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2013 maine Shrimp Season

The 2013 Maine Shrimp Season was supposed to pen on Jan. 22 for draggers. Any sightings in Greater Boston. It is supposed to be short, so I don't want to get started late.

Feb 02, 2013
Wineack in Greater Boston Area

Late Night in Portland

I tried doing a search, but came up empty. We are arriving late to Portland tonight. I know that Eventide is open until midnight and intend to go there if we arrive in time. What about restaurants open after midnight on a Tuesday night. Is there any hope of getting a meal?

Sep 18, 2012
Wineack in Northern New England

Trip To Maine In July

I have a 2001 Subaru Outback with 350,000 miles so you may have plenty of car left! You can do another Chowhound trip and hit the Chow worthyy places in Portland, like Fore Street, Hugo's, and Duckfat.

Aug 18, 2012
Wineack in Northern New England

March 2012 Openings and Closings

The sign in the window says opening this fall.

Mar 07, 2012
Wineack in Greater Boston Area

Foie Gras countdown...

When does the ban go into effect?

Maine Shrimp 2012... Can't wait!

The ones that I got at Harbor Fish on Tuesday were good sized. In fact, my wife remarked that they were larger than usual.

Jan 05, 2012
Wineack in Greater Boston Area

First Maine Shrimp of the season

I got my first Maine shrimp of the season Tuesday at Harbor Fish in Portland. If I remember correctly, they had head on for $2.99, shell on but headless for $4.99 and peeled for $8.99. They were sweet and delicious.

Jan 05, 2012
Wineack in Northern New England

Fresh Maine Shrimp

Is the fresh Maine shrimp season on yet? I thought Dec. 1 was usually the start. Any sightings?

Dec 14, 2011
Wineack in Greater Boston Area

gargoyle's ....why so irritating?

The poster said that it was an old story. From an old season., when the Red Sox actually won a game. I guess they probably will win one eventually this year.

Apr 07, 2011
Wineack in Greater Boston Area

Fun restaurant near Fenway

I have enjoyed Island Creek, Eastern Standard, Petite Robert, and Basho. I also like Elephant Walk for Cambodian food and Taberna de Haro for authentic Spanish food. Both have strong wine selections. Taberna de Haro has the most extensive and well chosen Spanish wine list in Boston. They are a little longer walk from Fenway, but still in the neighborhood.

Eastern Standard
528 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston, MA 02215

Elephant Walk
900 Beacon Street, Boston, MA 02215

Apr 07, 2011
Wineack in Greater Boston Area

March 2011 Openings and Closings

Which hood?

Mar 08, 2011
Wineack in Greater Boston Area

New Season of Cape Ann Fish CSF starting next week

I signed up at the Sharon location (Moose Hill Audubon Preserve). I like that they offer an every other week option of filets or whole fish.

Mar 03, 2011
Wineack in Greater Boston Area

What happened to James Haller

The Old House Museum that is next to Blue Strawbery is spelled with one r also; Strawbery Banke Museum.

Feb 25, 2011
Wineack in Northern New England

Super Sunday Single Diner

I am going to be staying in the Union Square area on Sunday, Feb. 6 and I am looking for a single-diner friendly restaurant for dinner. I am on business from Boston and would like to try something California style. My first thoughts after poring over this board are NOPA, Commonwealth, or Bar Agricole. I see that NOPA has a community table that sounds good. Am I missing some other great possibilities on a Sunday night? A good wine by the glass list is an important consideration.

Bar Agricole
355 11th Street, San Francisco, CA 94103

Do You Like Coffee in Your Chocolate?Special Sale at local WF Stores!

I agree the Berkshire Bark Jumpin' Java is great!!!

Dec 27, 2010
Wineack in Greater Boston Area

Should I Cut My Steak Like a Brit?

not only does it make you look like a toddler, chopping up your steak then eating it means it will cool faster and hence probably not taste as good. and be less juicy. it's just wrong on so many levels

By jcolvin on November 7, 2010 08:57 PM

You don't cut up all of your meat. You cut a piece put down your knife and transfer the fork to your right hand and eat the piece. The extra time since being cut is pretty negligible actually.

Nov 08, 2010
Wineack in Features

Big Weekend in Portland

I also just had a delicious meal at Back Bay Grill on this past Wednesday. The musssels were great and accompanied beautifully by a bottle of Drouhin Chablis that was everything a Chablis should be. They were nice enough to split a salad for us at no additional charge. My entree was seared swordfish that was caught by Maine author and fisherwoman Linda Greenlaw. We had another tasty wine from Drouhin, their Vero Bourgogne Pinot Noir. It was also very good and went well with my swordfish and my dining companions duck breast. The service was attentive yet relaxed. I give this restaurant my highest recommendation.

Back Bay Grill
65 Portland St, Portland, ME 04101

Oct 22, 2010
Wineack in Northern New England

Just an FYI: New release does not work very well with IE9 (beta)

It is running very slow and haphazard for me and I have IE 8.

Sep 16, 2010
Wineack in Site Talk

New French bakery in Wellfleet?

I bought a half loaf of bread last Tuesday, that I think was called Farmer's and it was fabulous. The baker said that it had whole wheat flour, rye flour, and maybe some other flours. It was the best bread I have had in years. There was a short line at about 4:30 pm.

Jun 14, 2010
Wineack in Southern New England

Best website to buy tea?

I agree with the choice of Upton Tea. I have been buying from them for years; their selection is encyclopedic.

Dec 22, 2009
Wineack in General Topics

The Farmer's Table - Old Port Dining (Portland, ME)?

Bresca is great, but very small. As I back up I would recommend the Salt Exchange that is also in the Old Port. My wife and I had a great meal there last week and would recommend it highly. They do small dishes; kind of like tapas but without being Spanish. The portions are big enough to share, but definitely not entree sized. We had seven portions and it was more than enough for a meal.

PDX- Sake One Tasting - Where else to go in area?

Montinore Estate is in Forest Grove and you don't need an appointment. They grow their grapes biodynamically and the tasting room people are very nice. The website is

Jun 25, 2009
Wineack in Pacific Northwest

Winter 2008/2009 Openings and Closings

Orta Restaurant, Jimmy Burke's new place is about to open in Pembroke. They may have had a "soft Opening" already.

Jan 23, 2009
Wineack in Greater Boston Area

A Winter Farmers' Market?

I finally made it to the Winter Market and it was good, but not great. It did help alleviate my withdrawal cravings for a farmers market, at least. Unbeknownst to me living outside Boston, the day before I visited it had been written up in the Providence Journal and was mobbed from the extra publicity. A number of the booths were overwhelmed and were running out of product. I bought and enjoyed Lemon Pesto, Organic Eggs, Hardshell Clams, Garlic, some amazing Sweet Ginger Walnuts, some fresh dried beans from Maine, and some local cheeses. I just defrosted a Grass Fed Steak that I hope to enjoy tonight. I hope to make it back to the market soon and see if anything has changed.

Non-oaked red wine

It is more likely to be a histamine that is found in the grape skin. Sulfites would tend to inhibit mold rather than cause it.

Jan 17, 2009
Wineack in Wine

La Piazza in Amherst-Any Comments?

I ate there a few weeks back and was very pleased with my lamb entree. My dining companions were not as pleased.

Minerva in Norwood...Food Good ,Service awful

I found the service at Jaipur to be horrendous, too. I mostly did take out and they were unable to correctly estimate how long it would take for my order to be ready. If they said it would be ready in 20 minutes it would easily take twice that long. Once the told me that it would be 30 minutes and given their previous wrong guesses I waited 45 minutes to arrive. I ended up waiting for another 30 minutes. IT soured me so much on the place that I have been afraid to try Minerva. I guess my instincts to stay away were right.

Dec 01, 2008
Wineack in Greater Boston Area

Good news for Boston wine lovers

UPS and FedEx Air will not ship alcohol to MA and DHL will no longer ship any alcohol in the US at all. State law in MA requires that each delivery vehicle have a separate alcohol delivery permit, and UPS and Fed Ex feel that is too expensive. You have been lucky that your local driver has not returned the goods, that is what they are supposed to do if they know it is alcohol. There is some question about whether FedEx ground will deliver in MA.

Nov 29, 2008
Wineack in Food Media & News

Central Coast 'Hounds: How about this plan?

Get one of those big red plastic cups and spit in it and then dump in the bucket. If you are sensitive about how you look spitting into the big dump bucket you are a little more discreet using the cup. Since the cups are opaque you can't see the spittle like you would with a clear or translucent cup. I am in the wine business, so I am very used to spitting. It is the only way to go when you are tasting a lot of wine.

Mar 17, 2008
Wineack in California

Nantucket Scallops

I believe that the Natucket Scallop season started Nov. 1. Have there been any sitings yet? I always look forward to my first sweet little scallops of the season.

Nov 05, 2007
Wineack in Greater Boston Area