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Shabbat in Paris

I've read all the threads on Kosher restaurants in Paris - some of the restaurants mentioned though, have closed down.

In any case, my question is a little different. I'm looking for a place for Friday night dinner - kosher obviously - that would be walking distance to my hotel right across the Louvre. I looked at the Chabad location (have no idea how the food would be) and see that it's about a one hour walk away.

Does anyone know of a kosher restaurant/hotel that is currently in operation that would be walking distance to the hotel (the hotel is in the 1st Arr.).


Mar 19, 2012
tamaraten in Kosher

Kosher food at Disney World

I am going to be in DW for first time w/husband and 4 kids. We'll be staying at the Contemporary hotel (no cooking facilities obviously - unfortunately, found out about the town-house options too late). Does anyone know if there's anything kosher at that hotel or nearby? I don't want to book advance kosher dinner reservations because I really don't want to be limited by the dinner reservation time. I'd rather try to wing it with what is available. I've read a lot about the kosher possibilities but it all sounds a little contradictory. Any advice? (we'll be there four days so it will be hard to live on soggy hot dogs and burgers the entire time!)

Also, what is the latest information on nearby kosher restaurants that do deliver to the hotel? Does anybody know how much they charge for that service? Is it acceptable to the hotel?

I'd appreciate any tips on the issue as we're coming in from Israel where we are so lucky to have kosher food everywhere and also because of the jet-lag, I don't want to be running around off-property looking for food! thanks for the help.

Nov 04, 2009
tamaraten in Kosher