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San Diego foodie moving to Bowling Green, Ohio

yeah! looking forward to having lunch with you tomorrow, jenbak!

San Diego foodie moving to Bowling Green, Ohio

mrnyc: Thanks for your input, however I'm eating primarily vegetarian plus seafood these days so Tony Packos would be best suited for another time. Definitely have to check it out at least once, will wait until I'm having a craving or a friend visiting who would fully appreciate.

JenBak: Are you available for meeting for a late lunch, at 1:30pm? (I have a prior commitment in BG until just before 1pm) I'm leaning towards Indian Jewel in terms of craving, however I'm nervous about the bad service/buffet replenishment that I've read online. I would be perfectly happy with a Maasuman Curry and some Tom Yum soup as well. Would you prefer something new or old favorite?

The addresses I'm showing for both are:
The Indian Jewel of Toledo
6711 Airport Highway, Holland, OH

Bangkok Kitchen
582 West Dussel Drive, Maumee, OH

Looking forward to meeting you and can't wait to get my grub on!

San Diego foodie moving to Bowling Green, Ohio

nom, nom, nom! You Toledo Hounds are making me hungry! Thanks everyone for all the good suggestions.

JenBak, I'd love to take you up on your offer of meeting up for a meal and/or a Toledo food tour. Based on other hounds recommendations I'm going to check out either Indian Jewel or Bangkok Thai this Saturday if you're free and feel like meeting up for a late lunch or dinner. If not we could try another restaurant another time.

San Diego foodie moving to Bowling Green, Ohio

Hey Hounds!

I've been in BG for about 2 weeks now and I have some eating reports to share. So to be fair I've been to Detroit-area and Ann Arbor to do some eating and shopping, but otherwise I have some Bowling Green updates:

-BG Farmer's Market on Wednesdays 4-8pm. While it is a small market, I've found some really great produce. Definitely a go to for fresh and delicious food.

- Kroger, I've been pleasantly surprised by Kroger's selection of organic produce and food products. While I couldn't find millet in the store, they have a wide selection of items that I use with frequency.

-South Side 6: takeout MIddle Eastern. While not as good as offerings in the Detroit-area very solid and good food. I've had their food twice and enjoyed it very much.

-Naslada Bistro: Eastern European. The food was very flavorful and menu options look very good, definitely will be back to try more on the menu.

-Myles Baker Street Cafe: stopped in for lunch, average cafe fare, but very delicious pastries.

-Grounds for Thought: fantastic locally owned coffee shop and roaster.

-SamB's: completely unimpressed and found prices very high for the area.

-The Cookie Jar: local favorite homemade cookies served warm to order. They were tasty and I love that they have a "cookie of the day" special.

-Happy Badger: organic, local food cafe. Enjoyed my meal here, but wish the menu had more options and would come back more often.

As you might imagine, I've been cooking at home A LOT (which is why I'm so thankful for the Farmer's Market). I'm planning to make it up to Toledo this weekend (where should I eat??) I'm dying for Indian or Japanese so I may try Tandoor per some Hound's suggestions. I'm kind of bummed Revolver closed as I would be interested in trying a restaurant that focuses on local products with an updated twist.

Will keep you posted on my eating adventures. Thanks for all your suggestions so far!

San Diego foodie moving to Bowling Green, Ohio

I actually grew up in the Detroit area and lived in San Francisco for awhile before I moved to SD, all to say that I never really liked Mexican food until I moved to SD. I love the Socal style Mexican food that predominates in SD and LA. Sadly, I'm always disappointed with Mexican, not just in the midwest, but in NorCal, in NYC, and pretty much everywhere else. I would actually really like to try Chicago Mexican food at some point.

San Diego foodie moving to Bowling Green, Ohio


Thank you so much for such an extensive list of places and ideas! I can't wait to check them out. It definitely seems like I will have to head to Toledo, Ann Arbor, and Detroit on the weekends for some good eats and cook a lot at home in BG. Good thing I love to cook.

I'm still in SD wrapping up stuff and plan to land in BG mid-August at which time I would love a food tour of Toledo if you are up for it! Perhaps we could meet up at a location and do a little sampling in the neighborhood.

Also, I was wondering, what do you think about the Toledo Farmer's Market? From the website it looks pretty good, although again, I'm moving from a city with over 50 really great Farmer's Market per week.

And is there a Toledo Slow Foods movement/group?

Thanks so much, looking forward to tasting my way through Toledo!

San Diego foodie moving to Bowling Green, Ohio

Thanks Fibber for the local BG recs, I will definitely have to check them out, especially Squeakers, that might be my first BG restaurant destination!

San Diego foodie moving to Bowling Green, Ohio

thanks, J in Toledo! These all sound like yummy recommendations that are definitely on my "to eat" and "to shop" list. I'm assuming Happy Badger is a grocery store/market?

I love Vietnamese, Lebanese and Indian food so cannot wait to try your recs.

Thanks again!

San Diego foodie moving to Bowling Green, Ohio

lol, rainsuz. "ilovetodriveforfood" priceless!

I really appreciate your insights and suggestions. Based on my own research and the responses from you and jjspw, I may have to become "ilovetodrivetowork" and move to a more food-friendly location.

The tip for roadside stands is such a great idea. I'll be moving mid-summer which is right at the harvest beginning--seems like I'll definitely be able to make many delicious meals from the fall harvest. I'm just nervous about winter produce and dining out options in a close radius.

Thanks again!

San Diego foodie moving to Bowling Green, Ohio

Thanks, jjspw, this is what I figured. I think that the plan might be to try out Bowling Green for a few months and then perhaps move to Ann Arbor where there will be food and a doable commute (I am moving from Southern California after all)

I did find out about the Toledo Farmer's Market which I'm excited to check out once I arrive. I'm just starting to feel nervous about fresh produce in the winter...

Thanks again!

San Diego foodie moving to Bowling Green, Ohio

Hi chowhounds,

I'm making a work related move from San Diego to Bowling Green, Ohio and I'm looking for some recs for delicious places to eat- from hole in the wall on up. I'm an omnivore who eats fairly veggie-centric. I love ethnic food, seafood, and local farm to table, but am open to everything. Also I'm looking for a grocery store or food co-op that sells and prioritizes local organic produce. I've tried to look on google for some recs.

Will drive for food.

Thank you!

one must eat experience in barcelona-san sebastian-bilbao-la rioja-madrid?

seafood platter and white bean stew--yum and yum! thanks for all the great suggestions, chowhounds! keep them coming!

one must eat experience in barcelona-san sebastian-bilbao-la rioja-madrid?

sounds great!

one must eat experience in barcelona-san sebastian-bilbao-la rioja-madrid?

these all sound delicious! my mouth watered with the mention of chickpean stew! can't wait to look into your suggestions!

one must eat experience in barcelona-san sebastian-bilbao-la rioja-madrid?

Hello All,

My husband and I are taking a belated honeymoon trip to Spain in June. Neither of us has been to Spain and want to balance experiencing the country and major attractions with one "must eat" experience for each place we go. Not necessarily a fine dining experience--could be street food or a pintxos or a Michelin rated restaurant. We want to eat well, but don't necessarily want to plan all of our meals in advance and take advantage of stumbling on great finds (but also do not want to eat tourist crap food).

Our itinerary is:
Barcelona (3 days)
Drive to San Sebastian with a stop in Olite (other stops?)
San Sebatian (2 days)
Bilbao (1 day)
La Rioja (wine tastings 2 days)
Drive to Madrid (1 day)
Madrid (3 days)

Any thoughts on great eating experiences or places would be much appreciated. (And places to avoid and that could be okay in a pinch, near major museums/tourist locations).

Thank you!!!

celebration LUNCH in or near la jolla

thanks everyone for the great suggestions/ideas. i think we're going to go with prep kitchen, have been wanting to check it out for some time.

May 11, 2011
ilovetoeatgoodfood in San Diego

celebration LUNCH in or near la jolla

Hello Chowhounds!

I'm looking for a great place for LUNCH place after defending my dissertation. I'm not necessarily looking for "fancy" just really good food and definitely a place with beer/wine service.

Some ideas so far are:
Prep Kitchen
Nine Ten
Whisk n Ladle
George's Ocean Terrace
(does anyone know if George's Modern is open for lunch)?

Do you have any ideas and/or think that one of these has exceptionally good (or bad) food?

Thanks for your suggestions.

Nine Ten
910 Prospect Street, La Jolla, CA 92037

George's Ocean Terrace
1250 Prospect Street, La Jolla, CA 92037

May 04, 2011
ilovetoeatgoodfood in San Diego

new haven: sunday breakfast and coffee shop to work at

hello chowhounders,

I will be in New Haven for a conference and will have a couple of hours on Sunday morning in New Haven before I head home. Any recs for a good breakfast spot and a coffee shop to do some work at within walking distance of the Courtyard by Marriott at Yale?


where to find paczki in san diego?

It's almost Fat Tuesday and as a Detroit native I'm wondering: Where to find the best (or any) Paczkis in San Diego.

thanks in advance!

Feb 18, 2011
ilovetoeatgoodfood in San Diego

sushi making class in the Detroit metro area?

thanks, Jim. I will keep on the lookout. I also did some research and found that Holiday Market in Royal Oak offers a quarterly sushi-making class. Also as a follow up to the prior suggestion, Bonnie's Kitchen doesn't offer a sushi making classes at this time, but the owner told me to check back since sometimes she has guest chefs.

sushi making class in the Detroit metro area?

thanks for the idea, i've sent them an email asking if they offer a sushi making class.

sushi making class in the Detroit metro area?

Hi there,

I'm wondering if anyone knows of a sushi-making class in the Detroit-metro area. I'd like to buy one for a gift for my mom. They are quite popular in southern California where I live but a google search has not returned any results. Any ideas would be appreciated.

Thank you.