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Food mythbusters . What's your belief or not ?

I'm sure it will work. After extension is installed, from menubar, just do:

Tools→Form History→Form History Control→"Editor History" Tab→Highlight desired post from list and click "view" button→Click "Copy to clipboard"

As for beverage, I'm not picky, champagne or urine will do.

Food mythbusters . What's your belief or not ?

Just a tip Caroline - if you use Firefox for your browser - there's an extension called "Form History Control" that is mainly used to monitor/edit/cleanup what your computer is remembering for all "personal data" (username, address, zip code etc) entered at various sites.
It also keeps track of info like postings and replies on chow.
I can't count the number of times it's saved me from a LOT of retyping after power failures and various other "sending problems". Sometimes it doesn't have the entire post stored (depends on when the last autosave was before the power failure) but it usually at least has the bulk of it so that after a quick cut-n-paste I don't have to start from scratch.

Roaster Chicken preparation

Actually, I usually do lift the skin and put something underneath (compound butter most of the time) but for this one I just put a liberal amount of Bell's Seasoning on the outside.
Mainly decided to "go minimal" on this one because I knew I'd have leftovers that would be getting flavoured differently for other meals.
The current high price of butter in my area also played a role in the decision.

Oct 14, 2014
Bryan Pepperseed in Home Cooking

Roaster Chicken preparation

I spatchcocked a 7.7 lb. one last night after "dry brining" for 24 hrs.
Had estimated that it would take about an hour and a half, but luckily I decided to "play" with my digital probes to test Kenji's ( theory that when spatchcocked the thighs and legs cook faster than the breast.
Pulled and tented after one hour in a 400F oven - the breast being 150 and the thighs being 180+. Carryover took the breast to at least 160, and I didn't pay any attention at all to what the thighs maxed out at.
Taste and texture of both white and dark seemed fine to me.

Oct 13, 2014
Bryan Pepperseed in Home Cooking

Food mythbusters . What's your belief or not ?

Thanks for the info. I'll check it out.

Food mythbusters . What's your belief or not ?

With regards to skin, turning it orange is a new one to me.
I can say for certain that the carrot juice and pineapple juice blend that my mom gave me decades ago did not eliminate teenage acne like she said it would.
It was, however, the worst tasting beverage I've ever had.

Food mythbusters . What's your belief or not ?

Sometimes, usually when I'm looking for my glasses, I question whether eating carrots is good for my eyesight. - however, never had the courage to stop eating them to find out the truth.

Good vs. Bad Pizza: Is there such a huge difference?

Big fan (especially in the summer) of Kenji's "Skillet-Broiler Method".

Beef stew meat - suggestions other than beef stew?

You're welcome. Glad it was a hit.

Oct 01, 2014
Bryan Pepperseed in Home Cooking

Has anyone else had decreased smell and taste?

For years my (now 90) mom has been saying that she can't taste anything anymore. Strange thing is, if I serve her anything other than what most people would call bland, she says, "Oh, that's spicy."

Draining pasta?

Thanks grey. I'll give it a whirl the next time I do something other than stranded. ;)

Sep 29, 2014
Bryan Pepperseed in Home Cooking

Draining pasta?

For large batches I use the insert of salad spinner because it has slots that let the water drain faster - my colander has small holes and takes too long.

If the time ever comes where I can't handle the big pot, I would choose a pasta server over tongs.

All that said, lately I've been leaning towards the "Harold McGee minimal water method" for small batches and draining isn't really an issue - there's usually just enough starchy water left for the sauce.

Sep 28, 2014
Bryan Pepperseed in Home Cooking

Hamburger and mashed potatoes?

ipsedixit's hand held vs fork food theory sounds like the winner to me.
Off the top of my head, I'm pretty sure that if I was served a burger with mashed I would remove the burger from the bun and then "call" the bun a dinner roll and eat it separately.

Cheap Beef Meals

I have yet to fully think it through, let alone try it, but lately I've been tossing around the idea of making some of my purchases a "joint venture" with someone else. If I had more family in the area I probably would have tried it by now, but currently they all live too far away.
My thinking is that (usually with steaks and ground beef) there are some "family pack" prices I can still afford but can't foot the entire bill of the large package solo due to a limited weekly budget.
Maybe I should start a "What would you do if a stranger in the market asked you if you would go 50-50 on a big pack of t-bones?" thread.......either that or just keep trying to get ahead of the curve so that I can have more than a weeks worth of meat in the freezer.

Guiltiest Guilty Pleasures


Bad year for local corn?

The general consensus of our household here in NJ is basically the same as yours.
We also found the tomatoes to be not quite as good as usual. Both were still much better than store bought, but not as good as last year.

Differences in terminology

Here in Central NJ, it usually goes like this:

The word pizza is used for the initial meal suggestion -
"How 'bout we do pizza?"

Once agreed upon, it is then referred to as pie. -
"How many pies?" .... "What do you want on your pie?"..."You can really a large pie by yourself Bryan?"

Aug 31, 2014
Bryan Pepperseed in Home Cooking

What happened to spinach in recent years?


True. I'll try harder next time - but no guarantees.

What happened to spinach in recent years?

Thanks for the info. As I was typing my reply it occurred to me that they might be different varieties but I was to lazy to google it.

What happened to spinach in recent years?

Quite possible I'm wrong, but my theory is that it's profit based. If people are willing to buy the baby stuff, why spend the time and money to "let it grow up".

Basic Grilling Book for Weber Kettle

Sorry for the delayed response, I've been away. Good shears make spatchcocking a breeze. I use these:

Basic Grilling Book for Weber Kettle

Not a book, but not really a recipe either. Just a darn good way to do a whole chicken with the technique fully explained.

Don't think Kenji mentions it, but I did the (popular with roasting turkeys) "ice down the breast to give the dark meat a head start" trick - probably the best chicken I've ever done.

As for books, I have enjoyed my 'Born to Grill' and 'Smoke & Spice' but the truth is that lately I just surf the web when I want to try something new.

Regrets -- I've had a few.

Wouldn't be the same in my mind. Yes, personal problem - perhaps someday, after therapy, I'll be able to get over it.

Regrets -- I've had a few.

No New Orleans before Katrina - just wouldn't be the same now.

What foods have you made and then decided store bought was good enough, thank you, based upon cost, time, and taste?

Until I can afford/get the proper equipment, pretty much anything deep fried.
Even then, I may just leave the eggrolls, chicken, and donuts to the pros that do these things for a living.
As for your examples, beef jerky gets made by me always.
Cranberry sauce is usually homemade, but in a pinch store bought will do.

When was the last time you cleaned your fridge?

Never had one of those. Think we probably tried a hair dryer once or twice and then decided it didn't help all that much.

Imperial v. Metric issue

Personally, the only use I have for metric is when dealing with Baker's Percentage. That said, I'm sure that if i was raised on metric I would be of the opinion that US and Imperial systems were pretty crazy.
On the other hand, as mentioned in another thread not too long ago, if I was totally fluent in metric i wouldn't have an excuse to give times as a response to distance questions - like, "Oh, about an hour" when asked "How far from here to Philadelphia?"

When was the last time you cleaned your fridge?

a) Thanks for reminding me - I knew there was something on my to do list that I was forgetting. I think the last time was about a year ago.
b) I'm actually more anal about cleaning dust off motor and coils.
c) Funny how this thread made me remember how I didn't have much choice (at least for the freezer) prior to auto defrost.

New York Times salted cast iron skillet steak recipe

Thanks for the post. Without it I probably would have preheated my skillet for 15 minutes like the article says instead of the 5-8 minutes suggested in the linked step by step recipe...... at least that's the way I read the two.

Not to mention that (to me) the still photos look way less charred than the steak I the video.....if I served one like in the video, I'd be saying "Sorry, I ruined the outside but the inside's still ok"

Jun 10, 2014
Bryan Pepperseed in Home Cooking

Learned from experience?

1) Hot pizza can burn the roof of your mouth - be careful.

2) If you live long enough, you'll end up liking something that you used to hate. I've lived long enough to have a few, but my first one was broccoli and it made me say to myself, "Hey, if I can change my mind about broccoli, what blacklisted items might I like now"

3) On the flip side of #2, always try to make/eat what you like now because your taste buds will change eventually.

Jun 08, 2014
Bryan Pepperseed in Home Cooking