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The Rustic Spoon in North Hollywood

Have been there plenty of times. Great restaurant in a small place that doesn't make its food justice. Their take on Thai dishes is delicious. Make also sure to try their non-alcoholic cocktails - super refreshing and super tasty!

Jun 13, 2014
LAFenris in Los Angeles Area

Berlin Currywurst

Rot-weiss = Ketchup & Mayo... I've found that the thought of having Mayo on fries and hot dogs is a foreign idea to most Americans. However, I've gotta second Stefan's recommendation: Just try it! :)


Jul 19, 2011
LAFenris in Los Angeles Area

AYCE KBBQ for a larger sized group (8-15 people)

Hmmm.... was it last Saturday?

Jun 23, 2010
LAFenris in Los Angeles Area

Beef Ribs

I've been several times at Mr. Cecil's and maybe it has been just luck or good timing, but their beef ribs were actually pretty delicious. Their pork ribs were a bit on the dry side though.

Nov 08, 2009
LAFenris in Los Angeles Area

Finally, Good Indian Food comes to Studio City

Seems like they closed recently. RIP.

Oct 31, 2009
LAFenris in Los Angeles Area