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Jessie's Barbecue Souderton PA

I also tried to phone ahead for my takeout order for 6-8 people and was told just to come in. That's why the comments about serving size of the sides and lack of staff training in my original post. I hope they start to understand that when a party wants 3 racks of ribs and a quart of pulled pork that a 1/2 cup of potato salad doesn't cut it.

Jul 28, 2013
hungrygirl70 in Philadelphia

Jessie's Barbecue Souderton PA

We had a wonderful meal tonight from Jessie's Barbecue on County Line Rd in Souderton PA. They don't take orders ahead and sometimes run out of things if you don't get there early enough, but the quality of the food is worth the trouble. The ribs were so tender you could tell they were slowly smoked and the rub/sauce was fo flavorful but not super sweet or overly spicy and there wasnt too much of it. We also got a quart of the pulled pork to make sandwiches and it came without any sauce on it so you can sauce your own which I LOVE. They have a sweet sauce, a spicy one, and a mustard based one which was my fave. The pulled pork was so tender and juicy and seasoned though, it hardly needed sauce. Housemade sides were great too...baked beans, mac-n-cheese, collard greens and potato salad like mom's used to be. The cookies were fantastic also. Big fresh perfectly baked cookies...we had snickerdoodles, choc chip, and peanut butter ones. My only issue was the ordering process. If you are getting a big order, be ready for some hiccups because the staff seems to get easily overwhelmed if you arent ordering just a sandwich or two. We were getting food for a party of 6-8 and I would have appreciated some guidance on how big the sides would be if you just ordered a meal...we ended up placing a second order for 2 additional pints of sides because it wasnt clear upfront. But overall I would say this is a great place for real homestyle food!

Jun 01, 2013
hungrygirl70 in Philadelphia

Gimaro Seafood & Steak, Montgomeryville PA

I was just there and I think we were at two different restaurants!

My husband and I went to Gimaro's last night and it was AWFUL! I didnt mind that it still looked like was no secret that that's what it used to be. We were seated wasnt busy at all. We ordered drinks and then our appetizer came...the southwest sampler...the eggrolls were ok (hard to mess up a frozen eggroll!) but the nachos and the quesadillas were disgusting! They put the lettuce and tomato inside the quesadilla so they were all hot and slimy....but worse than that the cheese or something in it was definitely spoiled....the whole plate smelled like sour milk! We didnt get checked on either...we sat there with the stinky plate on our table for a long time...finally my husband asked someone to come over and remove it. Then our server came back to us finally after about half an hour and said something about being locked in the walk-in...I didnt think that could even happen anymore! We decided to stay because we ordered fish and chips and figured how bad could you mess up (probably frozen) fish and chips? Well, you can leave them in the fryer too long. When they came out the color of the breading was as dark as chocolate and the fries were super greasy. We picked at it but didnt even eat half (at least the fish wasnt spoiled). We only were offered 50% off of our appetizer plate which was mostly uneaten.

During all this we were listening to the couple seated behind us. The woman had ordered one of their "fresh seafood steamer pots" and half way through it found that her a lot of her seafood was still frozen. When she told her server, she only took off 20% and told her she should have said something right away, like it was her fault. I'm sure she would have said something sooner if anyone had asked!!!

All this took about an hour and 40 minutes which is ridiculous for a quick fish and chips dinner when seated immediately. The one bright spot was the side of was definitely fresh not frozen and cooked perfectly. Whoever was on the veggie station is the only competent person there I think!

Nov 06, 2009
hungrygirl70 in Philadelphia