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St Michaels MD

We were just in St. Michaels this past weekend. There really are not many new restaurants in St. Michaels, in fact, we noticed a few smaller places had closed since our last visit a couple years ago. We dined at the two places you mentioned (and enjoyed 208 Talbot far more).

We really liked Ava's Pizzeria for lunch. Great pizza and sandwiches and excellent wine/beer selection. We did not have dinner there, but it looks like they have a nice dinner menu. Note that Ava's a very popular place that doesn't take reservations.

208 Talbot has a new "burger bar" that looked great, but we ate in the main dining room. .

Tom Sietsema recently wrote about the Bartlet Pear Inn in Easton, but we did not have the opportunity to try it. We also wanted to try the BBQ Joint in Easton but it was closed on Sunday when we stopped by.


pre concert drinks in DC

Hmmm . . . not a lot of info to work with here - many, many places for drinks in the area. A few favs: it will be busy on Saturday, but Bar Pilar is on the same block and has excellent food and drink. The Red Room downstairs at the Black Cat is a reliable pre-show spot for drinks. For more low key, you could do beers at The Saloon on U St. or Stoney's on P St. Or if you want to go classy, you can try to get a rezzie at The Gibson (or get there super early).

Need A Relaxing Dinner On U St

Al Crostino is a good neighborhood spot for authentic italian. I recommend the pastas and specials - but be sure to ask the price for specials as they are often more expensive than the menu items.

Middleburg, VA Eats

Any good eats in the Middleburg, Virginia area? Heading there for a weekend getaway. We have a reservation at Goodstone for dinner. Thoughts or recs re Goodstone? Other recs for casual or good markets in that general area or up near Leesburg? Thanks

Philly Hound Looking for Good Beer and Grub near Georgetown

I am surprised no one has recommended the Brickskeller. While the food is nothing special and inevitably it will be out of your first two or three beer choices, the 'skeller has an impressive 10+ page beer list that would make any beer geek giggle. I prefer the atmosphere of their sister restaurant RFD in Chinatown - which actually has more taps - but RFD is a bus/metro/cab ride from your hotel, whereas you can walk to the Brickskeller.

1523 22nd St NW, Washington, DC 20037

Washington dc, Washington, dc

Alternative to PX?

Call The Gibson immediately.

Northern Indian Restaurant near K Street


1810 K St NW, Washington, DC

Fun, laidback bar near Ben's Chili Bowl?

Cue Bar has closed.

Cosign on The Saloon. You have to get a bar stoor or a table so you won't have to fight for bar space and won't be cramped.

If you cannot get a table there, Solly's, Polly's and Duffy's are fun but low-key options for a Friday night.

Steak on U Street?

The steak frites at Marvin is pretty good.


Cafe Mozu at the Madarin Oriental? Maybe somewhere on Barrack's Row like Belga or Jordan's 8?
Sonoma could be fun too but may be too pricey.

Beer and wings for my birthday....any ideas?

Not sure what your idea of "good atmosphere" is. I like Duffy's near U Street metro as a low key, divey irish pub with relatively cheap beer Oh and they have pretty awesome wings.

Corduroy -- What not to miss??

Pork Belly was not on the menu when I was there, but the menu seemed to change week to week based on what was available, so it may be your lucky day.

The menu seemed perhaps slightly more expensive than I remember at the old location, but I suspect the change simply reflects rising food costs.


Corduroy -- What not to miss??

Chef Power has been changing up the menu more recently. We went a few weeks ago and had a great meal. The biggest hits were the beet and goat cheese salad app, rack of lamb with amazing creamed spinach, and white salmon with the chardonnay sauce -- the same sauce as my all time fav Corduroy dish, the scallops with chardonnay sauce, which we were told that Chef Power was not serving because he could not get the same quality scallops at the time.

The desserts were all hits. We had the strawberry tart with creamsicle and the choc tart with carmelized banana -- both were exceedingly mmmmmmm.

Good Gnocci?

In DC, Al Tiramisu and Al Crostino make my favorite example with the cherry tomato sauce. Go try now.

New Job in DC (K betw. 13th and 14th): Need Recs

Welcome to Franklin Square, Bob. We have a few decent places within a couple blocks.

Favorite casual lunch places: Juice Joint, Port of Piraeus, Cafe Mozart, Korean food cart on 14th and L, occasionally Brown Bag or Cafe Phillips or Loeb's deli. I generally uphold a no Soho policy unless absolutely necessary.

Favorite business lunches: Brasserie Beck or the Passion Food places, aforementioned DC Coast or Ceiba or Arcadiana. Sadly Corduroy is a little outside the 3 block radius since it moved from 2 blocks to 6 blocks away near the convention center -- I don't think they are open for lunch yet anyhow, but a recent dinner there was great.

Sadly there is no decent place for casual drinks after work. Maybe Bobby Van's Grill if you want to pay $5-6 for a domestic beer. Maybe post pub too. I am still pining over the departure of Stoney's to fancier digs.

Let me know if you discovery anything else tasty and good luck with your new gig.

Restaurants that make you leave your neighborhood?

Great topic. Before moving to U Street a few years ago, I lived in Clarendon and Rockville before that. I find myself taking road trips to Italian Store for a capri on soft with tomatoes. I also love to stop in for Earl's or Mihn's if I am passing through or anywhere near A-Town. I will go out of my way to Bethesda for Haandi, my favorite Indian in the area that is not named Rasika.

I also roll down to my wife's old barrio near Dupont/P Street for Mark & Orlando's upstairs bar or Sakana fairly regularly, but that is less of a trek, especially when the weather is nice.

Welcome back Cord-er (roy)

Sorry for the title, I am a little excited. Woo hoo! Corduroy reopens soon!

Thanks for the 411, DC Foodies:

Post-Engagement Dinner for 2

Congrats ATDC. From the restaurants on your list, Citronelle is the most intimate and IMO the best food. (I have not be to Taberna but all the others). Citronelle will be around for years to come to remember the special occasion of your engagement.

Outside your list, I had dinner at CityZen after popping the question to my wife and had a wonderful and memorable meal -- followed by a lovely stay at the Madarin Oriental Hotel, which has pretty good local rates. I made arrangements ahead of time and they went out of their way to make it special meal for us.

D.C. Italian

Go to Al Tiramisu for authentic Italian it is right off Dupont Circle on P Street. It is the parent of Al Crostino and is a little more traditional environs. Delicious pasta, fresh seafood, and Italian owner/staff. Be sure to ask the price of the MANY specials as the prices tend to be much higher than the menu.

Altiramisu Italian Restaurant
2014 P Street, Washington, DC 20036

Ray's the Steaks vs Brasserie Beck vs Rasika vs Hook vs ? for 8-12 guys (night out?)

What about Fogo de Chao? I've had some fun guys nights out there.

14th street dining after Cork

Yeah what food.fiend said.

14th street dining after Cork

The more I think about this, the more you should try to convince Mr. DCDOLL to eat at Cork. The food there is "smaller plates" but not really tapas. They are just smaller portions. From the few things I have tried, Cork's food is really simple and great. Your husband can easily make a more traditional meal. Salad to start, duck confit, chicken, or steak as a main, and a side of potato and leak puree or fries. That would be a great manly, no small plates meal for me.

14th street dining after Cork

Rice, Marvin, Al Crostino, Creme, Ulah

Wine bars, tapas, small plates DC, Alexandria

The perfect place for what you seek is Cork (see other DC Chow threads on it). Unfortunately, the location might be an issue since the closest metro stop is U Street on the Green line. Still, it may be worth taking a cab as long as you call ahead or go early enough to get a spot at the bar.

Proof menu recs?

My favorite dish there was the veal sweetbreads app. with bacon. Amazing. Also liked the white tuna crudo and gnocchi (small portion is enough to be an entree).

Ulah's Bistro

My wife and I went to the grand opening night and plan to go back soon. Ulah is a great addition to our neighborhood. It is bar and grill type place but not really a DC dining destination -- more like an upscale Stoney's/Tunniclifs. We actually laughed when we saw the valet outside just because it didn't seem right for the type of place it is. The restaurant is really sharp looking and has a cool space with two floor and two bar areas -- great place to stop for a bite to eat after work or and a beer and meal before a show. They have excellent beer and wine options -- I had Fuller's ESB on tap and Amy had a glass of New Zealand Sauv Blanc. As you can see from the website, the menu has a lot of choices and price points. We had a difficult time deciding on food because of the all the options but chose sandwiches as it was a week night and we were in a hurry -- I know, boring. The turkey burger was big and juicy and chicken panino was good but a little dry and, disappointingly, not pressed. Our favorite part of the meal was the comped salty flat bread and olive tapenade. We devoured the entired basket. We had great service from Seth who was clearly trying to impress. If you go, let us know what else is good on the menu!

Nage or Brasserie Beck?

I actually had a great meal at Nage a while back and have been meaning to go back. A nice looking room with straighforward American regional cooking. They have great deals during the week where you can pick from a few entrees and appetizers and get a restaurant week type discount. (That was a while ago so I would call to confirm).

Becks has a totally different style of cooking. I love those Belgian beers. Probably a more lively atmosphere, but I would say Nage may be more "cozy."

Try em both and report back.

Looking for awesome brunch.

Not on Capitol Hill but Creme is my current favorite brunch. They serve on Saturday which is less crowded than Sunday. If the wait is too long, I will walk across the street to Mocha Hut which is a more casual option.

good "alternative" /"dive"bar with food

I live close to 14th and U, while you should always be aware of you surroundings wherever you are, I find Adam's Morgan a much more dangerous in terms of late night crime. I have never been to Starlight and I don't know the neighborhood, but I would not be deterred. Take a cab if you feel that uncomfortable.

If you bail on Starlight, Stoney's is a good option for delicious grilled cheese and tasty beers. It is less divey in its new location, but still has a laid back atmosphere. It's placement on P Street has made it more "alternative," but it is not an indie bar or anything.
The Raven is the classic DC dive bar in Mount Pleasant. I haven't eaten there, but they serve food.
In Adam's Morgan the only realy "alternative" bar is Pharmacy Bar, but I don't think they have food and it is not particularly divey. Amsterdam Falafel is a few doors down but it sounded like you wanted a one stop dinner/drink combo.
Another option is Bar Pilar on 14th, although i have not tasted their new menu -- still miss those tater tots.
Or maybe Polly's (U st bt 13th and 14th) is definitely a dive and has great greasy food.

Late-night chow in Dupont or U Street?

Afterwords is my favorite late night dining spot in Dupont. Love the share-sies -- choice of 3 appetiser plate for $10 or 12. They serve alcohol too.

U Street has a ton of options for late night dining depending on your mood.