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St Pete Beach: Looking for nice open air for Rehearsal Dinner

We will be getting married in Tierra Verde in April 2015. I am from the Orlando area and don't know St. Pete restaurants at all. I'd love to find an open air restaurant on the beach that is nice enough for a Rehearsal Dinner. Does anyone know of any?

Thank you for your recommendations!

Oct 02, 2014
coveblue in Florida

Blowfish/Fugu in NY?

I'm coming up to the city next week and I'd love to try fugu (for the first time). I've been searching the board and googling like crazy. I've come up with a short list of restaurants where fugu has been mentioned, but I can't find it on any of their menus online. :(

Anyone know where is a sure bet to find some fugu while I'm in town?


Nov 04, 2009
coveblue in Manhattan