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Birthday cake needed for 40+ people

Celebrating my friend's 40th birthday and I'm looking for an awesome large birthday cake to feed 40+ people. Open to different flavors just want it to be moist and delicious!. Friends have mentioned "Icing On The Cake", "This Takes the Cake" and Konditor Meister". I really like Party Favors in Brookline but don't know how they all compare. Thanks for any advice.

Party Favors
1356 Beacon St, Brookline, MA

Where to get Soft Shell Crabs

I saw Hamersley's has a Soft Shell app on the menu. Any other restaurants have them yet? Also, what stores usually sell them? Thanks.

ISO Lyle's Golden Syrup and potato starch in Boston

I'm looking to buy both cans of Lyle's Golden Syrup and potato starch (how is that even sold?) in Boston or a t-accessible location. Anyone know where either of these are sold? Thanks.

Upstairs on the Square TORTURE!!

I have a $100 gift certificate for there. I was thinking about just using it for afternoon tea. Is that the Monday Night Club or the Soiree Room. I had a really awful experience at the bar downstairs last year and at this point just want to use the certificate and be done with it.

Benatti"s closed?

Just read another blog that said a Momofuku-type restaurant is going into the former Benatti's location in Inman. When did they close? I'm bummed - I'd always heard such amazing things and kept putting off going.

Reports on the Island Creek Oyster Festival?

Anyone go on Saturday despite the rain? I'm curious how many oysters were consumed and how the whole pigs the chefs cooked turned out.

Rare Sat night off-need recs!

Looking for some dinner recommendations. I have a rare Saturday night off and even better, I have a Zipcar so my friend and I can go beyond the limits of the T. He's been dying to try 51 Lincoln but the reviews lately haven't been so positive (but it is in Boston Magazine's top 50). I was thinking Saporito's in Hull (it is supposed to be 78 degrees on Sat). Also, we've talked about Tuy Y Yo in Somerville. Maybe Blue Ginger in Wellesley. As you can tell, we're open-minded about the cuisine. Basically it just needs to be great food and someplace we haven't been before (which obviously you wouldn't know but pretty much if it's not T-accessible, we haven't been). Any suggestions or info would be very appreciated. Thanks.

B-Side Lounge to reopen

Any info on what Patrick Sullivan is up to?

Comprehensive Chowish Craft Cocktail Compendium '09

I recently went to Drink although I was hesitant because I gave up drinking for January (yes the holidays were that rough for me). I mean, one can only drink so many glasses of soda water with cranberry right?

Anyway, the Sam, Misty and John collaborated and made 3 absolutely fantastic non-alcoholic drinks for me using their usual MO: what flavors do you like, hot, cold, etc. The first was a limey-gingery soda water drink. Very refreshing. The second was a "Coffee Fizz" with muddled coffee beans and a thick, fizzy foam on top which required a straw/spoon - a stroon? A spraw? Then finally, a non-alcoholic Tom and Jerry with the official T&J cups from their fabulous collection of glassware. It was so delicious (and rich) it prompted my friends to get the regular version with rum (I think).

I do love the fact that you have a dialogue with the staff about what you want and that they are really interested and care that they make you something you will enjoy. It is definitely more time consuming but I have yet to be disappointed, even without the alcohol.


FYI - The menu is supposed to be changing next week to the summer items. He ususally changes everything but the chicken, halibut, mushroom & garlic sandwich & duck confit appetizer.

Max & Dylans Kitchen & Bar

I saw an ad in the Improper Bostonian for Max & Dylans Kitchen & Bar...coming soon. Any info?

Tasting menu for Monday night?

Can you recommend any places that do their tasting menus on Monday nights?

the great croissant hunt

I know it's not the same as local but if you want to have amazing croissants ready to go in your house, Williams-Sonoma sells them in their food catalog (on-line). You have to let them defrost if frozen but they are really delicious. We had them Christmas morning one year and we all raved about them.

Help - Dumpling craving!

So I've been eating various and assorted frozen dumplings but now I want the real thing, made by someone's hands, probably in a piping hot kitchen. I know there are lots of Chinese restaurants in Boston and I'm sure they each do their own thing but which ones are good and what makes them so? Thanks for the help!

Great Bay, Grotto

Went to quite a few places Thursday pm each with their own things to recommend themselves:

Eastern Standard: great cocktails - I find their cocktail menu is, um, big and intense and they don't always have descriptions for all the drinks (ie "Green Monster") but the bartender cheerfully described all the drinks I had questions on.

Great Bay Dollar Menu: Jonathon the barternder was GREAT! We had Island Creek oysters, shrimp dumplings, salmon sushi with grapefruit, and ceviche tacos - all $1 each! And they were good! As previously noted on the board they are available from 5-6 M-F (every night there isn't a Red Sox game which obviously isn't an issue right now). We ordered 12 oysters so we got the full accompiament of cocktail sauce, horseradish sauce and a shallot mignonette. Apparently that full ensemble comes with a dozen, otherwise it's just the mignonette. I did also like the oysters with the soy-based dipping sauce that came with the dumplings.

Surprise reservations at Grotto: We've been talking about it forever and we finally went. I loved it. I did the 3 course ($35) with the Garlic and Truffle Soup - yummy, rich, wonderful. My SO had the fondue with tenderloin and portobellos - again rich and yummy. His duck and duck entree with a potato gratin was really nice and my short ribs with potato gnocci were really good. If my enthusiasm in my descriptions has waned it's only because we were both SO FULL at that point. We then got the Banana Bread Pudding with Burnt Sugar Ice Cream - really delicious - I can always muster up the energy and room for dessert. Service was really wonderful and at some point we'd really like to do "Big Night".

We did want one more drink somewhere. We tried to go to Number 9 but the bar was too busy as was Davio's (Thursday being cougar night and all). We ended up at Flash's - good, honest cocktails - just really nice.

I would definitely like to give kudos the all the staff we encountered all night. EVERYONE was great - friendly, engaging, did their job well and then a little more. We both live in the city and get out unfortunately too infrequently and it was just a great night all around.
I would definitely recommend the $1 menu at Great Bay to everyone!

Beehive "Celebrity" thanks!

Decided to give the Beehive one more try for drinks. The music was at such a volume you could enjoy it and still have a conversation. Very nice.

Can I just say, regardless of who is serving my drinks, I prefer them to be attired in something other than a sports jersey and sweatpants. I know it's a casual, "chill" place but please change out of the clothes you slept in.

We were served by one of the so-called celebrity bartenders. The drinks themselves were fine. It only became problematic when "friends" of the bartenders came in. And then everyone else was ignored. Our glasses sat empty for at least 10-15 minutes before we literally waved our arms to get his attention. And we were sitting next to the friends so you'd have thouht a little peripheral vision would have come into play to tend to everyone. No. Same thing the next time. Same thing with all the guests on his side of the bar. At one point we even ordered from the barback.

I work in restaurants. I love going to visit friends, sit at their bar, etc. But I've never seen the other patrons of my friends having to beg for another round because they're not getting served. It's great that these bartenders bring in guests from their other jobs but it's also their job to serve ALL the guests. The Beehive should take note because as soon as these "celebrities" move on to the new hot spot, no one's cultivated any return business for them. Or actually maybe that will be the trick to get people to want to come back.

Restaurant from a 3-Star Michelin chef?

I overheard some people talking that a chef from a 3-star restauant in Paris is opening a place in Boston, somewhere on Battery March wharf at the far end of the North End. Any one have any information? If it's true that would certainly continue to raise the bar here.

Gaslight in the South End

Any time frame? Although it's been awhile since I've been to Blue Ginger, it was always very good. Another case of the chef being everywhere but where s/he started? (Although with the exception of Barbara Lynch, it does seem to be all "he").

Food near Bank of America Pavillion

I'm going to a show this week and am wondering about restaurants in the area. Not a big fan of the Barking Crab; I've been to LTK and it was fine. I know Salvatore's has been open for a while - any feedback? What about anything in the ICA? Thanks for any info and suggestions.

Le Voile on Newbury Street

I saw a sign for "Le Voile" posted on one of the buildings between Fairfield & Gloucester. Anyone know anything? Perhaps it's the French Brasserie Bouchee was "supposed" to be.

Summer produce driven menus?

I had been thinking about Craigie Street, esp. the "chef's whim" menu. Do yo know if there is any flexibility in what is offered i.e. no organ meat, etc.?

Summer produce driven menus?

I finally have a night available (Sun, Aug. 26) to enjoy a summer dinner in Boston, Cambridge, surrounding areas. I'm looking for a place where the menu changes very frequently to accommodate the produce as it comes available. Open to tasting menus, even sitting at the bar and hopping around a couple of places to try some great dishes. (I have actually even considered trying to get up to Arrows as I've heard so much about the garden and mnu there but that might be a bit much). Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Pigalle: Disappointing

A broken cork isn't necessarily indicative of a bad wine. I broke a cork the other night when I was rushing to get the bottle open. I think it was "psychological" and perhaps the tone was set with the empty dining room; anything bad or off that followed was just confirmation that it wasn't going to be up to snuff. When I break a cork at work, I acknowledge it and usually make a joke about it. It happens. I certainly wouldn't replace the bottle.