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Amazing Ottawa and Montreal style pizza in Toronto - Dundas Pizza

montreal pizza tastes better. Ottawa pizza is usually made by non-italians (lots of lebanese in Ottawa make pizza's). Montreal pizza's usually also have a distinctive sauce that you can't find in Toronto. Not sure what the seasoning is, but if you grow up with it, it defines what a pizza is...

Suggestions for Pan Searing Scallops?

Quick and easy: Season with salt and pepper, then dab the flat ends of the scallops quickly into a bit of instant dissolving sugar. This will give you the perfect caramelized color. Next, using a sharp knife, cut a shallow cross in both the flat, seasoned ends. When you caramelize the scallops, this will open up, so you get the dark caramelized color contrasted by the white inner scallop, for a fantastic presentation. Finally, pan sear in clarified butter. You can add a bit of finely minced shallot, to the butter and scallops, just at the end of the caramelization process. Remove the scallops. Add a slight color to the remaining shallots and daub around the scallops. Done in a few minutes…

Apr 16, 2010
mark.kaminski in Home Cooking

Wine & chicken/sausage gumbo

The darker the roux, the less it thickens. The solution is not to add Okra, but to increase the amount of roux you use. For a dark roux, try tripling the amount of flour and oil/bacon fat you use. For a medium roux, double the amounts. What you'll find, after the roux reaches the color you want, is that (because you've darkened the roux) it will no longer hold all that oil. So, skim off the excess oil, but use the roux as the original recipe called for...

I'm going to try the Auslese...

Laissez les bon temps roullet!

Nov 04, 2009
mark.kaminski in Wine