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Live Lobster Prices - Old topic, but a new year.

Do you know this from your visits to the stores, or do you ever see them advertised in their fliers? I thought I used to see them advertised, but it's been some time.

Live Lobster Prices - Old topic, but a new year.

Thanks all for you're recent intel. Again, I've scanned all of the weekly in store circulars, but no mention of lobster.

I have to go to SMSF today for some unrelated Items. Shouldn't be anyone else there, which is good news. ;)

I'll report back with prices later.

Live Lobster Prices - Old topic, but a new year.

Excuse me if I missed them, but I'm looking for current prices and vendors for live (Maine of course) lobster's. Latest thread on the subject was almost a year ago and since we're coming into that holiday time of year again...

I've searched/called the usual suspects (SMSF, Gelson's etc) but at the moment, the prices are thru the roof. $16 - $18/lb. That, coming off of what I understand was a banner year for the lobstermen.

Haven't done all of my homework (LAX Fish Co, 99 Ranch etc) but if you happened to have noticed the prices or recently purchased, any intel would be great.

Thank you all.


Scopa Italian Roots, anyone been ?????

CB, As I live in Venice I go quite often, but make no mistake, this restaurant has little in common with "NYC Italian".

Having said that, the food is just ok as is the service, the menu limited, ambiance comfortable, but prices that are not so comfortable.

Despite all that, I still continue to go back. I mostly go to mix up our local dining selection, but it's certainly not worthy of a destination experience. Come off of the beach on a Sunday late afternoon, and you'll probably enjoy it.

ok, where on the westside can i find a GREAT baked potato with sour cream?

Yes on the tin foil. This I can attest to, as I was there just last night. Had a baked potato, but the servers and ambiance are what we go the Galley for regularly.

Red beans and rice

I was at H & B's just yesterday by chance.

Cajun Popcorn
Red Beans & Rice
Gumbo File'
Oyster Poboy

All good, and the only real creole game in town.

coffee in Shanghai

I know this is an old thread, but I just wanted to update. As someone replied earlier, Seesaw Cafe (433号 Yuyuan Rd, Jing'an, Shanghai, China) was really good. They're quite obsessive about their brews etc.

Single Batch beans and all of that business.

No. & east of Jing'an Temple maybe 5 mins. by taxi.

Sunday mid-afternoon Italian - As in THIS Sunday.

Yes you all are correct. I had a feeling that a little gem of a place like that, doesn't go unnoticed for long. I made the mistake of mentioning to the owner, the scene of the bread bakers shop in film "Moonstruck". Trust me, he's heard it before.

Sunday mid-afternoon Italian - As in THIS Sunday.

Clearly you know me well, too. I was going to use "OpinionatedChef" as my handle here, but you beat me to it.
"PushyChef" has a nice ring to it as well, no?

So we did have our Friday lunch at Neptune's, and enjoyed the usual offerings of raw, crudo and others. Consistent as always.

After lunch we shoehorned ourselves into Mike's fow a pastry, and then grabbed a couple of espressos next door. Found a couple of seats in the Boston sping sunshine, and had a very special afternoon.

While in the No. End, we happened to stumble upon what i thought was a very charming and special little Panateria (photos below), that's fairly new (at least new to me), hidden down a tiny alley off of Hanover St. and tucked into a downstairs basement of a space. I looked here for info on it, but didn't seem to find any.

Today being Sunday, I think that Coppa sounds nice, and has the general consensus across this board, as being worthy of what we we're seeking. We'll let you know how we fare.

Thanks for the input that you all provided.

Sunday mid-afternoon Italian - As in THIS Sunday.

I do appreciate the input, and have to say, you must know me well.

Lunch tomorrow is of course at Neptune's (you'll recognize us, as the 1st ones in the door at 11:30am) and we always order a Regina pie to go, for the flight home. So clearly you know I mean business. ;)

Getting that out of the way, we're still looking for that Sunday lunch.

Sure is quiet in Boston today, no?

Sunday mid-afternoon Italian - As in THIS Sunday.

Flying out of BOS at 6:00pm this Sunday (5/19) and was hoping to find a nice place for a mid-afternoon Italian lunch. Not strictly pizza.

I've found that many are closed on Sunday (2:00pm-ish) afternoons, but I've come up with a few options that come recommended on this board.

Coppa, Pasta Beach, Antico Forno to name a few. Bella Vista?

North End is more friendly due to the mildly festive atmosphere, and proximity to BOS.

Can I do better?

Thanks in advance

MEATBALLS - LA Dish of the Month (May 2013)

Sunday's Supper-

Lamb meatballs with fresh mint and basil.
Fava Beans, straight from the garden
Hand rolled and cut fettucine.

Lunch Along the CicLaVia Route

At 2:00am, I may have passed you, however I wasn't fit for bike riding at the time.

Well we didn't really land any meccas of gastronomic note, mostly due to the hordes of people on Venice Bl.

We did stop at Oldfield's, a pub near overland that unbeknownst to me, has been there for some time, which had a really great vibe, fun DJ, and some nice craft cocktails.

In their parking lot however, was a guy who set up a pretty solid pop-up taco stand, with some far better fare than your average. The selections of proteins for your tacos were pretty standard, but he had some really creative salsa's and such. One being a nice Mango and Cilantro, w/ a nice contrast between flavor and a really nice heat. Another was a Tomatillo and Nopales salsa that was smokey and quite fiery. Went really well with an icy Whiskey Sour.

I guess I had different visions of what that ride was all about, so probably not the best time for extended sit down lunch.

But a great time was had, for sure.

Thanks to all who gave their input.

Anybody know where you can buy a whole pig?

Check out ReRide Ranch on Google and FB. There's been some press in the recent past about them.

L&G actually sources some of their pigs from them, so you'd be saving a ton, off their crazy retail markup.

They're local (Santa Clarita) and they're raising healthy sustainable products.


Yah, I went. Happened upon it by chance and went in for a bite. Had a trio of sliders that were OK at best.

They'd only been open for a few days at that point, and the output was proof of that. Even so, I don't see as a destination place.

Lunch Along the CicLaVia Route

Assuming you mean at Helms Bakery, not a bad suggestion. Some may be riding from the east, and some from the west, so I'm trying to keep it fair. I can hear the whining already.

I'll put it on the list though.

Lunch Along the CicLaVia Route

Trying to come up with a decent lunch spot, for a small group meet-up along the route of this Saturday's LA bike ride. http://www.ciclavia.org

It runs from Downtown to Dogtown along Venice Bl., so maybe somewhere around the mid-point. It's a bit tough, being that Venice has some pretty desolate stretches.

- Fairly casual
- A patio would be nice
- Probably not GIANT burrito's, as I list 2 Mexican spots

Tocas Locos


Oyster Po Boy in LA

If you ask me, you answered your own question...
Harold & Belles

Yakitori Birthday Dinner

Thanks for the reccomendations. I always order the Special Hearts, whenever available. I know more than a few chickens, that would say they're "to die for".

Yakitori Birthday Dinner

Last night was "the" birthday dinner, tonight I intend to get down to Torihei, to right that wrong.

And I just Googled Chantilly, and it looks really top shelf.

Cooler in hand I go...

Yakitori Birthday Dinner

Oh and bright note last night. I was able to make it up the street to Beard Papa's just before closing time, and scored a 1/2 dozen cream puffs. Of which I proudly ate 4.

Hey, it was my birthday, right?

Yakitori Birthday Dinner

Alas, were flying solo last evening, which I was not, there'd be no distance I wouldn't have traveled to hit the right spot.

Case in point, I once drove 2 1/2 hours, into the dark of the South Carolina Low-Country, for the "right" spot. That spot being, Sweatman's BBQ.

Even on my birthday, I was shouted down, by the vocal majority, so I went with the flow. Which I might add, is not my M.O.

Actually, I quite often make the drive to SSG (Torrance) from Venice, just for lunch, so I somewhat versed on their scene. It just wasn't in the Taro (pun intended) Cards last night.

So I chalk last night to what is was, whatever it was.

Any guesses where I going to dinner tonight?

Need to feed the monkey.

Yakitori Birthday Dinner

Thanks all for your input and insights. So largely due to proximity, and the advice of a few here on this thread we landed on Morinoya.

Website is still down, so we couldn't make a resi VIA that portal. They're not listed on Opentable of any other resi websites, so couldn't reserve there either. They finally answered their phone sometime after 5:30pm, and was able to get a table for six, at 8pm.

We arrive and all is well. There may have been 10 people combined at maybe 4 tables and the bar, on a Friday night.

We ordered some hot pots, fried chicken, assorted pickles, grilled sausages, Yakitori, some sashimi and crudo amongst others. Most of the plates came out (when they finally did) in a somewhat haphazard and abstract manner, with no particular order or flow. Some only came when we reminded the server of what we ordered.

It turned out to be just kind of a whatever, kind of evening and experience. I must say that the menu (not the quality of inegredients, or preperation) feels something like that of a Denny's or one of those Chinese-American restaurant menus you find up in the desert in some small town. Japanese here, Chinese there. A little bit of everything. Noodles, hot pots, yakitori etc. trying to be all things to all people, instead of honing it down to the items they do best.

Of the plates we had, most were perfectly nice, if a bit uninspired. All in all, we had a satisfactory evening, but in the end, the server had to be litteraly chased down to get the tab.

Food: adequate
Service: slow and forgetful
Price: about $40 a head with some beverages.
Would I return: ask me in a couple of days. Maybe for a late night bite.

So again, thanks.

Looking forward to Torihei.

No love for Clusi Batusi?

Ate there just yesterday. Had 2 pies myself. Sort of like the old saying about Martinis and women's breasts (no misogyny or objectification intended). One's not enough, and three's too many.

Is it the best Neo. Pizza in town? Nope.
Do I love it? Well, enough to keep me going back.

I too worried about their business, as I was the only one the at 11:45am, but things got rolling shortly after that, so good for them.

Yakitori Birthday Dinner

Thanks thus far for all of your responses, but the "but" after the Morinoya is for their website... that's down. I guess I need to call and see what's up.

Yakitori Birthday Dinner

I'm planning my own birthday dinner... because!

Thought a small group, Yakitori / Izakaya might be a decent source for some casual fun.

Problem is, who is still good, and even more to the point, still open?

Yakitori Bicho-
Are they even open? Too much attitude, and the uncertainty of being to reserve a table, and counting on it to be there when we arrive.

I hear great things, but... http://www.restaurant-morinoya.com

A little subdued, but sounds reliable enough.

Also Ran-
Sakura House

Then again, Korean BBQ might fit the bill

Anyone have an opinion?

Anywhere in LA to find macaroons like Whisk LA made?

Personally, I wouldn't know the first thing bout passover macaroons, nor communion wafers for that matter, but I'll certainly try them.

Anywhere in LA to find macaroons like Whisk LA made?

LAX - RIC This Monday Night

As a matter of fact I did like it. Being only one of the 3 or 4 paatrons in the place, I Owned it.

I started with one (well maybe more than one) of there signature cocktails made with Gin and some other ingrediants that somehoh slip my mind this morning.

I Mostly went down a self imposed small plate route starting with the Pimento Chees plate. A room temp cheesy, pimento studded concoction served with crispy dill pickles and Ritz Crackers. A higher elevated version than the southern hollar variety I've had in other, well southern hollars.

Shrimp-n-Grits came next which albeit pretty straight forward, yet really served well as a warm "welcome" to the south.

Et en suite, the Surry Sasage plate. A very nice, well spiced split sausage served with collards tweaked by a zippy vinegar, mustard seed, and mustard punch. Looking back, I should have ordered another.

At this point the server was growing slightly weary of all of my queries... where's thencheesenfrom? What far are you all sourcing your pork from, blah blah blah. She finally went to fetch the chef to deal with yet another annoying diner.

Chef Travis, aka Milton, proceeded join me at the bar. For the next hour, yammered on about food, love and life, only to discover we shared friends and interest, common to both of us.

Finished with a nice simple salad with a bacon vinagrette, which I knocked over onto the bar. But that was remedied by the cocktail that the bartender pleased onto the bar. You know, Gin makes a really nice grease cutter.

So I'm writing this from The SubRosa Bakery where I've enjoyed a nice cafe and croissant. And am about to continue my enjoyment, by ordering a croissant, stuffed with Olli Salami made with a Sangiovese.

So I must say, that this is the power of this board. Years ago, I would have flown into town, floundered around for a couple of hours, looking for a good meal, only to be steered to the nearest Morton's, by a concierge on commission.

Thanks for your help.

My last question is... so what have ya done for me lately?

I've have a couple of days business to tend to down in, wait for it, Deltaville. Wherever that is.

My wuestion is, Do they eat food there, or just their young?

LAX - RIC This Monday Night

Well that's what I'm talking about...

So Edo or Comfort it is, but I think Comfort may edge out Edo tonight.

Landed at the Linden Row, and a delightful reception by (Niles sp?) concierge, and a foodie* in her own right is leaning towards the latter, and I can walk there.

And as a matter of fact, I do have spare time in the morning ( after all it is the south-ish) so lamplighters it is. 10am - Cafe & pastry on me.

Thanks Mid-Atlantic. Come west and we'll repay in spaids. Ad nausea, may be a more accurate description.

*Maybe the most overused, and abused label of the decade.

Thanks to all. Cheers