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New Costco location

I don't know if it was ever officially approved, but the original COSTCO request was for the old Coca Cola office and bottling space. So same neighbourhood, but across the street

2015 RESTAURANT Closings in Toronto? To June 30...

The 180 Secondi restaurant at Yonge and St Clair - was open when I walked by last night. This was mentioned in last year's openings but is now open.

Super simple recipes/ideas to involve kids in cooking

The Grands (7 - girl and 5 - boy) and I made chocolate dipped strawberries and blueberries. We had done it last year and they remembered. I gave them each a separate bowl of melted chocolate. Messy but fun and then they had fruit to eat later.

Jul 02, 2014
MorseCat in Home Cooking

Haggis potato chips

Fiesta Farms had them Friday night - I was not brave enough to try them. I ate haggis once and that was enough! It's not bad, just strong tasting.

Supermarkets Opened Family Day

Foodtown/old IGA at Pape and Danforth is probably open. I think the only times they close are Greek Easter and Christmas

2014 Restaurant and Food Store OPENINGS!!

Union Social opened Monday at Yonge and St Clair - in the location that was Frans for many years, then something else, then Fionn Mc Cools then Harrys. The space was completely renovated before Urban Social opened. No menu is posted outside but there is another Urban Social when we google so I assume it is affiliated. No one from my office has been yet, but the weather has been very cold this week.

LF: Roaster/Reseller of Fair Trade & COOP grown coffees in TO/GTA ... Light & Med. Roasts ...

I prefer darker roasts, but you may want to check out Reunion Island (they're in Oakville) but will ship direct to your home.

The Costco Thread - new products, old favourites, interesting items

Thanks for the tip. They are delicious... found beside the Brookside chocolates at the Elesmere/Warden Costco. Only bought 1 bag and wish I opened it in store so I could have picked up another.

Really, Really, Really Big Toblerone Bar

I know there is usually a question on this board about finding a Giant Toblerone bar each year near Christmas. The Peak Freens outlet (O Connor and Bermondsey) had toblerone bars (the big size for less than $6) each) and they had a huge /gigantic bar on display. The husband asked and was told it was about $55 dollars. I did not look at the exact size but it was huge.
The outlet also had individual wrapped toblerones, the small toblerone bars, the normal large toblerone bars and some flavours of Terry's Chocolate oranges.
Usually these types of products go fast at the outlet.

2013 Food and Restaurant OPENINGS

May or may not be of interest, but I have noticed some people commenting about Popeys - There is a new Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen open on the Danforth - West of Carlaw, past the Pub. It is in the children's clothing store that closed and since then the building was renovated.

Das Gasthaus

Wednesday June 26:Paper is off the windows, but there is a sign on the window saying OPENING SOON - I was on the other side of the street so did not see the small print.

Taste of the Food Terminal - May 25, 2013 - Ontario Food Terminal open house

Thanks for the message about this event and the tip to buy the advance tickets. We had a great time and enjoyed all the food and the activities.

Das Gasthaus

store is still under renovation but there is a liquor license application in the window. This was the Turkish 'pastry' shop that didn't even last a year.

Fluff or Jet-puffed marshmallow in Toronto

Found it at Loblaws at Christmas time, but not with Ice Cream syrups or anything that made sense - it was in the junk food aisle with the candies.

Breakstone Cottage Cheese

I found it at the Metro at Lawrence Plaza (Lawrence and Bathurst) in the kosher dairy section.

Only the 4 individual serving packages.

Lobster roll buns

I don't know how close to Toronto they deliver, but at the cottage (Belleville area) they have Betty's bakery and they have the top split buns. I bring them back and freeze them because they taste better - still white and gummy but better somehow; probably a childhood memory.

Betty's is a comercial bakery and also has hamburger buns but I'm not sure where there delivery radius is... according to Google it's Lanthier Bakery 58 Dominion St Alexandria, ON K0C 1A0, Canada

2012 Food and Restaurant CHANGES and CLOSINGS

The space that was Divino has a letter that says the owners of Rodney by the Bay (not sure of the restaurant name) is opening an oyster bar once they renovate.

2012 Food and Restaurant CHANGES and CLOSINGS

And the Yonge/St Clair neighbourhood looses another restaurant. Harry's Social on St Clair has closed - it was never very busy and the sign says it is closed permanently.

Breakstone Cottage Cheese

Summerhill Market had it a few weeks ago - fat free, 2% and another type . 4 individual servings in yogurt like tubs.

Best Bread in Toronto

Got a roasted pepper baguette at San Remo yesterday - they had some very good looking breads. First visit, but we will be back.

Off the Hook

According to my hairdresser and her crew - right across the street from the fish and chip shop : the quality and the service depends on the day and there is no telling which is a good day.
My hairdresser usually has the pulse of the neighbourhood as she and her staff talk to everyone in her shop.

2012 Food and Restaurant CHANGES and CLOSINGS

And it's closed again - a notice on the door says non-payment of rent.
When it re-opened the last time, it had a new management sign on the door - not sure if this was a new sign or not.

Hawkins cheezies ...any sightings in T.O?

I've seen them in Loblaws as well.

The Cook's Place on the Danforth

I believe the name of the other store is Kitchen roots. They carry Emile Henry and a lot of other interesting. The staff is very helpful.

Walker's Stem Ginger Biscuits in Toronto

Quite often found at Bulk Barn. Also Mrs Bridges in Eglinton Square or other 'British' food product stores.

Retro Burger Yonge/St Clair RIP ~Vivat Burger Shack "Burgers are our Business" ?

Well since it's near my office and it was new 6 of us tried the burger. The big draw was fresh ground daily meat. For $15 for a burger and fries the food should be good - the fries are shoestring (we decided they were channeling McDonalds) - cooked and tossed with parsley and salt and the burger (we all had the chuck burger - 2 patties, cheese, bacon and carmelized onions) was greasy, greasy, greasy. My bun was shiny with grease before I had 1 bite.
Our verdict - the same as Retro - we tried it once and we won't be back..
Why is it so hard to make a decent burger?

2011 Food and Resto CLOSINGS

We got a flyer in our mailbox announcing the opening of The One That Got Away Fish and Chips - on Broadview and we couldn't figure out where it was going - this was before Peter's Place was papered over. Yes the same address as Peter' s Place, where there was a fish and chip shop that went under before Peter's Place came in. I agree with bytepusher - this location must be cursed. In our 24+ years in the neighbourhood, no one has had a success here.

local strawberry sightings & pricings, 2011

Fresh from the Farm (Donlands and OConnor) said they will have strawberries from a Mennonite farm in Markham starting today. In past years, they have had delicious strawberries.
Sorry, no idea about the price

Kiva Burger Bar - St Clair and Yonge

Yes Bagel bar - It was too early in the morning obviously.

Is there a way to edit my post?

Kiva Burger Bar - St Clair and Yonge

The past few weeks changes have been taking place on St Clair Avenue just West of Yonge. The store near Fionn Mc Cool's has a sign Kiva Burger Bar, Hand Rolled since 1979. There was a paper on the door last night saying opening December 3'rd.