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Milwaukee Saturday Night Bachelor Party Dinner

I'm looking for a place for a nice steak dinner on a Saturday night for 6 guys (all mid-thirties and not from the Midwest). Somewhere we can drink lots of martinis, power through some steak, and get a little taste of Milwaukee.

Based on what I've read so far, I'm torn.

1) People have said that Carnevor is the best steakhouse in town, but from what I've seen it looks trendy and uncomfortable...and since most of us are from San Francisco and LA, it's unlikely to really outdo the steakhouses we've all been to in the "trendy/upscale" category. Is the steak there really so good that it's worth it? Am I misjudging the place from the reviews and photos?

2) I'm intrigued by Five O'Clock Steakhouse. It seems to have a very uniquely Milwaukee vibe that would be different from places that we've all been to before, and has a very "GUY" feel to it, they probably won't object to us swilling tons of martinis, etc. But is the steak there really good, or are guys going to be bitching that it wasn't high quality if they're used to the nicer steakhouses in bigger cities? Is the place just retro or does it veer into actually being a dump?

Jun 14, 2012
bradlohaus4life in Great Lakes

Pre-Game Hangouts around the Bradley Center (Milwaukee)

Going to Milwaukee for the first time and looking for places to eat/drink before the Bucks game.

Are there any good dives nearby? Cheap/fun local eats?

Nov 24, 2009
bradlohaus4life in Great Lakes

Decent place to eat/drink on Rte. 1 in the Saugus area?

I have a friend in town for just one night for business, he's staying by the airport and I was planning to meet him for dinner and a few drinks somewhere out on Rt. 1 (in the Kowloon area of Rt. 1, preferably - but not at the Kowloon, as I would like to sleep tonight).

Any thoughts, recommendations, ideas? I know it won't be anything great...but is there somewhere decent?

Forest Cafe to close

I had no problem with Forest Cafe as a place to have a couple of beers, but the food was awful. This really isn't a huge lose from a culinary perspective...although if it's becoming a health food joint it's a net loss in terms of coolness.