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Need late night Venice restaurant ideas; 11p+

Thanks... looks like I might get there before 10 now. I love Bancogiro, so may end up there. If anyone has additional wine bar ideas near San Marco which are open until 11 or later, I'd love to hear them.

Feb 05, 2009
amarena1 in Italy

Need late night Venice restaurant ideas; 11p+

All - I'm fairly familiar with Venice and already have plans for Saturday mapped out. Unfortunately, I arrive at my hotel (near San Marco) around 11p on a Friday. Any late night ideas? Room service does not appeal.

Many thanks, safe travels - JNB

Jan 31, 2009
amarena1 in Italy

Blue Hill ~ Stone Barns ~ your thoughts !

I completely agree that the service is a bit stiff. I'm definitely not looking to make friends with the waitstaff, but you can be very professional AND have a little personality at the same time. On my first visit, I thought it was just the sommelier who was a bit of a social retard. Then on our 2nd visit, exactly one week after visiting Eleven Madison where both the food and service really enchanted me, I again found myself perplexed by the server's and sommelier's lack of personality. They must be trained to be that way?!

I haven't been there since they started the farm feasts. I'm wondering if they began this to allow more freedom to the chef to work with whatever is the freshest ingredients that day. I think that's cool, but it seems like it's appeal has a very limited audience. It would probably work better in a small restaurant. Maybe if the dishes were not quite so unorthodox, it would hold more mass appeal. But as you discovered, it certainly can't work with a large party with lots of different dietary restrictions.

I'm not anxious to return. I think the restaurant is extremely handsome, the setting beautiful. And I love the whole idea of eating local, organic foods. But I just haven't found that they execute in taste. Some things have been very good, but somethings have just been plain weird and unpleasant. I just don't get how the place can look so perfect AND have such incredible ingredients, yet have the food and service both be a bit of a downer.

Help with Venice!!

Thanks, Shannon... I'll check those out.

We did quite well last August, thanks to your book, but it was at the end of August, early September, during the film festival, so more things seemed to be open. I had a fantastic list which I worked on this weekend, but then started noticing the closing times... and boy am I bummed.

But we hope to return next spring to celebrate my, ah hem, 40th, without the kids, so that will be my time to really enjoy the celebrated restaurants.

Do you still like the pizza place by the Accademia bridge? We haven't tried it, but wondered if our kids would enjoy it. Also planning on Il Refolo for pizza too, and maybe Alla Strega.

Jul 30, 2007
amarena1 in Italy

Help with Venice!!

I leave on Thursday with my family, and have narrowed down my list based on rec's from Chowhound, BUT now realize many of these will be closed this week and next. Any rec's for places which are open in early August would be HIGHLY appreciated!!

Jul 30, 2007
amarena1 in Italy

Please help me to narrow down my list!

Since you are staying in the 5th, I wanted to give a plug for a sweet little place called Au Bon Coin... it's not fine dining, but it's a wonderful, inexpensive little bistro.

Our waiter was extremely accomodating, translating the very long menu board in detail. He was very curious to know how we had heard about it, since there only seemed to be locals there. My meal was very, very good... scallops and a white fish (can't remember the name) in a saffron cream sauce and my husband really enjoyed his cassoulet.

Fish is usually one of the places we seem to return to each visit to Paris. The food rarely disappoints, though it probably won't blow you away either. It's a fun, comfortable place.

A new place I just tried is Le Cinq Mars on Rue Verneuil in the 7th, close to the D'Orsay. Really, really enjoyed the atmosphere and our meal here, and it won't break the bank.

Jul 19, 2007
amarena1 in France

Venice trip report

You've got me drooling!

I've walked by Ai Gondolieri, but have never made it there... sounds like a must. I keep reading about Da Remigio, so I've put that on my list, as well. Although, now I need to pare it down... I leave for Venice in 2 weeks, for an all-too-short stay of 4 days. So many restaurants, so little time!

I dined at Cip's Club in 2004, and really enjoyed it. The food was good, not amazing, but we had wonderful weather, good service, and a fantastic view of a sunset, the lagoon and magical Venice.

Jul 18, 2007
amarena1 in Italy

Authentic spices: Za'atar needed


123 Lexington Ave, New York, NY 10016

Jul 16, 2007
amarena1 in Manhattan