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O'Keefe & Merritt Ovens

O'Keefe & Merritt Ovens
We purchased a home in Southern California built in 1988 with an O'Keefe & Merritt double oven with stove top. Does anyone know where parts and/or service if needed is available in the Inland Empire or Desert?

Nov 14, 2008
golferjl in California

O'Keefe & Merritt Ovens

We purchased a home in Southern California built in 1988 with an O'Keefe & Merritt double oven with stove top. Does anyone know where parts and/or service if needed is available in the Inland Empire or Desert?

Nov 14, 2008
golferjl in Cookware

I-40 Albuquerque to Memphis

Every year on our trip to our winter home in So. Cal we would always end up in Amarillo at lunch. We found a place called the Country Barn Steakhouse at the west end of town on I-40. We have never been disappointed with our meal. The service was good, portions excellent and was clean inside and always busy. The restroom sinks are made of marble and shaped like the state of Texas. Now I read on another web site there is a new owner, but what can you do to lunch? Whatever you do do not stop at the Big Texas Steakhouse closer into town on I40.. This place is a ripoff and the service is slow, something you do not want when its for lunch and you have to get back on the road. I don't how much driving you plan to do each day, but we always stay in Grants, NM about an hour west of Albuquerque. There is a BW motel & meeting center with a nice full service restaurant right on the property. If I remember correctly they have a full hot breakfast for guests. We have yet to be disappointed there also. Hope this helps.

Lunch places on I 435 in Kansas City?

This is our annual "get out of Minnesota winter's trip" to our California home and the first day we try to get to just north of OK City. That is why we want a place by the freeway for lunch. I do want to thank all for the advice. I think "Okey Joe's sounds like a fun place and we will probably get their around 1 which should be after the noon rush.

Lunch places on I 435 in Kansas City?

We usually don't take a lot of time for lunch since we put almost 750 miles of driving that day. Does Spin Pizza have a lunch buffet setup?

Minneapolis: private room for 20

If you are the adventurous sort and are willing to drive to that foreign city of St. Paul, the Downtowner Woodfire Grill has a private room that will accommodate up to 34. Excellent food, great owner, and highly rated. Located on West 7th, a couple of blocks from Xcel Center. Check out their web site for more info on the private room.

Lunch places on I 435 in Kansas City?

Yes, I am taking the south loop. The one that says I am going to St. Louis, which of course I am not. I always kid friends of mine in KC about that exit sign.

Lunch places on I 435 in Kansas City?

I will traveling through KC in another month on our way to Oklahoma about lunch time and wondering if anyone has any suggestions for a none fast food restaurant even in the suburbs without going more than a block or two from the exit. If you can mention the street to exit and then I can find it with Google Earth.

Serlin's Cafe MSP

Just a little history. I used to go there for lunch back in the 60's when Irv Serlin owned the place. It was not unusual to see people waiting in line outside to have lunch in those days. If you were there at breakfast you might run into the Governor or even US Senators in the cafe having coffee. Thursday's for lunch it was always either a hot turkey sandwich or a regular turkey sandwich and if memory serves me right it was around a buck. And the turkey was always turkey just like you would get for Thanksgiving, not this commercial pressed stuff they use today. The restaurant would close for a month so Irv would head to Palm Springs during the winter. Irv passed away a number of years ago and his wife ran it. Currently I am not sure who owns the place. I kind of have lost track recently, but I do remember those straight back wood booths you sat in. Today on the East Side The Little Oven on White Bear & Minnehaha is a great place to go to for a meal. The owner has lived in St. Paul all of his life and his staff have worked there for many years. To quote the food editor for the Pioneer Press she said, "the food tastes like Betty Crocker, the crowd feels like Lake Wobegon and the portions look like Paul Bunyon." And the prices are very reasonable.

Hamburger at Lion's Tap - OK [MSP]

Try the burgers at the Mermaid in Mounds View. Just off of 35W and County Road H. My wife thought it was one of the best burgers she ever had.
It's quite a facility with a motel, bowling alley, restaurant and a hall for weddings, etc. I was just there for a trade show and the food was outstanding.
Side note: (My wife is from Iowa so it does not take too much to impress her. JUST KIDDING!!!!)

Mermaid An American Grille
2200 Highway 10, Saint Paul, MN 55112

Best bars in MSP? Liquor stores?

It's probably too late but here goes.
Liquor Stores- Minneapolis
France 44 (huge selection, very knowledgeable staff)
Zipp's (fair selection, low prices)
Apple Valley (Their new store will have a huge selection)
St. Paul
Thomas Liquor(huge selection, very knowledgeable staff, family owned)
Chet's (nice selection, huge beer cooler, family owned)
Morelli's (nice selection, lowest prices on spirits,wines and beer, plus an Italian food market,family owned business over 100 years) Note:they do not take credit cards.
advertises in both papers

Destination: Twin Cities Crawl

I would add 3 places to this list, all of which are in St. Paul.
For Breakfast...The Copper Dome on Randolph and Hamline Ave.
(kitty corner from where the Twin's Joe Mauer played high school baseball)
Two Restaurants just down the street a block or two from the Xcel on West Seventh St.
Cossetta's Pizza (Great casual classic Italian food) Highly rated
Downtowner Woodfire Grill (Upscale restaurant), a very popular place where you will find a cross section of politicians, businessmen, doctors and just everyday folks who have breakfast, lunch or dinner there. May be difficult to get reservations this coming week, but worth trying.
These three restaurants all should have been included in the original story. Inexcusable they would get left off the list.

Aug 29, 2008
golferjl in Features

Recommendations -NEW dining options in Las Vegas?

Google Capo's and you will find a lot about this place that I am not going to bother relating in this post. As far as the meal we had, it was excellent. I had sausage & peppers which is my personal favorite at a good Italian restaurant. I don't really remember what others had because that was nearly 4 months ago. If you like Italian food, with a Chicago style to it, you will like this place. I'm kind of particular because I travel a lot mainly in the Midwest and Southern California and the Las Vegas area because of property I own in some of those states and I want to have good food without being gouged on prices. I also have my fingers in the adult beverage industry so I have seen good joints and bad joints.
But to each his own.

Aug 25, 2008
golferjl in Southwest

Recommendations -NEW dining options in Las Vegas?

First of all the restaurant I am suggesting is not on the strip. The restaurant is called Capo's. Italian menu, but there is more to this than the food. It is designed like an old speakeasy. You go in the main entrance to a small entry room, where you ring a bell and the owner slides open a small window and inquires of your intentions, which of course you reply, "we have reservations" or if you want to get in to the theme"Bugsy sent us" and the door opens to reveal a very dark room with all kinds of smaller nooks. You may have trouble seeing the menu except each menu has a small flashlight attached to it. A fun & unique place to have dinner. You need to call for reservations. They are located about 2 miles west of the strip and if I remember it's on Tropicana. By the way, Capo's is named for Al Capon the gangster.
It's my favorite restaurant in all of Vegas.

Aug 24, 2008
golferjl in Southwest

Irish Pub/Restaurant in St. Paul?

I wonder if anyone has good knowledge of authentic Irish food in St. Paul. Been to the Local in downtown Mpls. Supposedly St. Paul has a bigger Irish population than its neighbor.

Palm Springs in August

On another post about Palm Springs area restaurants I mentioned The Elephant Bar & Restaurant on 111 and San Luis Rey in Palm Desert. Go to their extensive website and you can look at pictures of the restaurant and the menu which is reasonably priced and varied. For oriental the City Wok on Country Club and Cook across from the Desert Marriot Springs Hotel has excellent food and is also very reasonably priced. In Cathedral City try the Red Tomato always rated very high by the newspaper. Sherman's Deli (2 locations) has a very good kosher deli food. We live in the area 6 months of the year and have been coming to the valley for years and those are a few of our favorites.

Aug 14, 2007
golferjl in California

Palm Springs?

Try the Elephant Bar in Palm Desert. It's on 111 and San Luis Rey. Great food, outstanding service, not expensive and in season a 45 min. wait at dinner time is not unusual. Should not be a problem this time of the year. And all ages from you might say 9 to 90 go there. They even have a kid's menu. They are a chain mostly in So. Cal and now in Henderson, NV .
Check out their web site.We have family there and have taken them for dinner at that location.

Elephant Bar & Restaurant
73833 Hwy 111, Palm Desert, CA 92260

Aug 09, 2007
golferjl in California

Looking for Duck in Twin Cities

Just wanted you all to know, 4 of us went to Chamber's Kitchen the other night and guess what? All four of us ordered the Duck and it was outstanding. The service, the presentation, the dinner was suburb, and the room was set up so we visit with our friends from Florida who have not seen for a couple of years without shouting at each other. After dinner we took the elevator to the 5th floor to their bar called "Red, White & fucking Blue" which overlooks downtown Minneapolis. Unusual name to say the least, but it is the bar's name. Hopefully the picture of the bar's sign will attach.

Looking for Duck in Twin Cities

Thanks for all the suggestions. This week I had dinner at The St. Paul Grill and Axel's at Prestwick and to be honest there was not a whole lot difference in those menus other than at the Grill everything is ala carte. I will try Chamber's. Their reviews have been very good. And o.k. maybe I am an antique, although not that much of an antique, but I still like Duck. Keep those suggestions coming. One other thing. A couple of years ago I bought a package of Duck a l'orange at either Costco or Sam's. I am going to check with those stores this week.

Looking for Duck in Twin Cities

I am trying to find a restaurant that has Duck a l'Orange on its menu in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area. When I go out to dinner I like to order things most people would not prepare at home (Porterhouse or Filet Mignon, Scallops, Lobster and DUCK A L' ORANGE as examples). Any help would be appreciated.

Visiting from So Cal to So St Paul

In Eagan there is a family run restaurant called Junior's on Duckwood Drive. Of course there are gobs of places at the Mall of America for families plus all the entertainment. Check out their web site. However, for the best food at reasonable prices and very popular is called The Little Oven on White Bear Ave. & Minnehaha Ave. on the east side of St. Paul. I believe they have just a wine & beer license, but breakfast, lunch or dinner can not be beat. Get there early for dinner because you will wait. This is one of those restaurants that never advertise because the locals support it. As a family restaurant there is not a better place in St. Paul. I just will add that the owner's family has nearly a hundred year history of owning and operating several businesses in St. Paul. I'm getting hungry just thinking about the place.