any help will be greatly appreciated!

Oct 12, 2014
sccrash in Europe

Recipe for best pancakes ever (Cafe Luluc)?

This is only an uninformed opinion, but the edges of the pancake in the picture at the top seem too irregular for the bottom of a baked "cake" or pancake. The same is true of the following picture:
In addition, the domed part in the second picture just looks like the side that was cooked against a surface.

I agree that there probably aren't a lot of restaurants with a bunch of cast iron pans in the kitchen. Most do, however have relatively heavy aluminum saute pans that are just the size and shape to turn out a pancake that looks like these.

I agree with MarkC that this type thread is interesting and fun. Work will start in my kitchen tomorrow to figure this out. I hope the mystery is solved, as I'm now longing to taste those delicious looking pancakes!

Sep 20, 2014
sccrash in Home Cooking

Pork shoulder recipe with lots of fennel. Opinions?

Well, this is why I don't usually post. It's just like my school days: quick on the listen and learn, slow on the report.
It was delicious! Much of the fat melted away, but a perfect amount remained to keep the flavor and moisture level just right.
I basted faithfully, as per instructions. I only used a scant 1/2 cup of fennel for all the meat, and ended up wishing I had used it all, as it was barely detectable. Yes, I got crunchies, though the guests didn't. My party setup troops scarfed those down pretty quickly.Once the party started, I wash I had a nickel for every time I heard: "Man, this pork is good! How did you make it?"
My pal was completely surprised, and we had a memorable party.
Alkapal, thanks for thinking of Cuban sandwiches, they were great. Foreverhungry, I'm in Minnesota as well, but have only seen and had the sliced loin version. Must be a regional variation within regional variations.
Thanks, so much everyone, for your answers, and for the tips beyond that! Your contributions helped satisfy an always hungry group of folks in a delicious way!

May 19, 2014
sccrash in Home Cooking

Pork shoulder recipe with lots of fennel. Opinions?

I hardly ever post, but I trust him too, you as well! I always feel comfortable following your advice, and believe me, this won't be the first time:)

I will absolutely baste, and am going to test it for "shreddiness" at 180.

Will report back tomorrow to let you know how it went.

I appreciate everyone's help! Hope you all have as much fun with your day as we will celebrating my buddy's 60th! tomorr

May 02, 2014
sccrash in Home Cooking

Pork shoulder recipe with lots of fennel. Opinions?

Oops- forgot to say it is for sandwiches, so I think I'll go with all the garlic, but about a quarter of the fennel seed. Will have to try it the right way for a crowd with a bit more adventurous palate. It sounds wonderful!

May 02, 2014
sccrash in Home Cooking

Pork shoulder recipe with lots of fennel. Opinions?

Thanks everyone!
My oven has a low cook setting, so it's like a giant slow cooker. I was going to put racks in some steam table pans, (to try to let the fat melt out) then close it up with foil in lieu of a cover.If I'm creative, I should be able to squeeze it all in, though I'm guessing I'll have to add to the cooking time.

May 02, 2014
sccrash in Home Cooking

Pork shoulder recipe with lots of fennel. Opinions?

I'm roasting about 20 pounds of pork shoulder for pulled pork tomorrow, and was wondering about this recipe:

I'm going to follow the long and slow part, may just brown under the broiler instead of in a pan.

My question is, this seems like a ton of fennel seed, which I have little experience cooking with. Will this roast come out like a porketta?

Thanks for any advice!

May 02, 2014
sccrash in Home Cooking

Best jar opener for larger diameter jars?

+1 on rubber bands. Cheap, effective, and don't take up any extra drawer space.

Feb 24, 2014
sccrash in Cookware

BEST CUTTING BOARDS - Bamboo vs. Others

I love my Epicurean boards- wouldn't trade 'em. One even sat over a forgotten gas burner that was turned on. Damage to the board was limited to a ring of slightly raised char, which I sanded off. The burned side is as functional as it ever was.

I also like the light weight and thin profile. I'm too short for my arm to be in the most comfortable position for chopping on most kitchen counters. End grain cutting boards are beautiful, functional, and a pleasure to use, but the extra thickness puts them out of my comfort range.

Apr 10, 2013
sccrash in Cookware

Forged iron pans?

On Food52 today, they're offering forged iron pans. Has anyone used them? Is there a significant difference in performance between forged and cast iron?

Apr 10, 2013
sccrash in Cookware

Boston hound in Estero/Bonita Springs/Ft. Myers for a long weekend

+1 on Wylde's. We had dinner there not long ago-rack of lamb-that was some of the best I've ever had. Crisp outside, so tender inside. My father wanted to go somewhere else (he can squeeze a bellow out of a buffalo nickel). He took one bite of the lamb, turned to me and said "Coming here was a good idea." the service is wonderful.
We went to A Table Apart last night. The special was a petite fillet/lobster cake combo that was delicious. The lobster cake was laced with tarragon, which I don't usually like, but was spot on in this. Ma had the scallops, on a bed of roasted corn with curry, also delicious.
The ambiance at A Table Apart isn't as good as Wylde's, but I wouldn't hesitate to recommend either place.

Jan 18, 2013
sccrash in Florida

Minneapolis-St. Paul Dish of the Month (Jan 2013) - Voting


Jan 02, 2013
sccrash in Minneapolis-St. Paul

Costco food finds - 4th quarter 2012

I'll be forever grateful to HillJ for recommending this source for vanilla beans a couple of years ago.
Quality is great, and the price blows $10/tube out of the water.

Jan 02, 2013
sccrash in Chains

Quinoa Salad - Home Cooking Dish of the Month August 2012

When I use quinoa that needs to be rinsed, I put it in the pan first, heat gently just until dry, then add the oil.

Aug 14, 2012
sccrash in Home Cooking

Double Sir Gawain cake recipe?

Thanks, Caitlin. I chickened out and made two, but will try one next time.

You're sure right about overbaking- I overdid the ones I made a little. They were gobbled up anyhow, but would have been more moist, tender, and delicious if I'd pulled them a bit sooner.

What a great, easy recipe!

Jul 08, 2012
sccrash in Home Cooking

Double Sir Gawain cake recipe?

Baking isn't my long suit- can I safely double this recipe?
I picked some wild blueberries today, and would like to take the cake to a party, but 9X9 will be too small.
So: double recipe, or two pans?


Jul 06, 2012
sccrash in Home Cooking

Maple glaze for ham

Orange and mustard it is. My mouth is watering already.

Thanks, and have a great Easter!

Apr 03, 2012
sccrash in Home Cooking

Maple glaze for ham

Easter for the family at my house.

I know a maple glaze should be a no-brainer, but this maple syrup is the fruit of our own labor- we tapped, collected, and boiled this particular liquid gold (and brown, in various shades), so we want to show off.

Instinct tells me that a simple, traditional glaze is probably best. You all, however, are always full of such great ideas that I'm throwing it out for opinions.

Thanks, by the way to so many posters here. I've learned so much on this site. Don't post much myself, for two reasons: 1) I'm a lousy typist. Stupid 70's high school me- didn't want to be trapped into being a secretary, so avoided learning typing). 2) Most times someone has already posted whatever I was going to say. You guys are quick!

Apr 03, 2012
sccrash in Home Cooking

Do Food Freaks Have Pickier Kids?


I couldn't agree more. It's amazing what becomes tasty to kids once they figure out that their options are only two: eat, or wait till tomorrow.
I've heard so many forms of the "She'll only eat (insert usually non nutritious food here)! I'm afraid she'd starve if I didn't give her what she wants." from exasperated parents. Really? Can we find a documented instance of an American kid whose parents served only wholesome food who ended up with health issues?
Be the parent. It's your responsibility to be the boss until your offspring learn the lesson you're trying to teach.

Mar 03, 2012
sccrash in Features

Ree Drummond, aka The Pioneer Woman, gets her own show

Boudleaux- Thanks for the link.

It's interesting that, in her description of making the cake, she's talking the ability to eyeball measurement by the Cajun Chef.

She goes on to say:

Only problem is, I’m not Cajun.
I’m also not a chef.

Feb 11, 2012
sccrash in Food Media & News

Jarred Spaghetti Sauce

There's a brand simply called San Marzano Sauce (I think; can't find anything else that looks like a brand name) that has terrific flavor. It wasn't cheap- don't remember the exact price.
The label is white with a green stripe top and bottom. In between are a row of San Marzano tomatoes.

Feb 11, 2012
sccrash in General Topics

Super-Frugal Meals -- around $1 per serving -- Beyond Rice and Beans

You're right, but the reverse works- make the chicken, then the stock.
I roasted a chicken the other night, took most of the meat off the bones,, then simmered the remainder for a couple of hours with the deglazed goodies from the roasting pan. I got a quart+ of tasty stock studded with the crushed remnants of vegetables from under the chicken, plus enough also-tasty chicken for sandwiches for five hungry boys.

Feb 10, 2012
sccrash in Home Cooking

Home made Soda- Questions

Mine carbonates fully, and a full bottle will stay bubbly for at least a couple of days. (You'll only understand this part if you have one-) I give it one initial, then three obnoxiously noisy pumps to achieve the desired carbonation level.
We like to mix it, three or four to one, with Simply Lime. Makes a delicious, very refreshing drink. Not soda, but better, IMHO

Oct 01, 2011
sccrash in Home Cooking

Preparing Foods w/Arthritic Hands

Arthritis must have come in on one of God's "off" creative days..... It's the only thing that gives me any doubt a bout her gender:)

You might already do this, (however, I know some don't by the way my mother pitches a fit when I do...) but if you're taking off the pointed end of the beans, skip it. It's as edible as the rest of the beans, and they look prettier with curly ends.

It helps my thumb joints a lot to wear a brace that holds the joint relatively immobile. The orthopods molded a thermal plastic one that fits exactly. All I know how to do for fingers is to quietly practice my best cuss words and keep moving as long as I can.

Start hinting to Santa now for a voice recognition program next Christmas to free you from at least some typing- those programs are improving all the time.

Hang in there- I know it's so maddening when it seems impossible to sign your name or open a jar...

As my Dad (80 years old, four hips, two knees, and one shoulder replaced) says: "This golden age stuff just ain't what it's cracked up to be."

Mar 22, 2011
sccrash in Cookware

Venison Meatloaf

I favor many of the same additions as cayjohan and viscole; to me, the taste of venison is too good to lose out on. Can't wait to try kimchi and beets!

I usually add fresh spinach- it contributes moisture, flavor, and really dresses up each slice.

I also add gelatin, and loosely follow the CI recipe for All Beef Glazed Meat Loaf: IMHO, the gelatin really does make a difference. I add half a packet instead of half a teaspoon.

Good luck- I hope you love venison as much as we do!

Mar 22, 2011
sccrash in Home Cooking

Best Pasta With Peas?

MellieMag, you're making me so hungry...

We grow a lot of peas, and shelling can be a little tedious. What keeps me going every time, though, is knowing my reward is a delicious serving of teeny-tiny peas cooked just until heated through in a spoonful of heavy cream and a sprinkiling of fresh dill. Nirvana in a bowl!

Reward two is knowing they taste just as wonderful done up the same way out of the freezer in January.

Even though they'e one of the earliest seeds you can plant here on the barren toondra (MN), we've already started some in peat pots. Didn't grow enough last year, and ran out too soon. That'll never happen again.

Mar 21, 2011
sccrash in Home Cooking

reverse breading for pan frying

What's the end result?

Mar 21, 2011
sccrash in Home Cooking

Favorite easy pasta dish?

Boy, it's going to be tough to decide on what's for supper tonight! So many of these sound yummy..

Egg Noodles with Brown Butter and Fetaf rom Epicurious is wonderful and fast:

Mar 20, 2011
sccrash in Home Cooking

struggling with appetite loss. please help me...

The other good thing about ginger is it's potent effect as an anti nausea agent. Works better than anything else I've ever used.
You can buy ginger tea, steep fresh ginger, or just stir about one teaspoon powdered ginger into a cup of hot water and add some sugar.
I don't know if it'll help with diminished appetite, but it's easy to try.
My best foods when appetite is gone are spicy and or tangy asian foods. The scent of lots of different flavors mingling makes me hungry every time.
Sending positive energy and good thoughts your way- I hope this is a very temporary difficulty for you.

Mar 19, 2011
sccrash in General Topics

Nasty Little Treats

Colbert made liverwurst and ketchup on when his guest was Martha Stewart. More mainstream than you thought!

Feb 24, 2011
sccrash in General Topics