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looking for recs - Greek restaurant for Mom's birthday

I'm also in agreement with phoenikia's selections - these restaurants stand out from the rest without having to look too hard for many for great moussaka on the Danforth....sadly, still no luck for me.

Buying great olive oil

Great store options and shops above. When looking for great olive oil, tasting is ideal, but you should also try to look for a production/harvest date on the bottle, and place of origin. If it has an acidity value, and the type of olive varietals used on the label, even better. Beware of oils that don't have this info or say "imported from..." instead of "product of..." or you will never know what you're getting inside.

Favorite fruity extra virgin olive oil

Some other great finishing oils to use are Marquez de Valdueza (Spain) and Erkence (Turkey) - both are pleasantly fruity and grassy - without the peppery aftertaste.

Did I ruin my Olive Oil?

You didn't ruin your olive oil...yet. While some people do choose to put their olive oil in the fridge it is not recommended or necessary. Olive oil should be kept in a tightly sealed glass container (preferably with dark glass), and in a dark cupboard, and in a cool dry place. Once it sits in room temp for a short time it will clear again and be fine, but what will damage olive oil is the constant changing of temperature (chill/thaw) over time. Olive oil is very sensitive to light, oxygen, and temperature. If it has gone bad, you will be able to smell it and taste it. Visually you will never be able to know for sure. As janniecooks mentions above, small containers are also ideal, but still use dark glass. Using small containers, means you are not exposing your entire supply to air every time you open it to use it.

Toasted Pound Cake with Coffee Sauce

This is a great recipe that can be a little simpler and healthier by replacing the instant espresso and butter in the coffee sauce by using a couple of teaspoons of Coffee-Extra Virgin Olive Oil. This is a coffee flavoured extra virgin olive oil using the Arbequina olive and the oil from the arabica coffee bean. Sounds odd, but I fell in love with the taste - and I don;t even drink coffee! It's worth a try - available at selected fine food shops and online. Great recipe!

Jan 26, 2010
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Next to olive oil, yogurt has to be one of the best food items/ingredients around. Greek yogurt is in my opinion the best around, but there is a bit of hunting required for it in Toronto. If you could find some yogurt from greece it's great, but for the closest taste and for the easier to find alternatives, I suggest Astro Balkan Style 6%MF, or Liberte Mediterranee 10%MF. Loblaws carries both, as do most larger supermarkets.