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Soft Shell Crabs

nope, they're doing it saturday from 4pm on!

Nice Breakfast/Brunch in Thornhill/North York/Richmond Hill?

Glad you agree with my picks :) I actually go to the Bagel World at Bathurst & Centre (on Disera Dr.), I find their service a bit less rough.

Nice Breakfast/Brunch in Thornhill/North York/Richmond Hill?

There's isn't really any nice brunch places up in that area but have you tried the deli's in the area? Steeles Deli and Centre St. Deli both do a good breakfast, as does Kiva's and Bagel World.

Richmond Hill - Inatei

still love this place. IMO while the sushi rice may not be the best in the city, the variety and quality of the sashimi is great. the cooked food items are excellent so this would be a particularly good choice for you since sashimi/sushi isn't your main priority. i go with my partner all the time and have never had any problem with noise, atmosphere, or service.

Wine clubs to TO? does a wine club (
I've purchased a beer membership as a gift last year and the recipient says that he loved it so I would presume the wine club to be decent as well.

ISO Black Sesame Ice Cream

oops, totally didn't see your second link. that super dark variety looks more like a sorbet than an ice cream. the milk would immediately turn it gray, no?

ISO Black Sesame Ice Cream

I always have the sesame ice cream at Inatei in Richmond Hill, it is exactly as you've described. Yummm

girls trip... craftbar vs the modern bar room?... or esca?

unfortunately, yes... friends have plans for the sunday night. lunches will also be on the fly.

Nov 03, 2011
Demeter in Manhattan

girls trip... craftbar vs the modern bar room?... or esca?

thanks for all the suggestions! i'm pulling out the veto card and decided on TM-BR. excited!!!

Nov 03, 2011
Demeter in Manhattan

girls trip... craftbar vs the modern bar room?... or esca?

i had a feeling u all would agree on the modern bar room :) that's my choice too, my friends were swaying towards craftbar simply because their website looks more casual (shake my head). i'm going to have to try to redirect them a bit with these pictures and your reviews. thanks!!

Nov 02, 2011
Demeter in Manhattan

girls trip... craftbar vs the modern bar room?... or esca?

Toronto chowhounder headed down to NYC for a girls weekend trip (with 2 less adventurous eaters). Having missed out in booking Babbo, I've got reservations for craftbar, the Modern Bar Room, and Esca. I know Esca is a the odd ball of the group but I have a temp reservation for it so might as well ask for your opinion on that also.

Now I'm the type who doesn't mind going all out for a meal but my friends are more casual and hoping to keep the budget under control. They're both sensitive to gluten/wheat and one doesn't eat pork or beef (blasphemy, I know). So what are your rec for a semi-casual saturday night dinner with great atmosphere and food?!

Thanks in advance ;)

110 Waverly Pl, New York, NY 10011

402 West 43rd Street, New York, NY 10036

Nov 02, 2011
Demeter in Manhattan

Help me with my Richmond Hill food tour

I was just going to rec the same thing! They can also do a chinese-omakase of sorts.

In-Home Sushi Chefs/Instructors

You can check with Taro's Fish. I know they do on-site catering, not sure about them teaching. You can also check with Akasaka, they do in-resto sushi making classes and on-site catering.

Taro's Fish
800 Sheppard Ave E, Toronto, ON M2K, CA

Win a Free Ticket to Singapore Takeout in New York City

Hainanese Chicken Rice is absolute perfection in my mind. It's one of those dishes that is so simple, that it is nearly impossible to master. I dream of that dish!

Sep 15, 2011
Demeter in Features

Moving to Thornhill - Looking for some local recommendations please!

2nd for Sariwon, great korean bbq ... much more traditional than the usual ayce korean bbq fare. there aren't many viet choices beyond one on steeles in the swiss chalet plaza (try steeles deli and chocolada while you are there). for groceries, galleria and T&T is probably best in the area though even the no frill's at centerpoint mall have a decent live fish selection. galleria's beef selection is also great. if you are looking for more italian grocer, i rec concord's (centre & dufferin) or bruno's on bayview. great meats and cheeses. another butcher option is to visit the persian supermarkets, great lamb and veal. i personally like zamani meats on yonge just south of steeles. you'll also find great pastries and goodies at the persian stores in the area including tavazo for nuts and dried fruits.

7388 Yonge St, Vaughan, ON L4J, CA

ISO Restaurant near York University/Rexall Centre for early dinner Saturday night before Diana Krall/Tony Bennett

That area is a pretty big food desert unless you are willing to drive a bit more east or north. The closest thing in the area that might be suitable is Thai Bamboo on Steeles (just east of Keele). Good portion, inexpensive, and pretty good.

Thai Bamboo
2150 Steeles W, Thornhill, ON L4K2Y7, CA

Beard Papa is open in Pac Mall (+ daily-deal coupon)

thanks for the heads-up, really enjoyed the last deal. hopefully, they do the sampler pack like last time, it would be perfect to bring to summer bbq parties.

Chobani Greek Yoghurt

I've actually occasionally seen it at the No Frills on Yonge/Steeles. It's not always available and is hidden with other "ethnic" dairy products.

Is J-Town Closed?

Taro's made a comment about their fish on a recent Toronto Star report about the safety of their products ( I'm sure that they're all seeing a slight slump. When I was at Inatei the other day, they even provided a list of their seafood with corresponding geographic origins citing that some of their customers were worried.

Organic Meat in York Region

They closed down awhile ago, as did the planet organic grocery store on bathurst and the one on bayview

Where to buy Bubble tea fruit syrup in GTA

what flavour are you trying to make? i make mango bubble tea slushies at home and usually use the canned mango pulp (found at T&T in the south east asian aisle... though in the summer i use over-rippened ataulfo mangoes)

red bean paste from the Galleria Korean on York Mills/Toronto

Then it is likely Ssamjang ( or it could be Doenjang, which isn't really spicy.. just a fermented soybean paste ( OR Gochujang(

AYCE Malaysian?! Seems a bit desperate of a promo

I would normally agree except for the fact that this restaurant was designed to be a higher-end version of its predecessor complete with lounge and bar, a far cry from the usual ayce fare.

AYCE Malaysian?! Seems a bit desperate of a promo

Just came across this promo from Villa Malaysia (sister resto of Restoran Malaysia). I had tried it out last summer when it first open and was incredibly unimpressed. Anyways, this AYCE promo seems to be the last ditched effort to attract more customers. Has anyone tried it?

Brunch Flyer -

Dinner Flyer -

Best Sushi in Richmond hill / Thornhill? (close to dufferin/hwy 7)

If you are willing to drive a bit east, I would highly recommend Inatei at Hwy 7 & Lesile. Fantastic quality and beautiful ambiance. They also offer a omakase menu which is probably one of the best value and quality omakase in GTA.

Hot Pot recommendations north of the 401?

Give Dow's noodle and hot pot new location a try. They have 2 locations in the Hwy 7 & Lesile area- the original one at hwy 7 & west beaver creek while the second new location is just west of their at hwy 7 & chalmers. I prefer the new location since it is much more spacious and has much better decor.

Epicurean Rut! Need Recs for Best "Mystery Meals"

How about Fantaxia at Don Mills/Finch. It's a traditional homestyle chinese restaurant, nothing fancy but it does offer a "chef's special". I went to a family birthday dinner there and it was a creative surprise.

3555 Don Mills Rd, Toronto, ON M2H3N3, CA

villa malaysia

I tried it when it first opened a few months back when its sister restaurant Restoran Malaysia was closed for holiday. The menu is quite different from the original, more fusion based and MUCH more formal of an atmosphere. The decor is beautiful but it's target market is along the same lines as Moxie's. The food was ok but with the fusion aspect I was missing the complexity that traditional malay food has (as seen in Restoran Malaysia). At the time, they also didn't have their roti stove/oven ready but the manager said they would be having it soon (I would hope that they have it by now). However, the manager said that again the flavours would be tempered to match more "Western tastebuds".
At the end of the day, if you want a nicer asian restaurant for a date or something along those lines, it's worth a try. BUT if you are a foodie or you intend on something more casual and family-feel then go to Restoran Malaysia, you can't go wrong there.

Need a rec for birthday dinner on a sunday

Anyone have any recs for a romantic but not overly formal restaurant for my bf's birthday dinner? I'm thinking more steakhouse as my bf is a more steak & potatoes kind of guy. I was planning on going to Bymark/Splendido/one of Oliver & Bonacini's places but all of them are closed on Sundays. TIA!