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Beef Kalbi

My mother was from Seoul, Korea and my Korean grandmother from my father's side was from Pusan, Korea. I bring this up, because there is no uniform way to make KALBI.

One of my cousins pours beer on her short ribs before massaging marinade on them, and I mean, rub and gently squeeze the meat. She also uses a mashed up kiwi for a sweet sour taste and she swears that you cannot tell it is a kiwi. Another cousin adds a splash of white vinegar to her marinade.

My preference is LOTS of green onions, the addition of ground black pepper, NOT freshly ground,but the kind you get in the supermarket all ground up in a jar. I also like RIB-EYE beef, bone- in or boneless once in a while for a change, but you cannot marinate for more than a couple of hours and the dilution of soy sauce to water or juice has to be adjusted by tasting.

Another auntie of mine, due to marrying into another Korean family had to adjust her recipe to make it sweeter: 1 cup soy sauce to 1 cup WHITE sugar, this would be for 10 lbs. of short ribs, the thick 4"x4" scored meat, (an art in itself) with of course the garlic, green onions, roasted sesame oil, roasted crushed sesame seeds, this recipe is not to my liking, but that is what they like.

There is even differences about how the garlic should be prepared, chopped finely, or even finely grated on one of those japanese tiny grates that brings out the juice . The same goes for the green onions, finely chopped, or roughly chopped or a little of both.

So the point is, that you can use the above recipe and then adjust or you can use soy sauce, add some water, roasted sesame oil, roasted/crushed sesame seeds, chopped green onions, finely chopped garlic, small amount of white sugar or brown sugar, even substitute honey, ground black pepper, mix, dip and rub meat, marinate and cook up on a HOT grill or even pan fry on med. hi heat.

Nov 12, 2009
Wilhemina in Recipes