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Taos eats

I'm headed to Taos over Thanksgiving and would like current recs for good food. My last visit was a few years ago, and I see Joseph's Table has closed. We've made reservations on Thanksgiving at Lamberts but would love recs for other places. New Mexican or New American would be great as I can get other types at home. Thanks!

Joseph's Table
108 A. South Plaza, Taos, NM 87571

Nov 20, 2011
cbmd in Southwest

Recommendations around 1st Bank Arena

I'm going to the 1st Bank Arena for an event and need to eat first. Anyone have a rec- we love ethnic, small, locavore type places over the Olive Garden (I should know that qualifier is redundant on this website:))

Apr 17, 2010
cbmd in Mountain States

Tell me where to go in Taos

I loved Josephs Table when I was there last year but also love more traditional SW/ New Mexican. Tell me what's new in the last year to check out over a long weekend!

Oct 31, 2009
cbmd in Southwest