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Potage St. Germaine

I worked at the MP for 7 years and I distinctly remember that they used a split pea soup that came from a can for the potage.

Jan 01, 2014
ciccionetta in Home Cooking

Fig Produce in trouble! Please consider this excellent eastdside store for shopping this Holiday.

Their 100% grass fed rib eye steaks are fabulous!!! Prices very reasonable, organic produce from local growers, love this store. Please don't let this place close, it would be a tragedy.

Nov 24, 2009
ciccionetta in Los Angeles Area

Grass Fed Beef in HP!!

I went to Figueroa Produce after reading this post. This market carries 100% pastured beef from Open Space Meats. This beef is excellent quality and tastes incredible, well worth paying a little extra for. I'm so glad I found this post, thanks for the great tip rapmapcap. I had given up on finding 100% pastured beef locally. Most places like Whole Foods sell feed lot beef and play a lot of word games to make you think it is not. Whole Foods told me in an email that their beef is fed grass for 1/3 of its life and finished in feed lots. The beef at Figueroa Produce is the real deal.

Nov 12, 2009
ciccionetta in Los Angeles Area

Henry's Farmers Market Ads - Kind of Boring - moved from Los Angeles board

This place has grass fed beef and real live butchers!!!

Nov 04, 2009
ciccionetta in Chains