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Thank you! think it will be too far out of the way but the menu looks great. Going to save that for another trip to Seattle.

Mar 10, 2015
chung006 in Greater Seattle


oh.. .that looks perfect and right on route... Thanks!!

Mar 10, 2015
chung006 in Greater Seattle


Hello Hounds...

Heading to Tacoma from Vancouver BC for a weekend.

Hoping for some suggestions on the best chicken and waffles on route to Tacoma dome.

Appreciate it !

Mar 08, 2015
chung006 in Greater Seattle


Thanks again all for all the suggestions!! unfortunately too little time and SB weekend was a gong show and I missed a few places that I really wanted to try (miss bbq...)

Here are the places we hit up -

CAROLINA'S (Location - by Phoenix airport) - http://www.carolinasmex.com/
- After the flight = starving, headed straight to this highly recommended spot - def hit the spot
- A dive type restaurant - super cheap food but definitely more authentic that what you find in Vancouver
- Oaxaca Burros + Machaca soft taco - 8/10

EL MOLINITO (Location - Oro Valley) - http://www.elmolinitos.com/
- Tried out this local joint, very friendly staff (great salsa to snack on while ordering
)- Another cheap good Mexican restaurant - a few locations.
- Was full from lunch so tried only a couple items.
- Tostadas de Harina (cheesy goodness...) + Chile Relleno (this was a little doughy) + Guacamole (really good) - 8/10

MAY'S COUNTER - http://www.yelp.com/biz/mays-counter-...
- Chicken & Waffles - BUT of course!
- Again, not expensive at all - servers super friendly- too many choices.. couldn't decide
- Finally - Honey pecans chicken & waffles (awesome!) + Taters (crunchy goodness) + Peach cobler (nothing special...won't get this again
)- 8/10

RUIZ HOT DOGS - http://www.yelp.com/biz/ruiz-hot-dogs...
- I was told if you are in Tuscon = must eat a Sonoran dog....
- A bacon wrapped hot dog... hmm... I think my life isn't complete- how have I not eaten this amazing combination....
- $2.50 = 1 dog = YES PLEASE- just get everything! hot sauce, weird sauce, stuff I can't see cause it was late at night = DELICIOUS
- All this in a parking lot = 9.5/10

LA SANTISMA GOURMET TACO - http://www.lasantisimagourmet.com/
- Had to find some good eats close to Superbowl festivities = found it!
- Wide selection of food, highlight was the salsa bar and tamarind margaritas
- 8.5/10 (really cheap place - higher rating considering what you get for a cheap meal


THE GLADLY - http://www.thegladly.com/
- First night in Phoenix started off with a great meal
- Had to get the chopped salad (excellent), duck meatloaf (good), curry pork belly (good), Banana cream jar (excellent
)- 8.5/10

MASTROS CITYHALL - http://www.mastrosrestaurants.com/Loc...
- Heard Steak joints are amazing = had to try
- Steak (ribeye- really good)- lots of sides that ranged from acceptable to good but most were just average
- Dessert = their sig butter cake and cheery crisp (excellent) others again ok.
- 7.5/10 (pricey = raised expectations


IN-N-OUT BURGER - http://www.in-n-out.com/
- Tried in Vegas, not impressed - so had to try again and again, not impressed
- The "secret" menu- animal style everything!
- Not worth the line up.
- 6.5/10

Feb 04, 2015
chung006 in Phoenix


Hey everyone,

Got one last favor.

Any suggestions on a MUST eat place? Can be any food, I eat everything... That is on the way from Chandler to Sedona? We are taking a day trip to Sedona and was hoping for a suggestion for a place on route, preferably in sedona that is a MUST.

Thank you in advance. Ps. Arrived yesterday and first stop was Carolina's, good suggestion! Thanks!!

Jan 27, 2015
chung006 in Phoenix


Thanks everyone!!! great suggestions... I have plotted all the recommendations on google maps and will have to see where it takes me...

Go Seahawks!!!

Jan 20, 2015
chung006 in Phoenix


Thank you to both replies with recommendations. After I read your answer I realized my mistake. What I meant to say was Americanized Mexican food. I was told that Arizona has their version of Mexican food, which would be exactly what you mentioned- Sonoran. I was heading to Tuscon as well and heard there is a hotdog that I have to try there.

I have a car and 2 separate locations (chandler + place close to estrella mountain park) that I will be staying so all the recommendations are great. Going to plot them on Google maps and see which ones are close to me.

Thank you again!

Jan 14, 2015
chung006 in Phoenix


Hello all,

Heading to Phoenix JAN 26 to FEB 2. I figure it will be crazy busy at all the high end / trendy spots (tried to get dinner rez at Mission and it was fully booked).

So... was hoping to get some extra input from fellow hounds.

TEX MEX - I believe Arizona is famous for this. Any spot that is MUST (hole in wall, mom/pop type place)?


RESERVATION CONFIRMED JAN 29 - DINNER - http://www.thegladly.com/


BRUNCH- http://www.hermosainn.com/lons/a-culi...

BBQ- ​http://www.littlemissbbq.com/

MUST TRY PIZZA?- http://www.pizzeriabianco.com/

TEX MEX - http://www.themissionaz.com/the-missi...

CRISPY CONFIT DUCK WINGS- http://www.theuptonaz.com/dinner/

DINNER - http://virtuscottsdale.com/

OLD SKOOL INSTITUTION - http://richardsonsnm.com/

Thank you in advance!

Jan 11, 2015
chung006 in Phoenix


Time to end an amazing year and what better way to do it but to travel around the old stomping grounds eating everything in sight!! Here are some places visited this past month in Tokyo, KL, Melecca, JB, KK.

Happy New Year! Bring on 2015!!!

NAGI RAMEN - http://www.tripadvisor.ca/Restaurant_...
- Ramen – broth from dried sardines=amazing! Wasn’t expecting this but it was really good.
- PROS -unique – new ramen places sprouting up in Vancouver BUT nothing like this @ 1000 Yen = GO!
- CONS – tiny shop, we were lucky, no wait but very small (BUT super friendly owners
)- 9/10

RYUGIN - http://www.nihonryori-ryugin.com/en/
- Modern Japanese? I believe that is the style. Recommended by a friend / High end Japanese
- ALL the smoked, seared fish were amazing… like butter + Dessert=unique , innovative and extremely tasty… sake soufflé….
- PROS – so tasty….
- CONS – 31000 Yen with no drinks.
- 9/10

MAI-SEN - http://www.tripadvisor.ca/Restaurant_...
- TONKATSU!!! Deep fried bread pork – the magical animal in heaven…..
- Had the Tonkatsu Don, add that sweet egg = perfect
- PROS- close to train station – have other stores/locations – 950 yen= steal
- CONS- always busy. Main con… I only have 1 stomach and couldn’t try the other cuts of magical animal
- 8.5/10

FASTFOOD – had to do it….
McDonald’s – Demi Glaze & Cheese gratin Korokke burger = ugg…. Disgusting.
- http://www.tsunagujapan.com/50-mcdona...
BK – Kuro Pearl Burger (squid ink + charcoal)- see picture in link (actually better than Mickey d’s
)- http://metro.co.uk/2014/09/22/these-b...
- 1/10

SUSHI ZANMAI - http://www.tripadvisor.ca/Restaurant_...
- Had to do it! Went to fish market and the line ups at Sushi Dai are insane! Not standing 5 hrs in line
- So tried conveyor belt sushi, if you are in Japan = act like a tourist!
- PROS – cheap, taste was ok, nothing special
- CONS- average meal- nothing to go out of your way for, just novelty
- 5/10

LADUEREE - http://www.tripadvisor.ca/Restaurant_...
- Had the Mille Feuille praline, coffee, hot chocolate & macaroons (salted caramel + chocolate
)- PROS- really tasty, especially the Mille Fueille.
- CONS- really expensive.. We have just as good shops in Vancouver
- 8/10

TORI SHIGERU – @ Shibuya-Ku, Tokyo Yoyogi 2-chrome, 6-4 1 2f – phn#03-3379-5188
- Go to google and put this in- 鳥茂 Shibuyaku Yoyogi 2-6-4
- Yakitori! Skewed meat = can’t go wrong- tried liver, etc.. BUT also sashimi-brains/uterus/stomach/liver
- PROS- skewed liver was super tasty, the sashimi, interesting (good but I liked cooked food better)
- CONS- impossible to find! Just put exactly above and google it- no site/no English- beside McDonald’s
- 7/10

TEMPURA TSUNAHACHI - https://www.tunahachi.co.jp/en/
- Tempura everything! Crazy light batter, get a seat at the bar (speak Japanese) and chat w chef!
- PROS- the batter- never had such light, airy crispiness before- SO good…..
- CONS- you smell like a big tempura sausage after… greasy and full….
- 8.5/10

IMBI MARKET - http://www.hungrygowhere.my/dining-gu...
- First time back to KL in 15 yrs = first breakfast = street market!
- Ipoh chicken Hor Fun, Popiah (crispy twist w pork crackling = never go wrong w pork crackling), Peanut pancake, Nasi Lemak , Egg tart, pandan puff.
- PROS – a million choice in 1 market!! Great place to eat, as long as you can handle a wet market
- CONS- busy. Busy. Busy. Fight for that table. Lady at pancake shop saw tourist = tried to rip me off.
- 9/10

LOT 10 - http://www.lot10hutong.com/
- So this is what heaven looks like…. A billion options in 1 space BUT we just had breakfast so too full
- Tried the durian shaved ice. Pureed durian w cendol – so good…..
- 7.5/10

Madam Kwan (KLCC location) - http://www.madamkwans.com.my/
- Was on search for otak. Found it! Tried satay, otak, Prawn mee (the prawn stock was out of this world
)- PROS- not quite like the streets, Otak was a BIG piece vs. tiny individual pieces ( I liked the burnt bits)
- Satay had good taste, but beef was a little tough- I like mine better with fat bits.
- CONS- quite busy, and you pay for the restaurant comforts of aircon etc…
- 7/10

O&S RESTAURANT - http://blog.saimatkong.com/blog/os-re...
- was told about this place – special trip = worth it! Curry laksa, Che cheong fun, yong tau foo
- PROS- Che cheong fun= awesome!!!! With the fried shallots… Tau foo- super fresh and tasty.
- CONS- not so much a con because it was really good, but I like the style of laksa with more coconut milk- this is just a different style but still crazy tasty.
9.5/10 – SO many more choices that we missed – partly too full / partly, closed by 3pm, we arrived at 2:15

NAM HEONG - http://www.tripadvisor.com.my/Restaur...
- wondering the streets, stumbled across this joint- tried “Majestic” pork noodles + Claypot pearl noodles
- PROS- the pearl noodles was light and tasty w liver! The “majestic” pork belly (can’t go wrong w pork belly) was made majestic by frying it was sticky sweet garlic!
- CONS- service- terrible.

CAPITAL NASI DAGANGhttp://www.timeout.com/kuala-lumpur/restaura...
- Met a Bitcoin group that holds with weekly meet up and this is the first restaurant to accept BTC
- PROS- got the platter! Had to try the special Dagang rice – so good…. Squid and chicken highlights
- CONS- Tuna was a speciality but I don’t like thick chunks of tuna slow cooked = super dry and popiah order was a spring roll.
- 9/10 (The rice made it…


VILLIAGE PARK - http://www.foodspotting.com/places/12...
- SAD DAY….. we were so close… Same neighbourhood as Capital nasi dagang- BUT I just couldn’t eat any more. BUT the line up was insane at lunch- and based on the write ups, one of the best Nasi Lemak
- LESSON OF THE DAY- save room (always) in case of emergency…

FAMOSA CHICKEN RICE BALL - http://www.j2kfm.com/chung-wah-chicke...
- Had to try the rice ball I have heard about! Bus arrived at 2pm, but by the time we got to the famed Chung Wah, it was sold out. So, based on article tried Famosa.
- Kampong Chicken (super tasty), rice ball (ok), Mutton satay( so good BUT peanut sauce was not), Otak: heaven, frozen durian explosion (AWESOME!!
)- PROS- minimal line up, unlike other 2, Chicken, Lamb really tasty+ Durian explosion (MUST)
- CONS- maybe it is just the way it should be, but I would take a regular oil rice in a bowl any day. Service was TERRIBLE.
- 8/10

NEW LUCKY RESTAURANT - http://www.tripadvisor.com.my/Restaur...
- a friend brought us to this out of the way restaurant- great food!
- Fried fish, braised tofu, braised pork belly, water spinach , Chow Hor Fun
- PROS- great tasting food . The fish and Hor Fun were high lights
- CONS- you have to own a car, out of the way for tourist
- 8/10

NANCY’S KITCHEN - http://www.tripadvisor.com.my/Restaur...
- Last day in Melaka- checked out local Nyonya food- rice zhong, Pai Tee, Durian pancake, cendol
- PROS- cendol, really tasty (uses the local sugar), Pai Tee brings back great memories when I was a kid
- CONS- Durian pancake- wasn’t very durian tasty, nothing amazing. Service was unfriendly.
- 8/10

FOOD AROUND JB CITY CENTRE - http://johorkaki.blogspot.com/2012/06...
- Great resource by a food blogger from JB.
- #2- Hiap Joo- crazy good banana bread, got it fresh- go get it.
- #3- Kin Wah- had to get the basic breakfast, kopi w sugar + kaya toast + half boiled egg = happiness.
- #12- Meldrum Walk- TONS of food- had satay, also really good was Mr. OK – Tofu Goreng
FOOD CLOSE TO JB CC - http://johorkaki.blogspot.com/2012/06...
- #3- Shang Ji – braised duck noodles- one of the best dishes on trip. GO
- #6- Mwa Mei Bak Kut Teh- good but not amazing. I like the soup with more herbal taste.
- Shop – the shop that houses #2,3,4- owner is shady. Charged way too much for Chinese donut that is needed to go with Bak Kut Teh BUT only option….
- #8- Ya Wang – go get it. If you like roasted duck (like I love) = go. And the bbq pork is also amazing.
- #5- Tried to go 2X = closed both times… no set hours- go + pray they are open. Tried 8.30AM & 2.30PM

JADE GARDEN DESARU - http://www.tripadvisor.com.my/ShowUse...
- Cousins drove us to the cost for seafood! Had the salted egg crab + FAMOUS SGP chilli crab
- PROS- chilli crab, the sauce with sweet crab meat = heaven, can’t get enough of the sauce….
- CONS- you need a car it is far from JB.
- 8.5/10

Wiya Chicken Rice - https://www.malaysianfoodie.com/2013/...
- Stumbled upon this shop while wondering around KK
- PROS- agree w blogger – rice = really good. Chicken, was good not amazing.
- CONS- wonton soup… meh
- 7 out of 10

Yu Kee Buk Kut Teh - http://www.tripadvisor.com.my/Restaur...
- Pork Pork Pork- after so-so affair at the BKT restaurant in JB, was hoping for a better meal.
- PROS- recommended in Lonely Planet- busy place- food really good! Herbal soup, hit the mark
- CONS- terrible service. Owner (wife) took order and was super rude and messed up order.
- 9/10

Dragon Boat Weekend JUN 5-9 2014

Had to go back for more!! 2nd visit to Portland in 2014 and revisited some of the same joints and some new ones!

1) CLYDE COMMON- brunch. http://www.clydecommon.com/
- 7/10 good brunch, nothing to go out of way but good option if in area.

2) LITTLE BIG BURGER- http://littlebigburger.com/
- 8/10 too full from brunch. Only had fries but truffle fries was loved by the group.
- Been on my last trip and for $5- best burger at the price

3) SALT AND STRAW - http://saltandstraw.com/
- 8/10 second time here. This time was an hour lineup...
- Brittle almond was awesome. Sampled the pear and blue cheese and surprisingly good.

4) LITTLE BIRD- http://littlebirdbistro.com/
- 8.5/10 great dinner, some amazing dishes and some good
- foie gras was awesome, burger was good. Fries outta this world. Worth traveling to eat.

5) PINE STATE BISCUITS- http://www.pinestatebiscuits.com
- 9/10- great breakfast
- Chicken and biscuits with gravy = awesome. Pancakes were really good too. Great place for breakfast, a must eat.

6) POK POK- http://www.pokpokpdx.com/
- 9/10- really good dinner, had to go back for the chicken wings and just as good.
- Wings of course, but also amazing vermicelli w prawns + affogato w donut and condense milk ice cream was high light! Worth the trip to eat here and the wait.

7) LARDO- http://lardopdx.com/
6/10- was told about the pulled pork sandwich. Wasn't on menu.
- Tried Korean sandwich, nothing special. Dirty fries sounded good, again, nothing special. Best was a veg chickpea burger. Not worth checking out. Nothing special.

8) BLUE STAR DONUTS- http://www.urbanspoon.com/r/24/171768...
8.5/10- really good donuts. A million times better then voodoo.
- Everyone loved the blueberry w peanut butter powder! Delicious... Worth the trip.

9) CACAO- https://cacaodrinkchocolate.com/
- 0/10- really wanted to try this place. Visited and was about to purchase, however the service from BOTH employees / owners? Was terrible... Walked out.

10) NONG'S KAO MAN GAI- http://www.kmgpdx.com/
- 9/10- traditional hainamese chicken rice
- Excellent food cart. Rice was perfectly cooked, not too dente and not overly mushy, great flavor. Definitely worth the travel.

11) TASTY AND SON - http://tastyntasty.com/
- 7.5/10- some great dishes, only got the midday bar menu
- fried chicken was excellent, steak sandwich was good. Definitely worth checking out.

Oct 09, 2014
chung006 in Metro Portland

UK + CZECH 2014

Amazing trip with some amazing food. Here is a list of places that were MUST eats and some MUST avoids...

- http://www.vkolkovne.cz
- Traditional roasted pork knee + pickled ham/cheese
- 6.5/10- it was ok... Got suckered into a tourist trap

)- http://www.ichnusabotegabistro.cz
- Scallops (good), Burrata (amazing!), mushroom risotto, seafloor pasta (ok
)- 7.5/10- pricy but decent food, shouldn't have picked seafood in a country like Czech.

- http://www.papas.cz/
- Spegitti w smoke ham, pizza.
- 7/10 - not bad. The speghetti would have been amazing if it wasn't so salty. Pizza was good.

LAIBON (Cesky Krumlov CZ
)- http://www.laibon.cz/?lang=en
- Mushroom w rice + Sampler- Decent food, good change from the meat heavy dishes in most restaurants.
- 7/10- red curry was quite good, majority was ok. Nothing bad.

)- http://www.mls-bistros.cz/en/
- Banana/nutella crepe + Fruit/Cream crepe.
- 7/10 - good place to grab a bite- don't go out of way. Crepe wasn't the best I have ever had but it was acceptable.

DEPO (Cesky Krumlov CZ
)- http://www.depokrumlov.cz/en
- Pork belly (so good), Potato soup(ok), Roast duck (good, not amazing), Tartar (good not amazing
)- 7/10- pretty good for tourist town w limited options.

SVEJK (Cesky Krumlov CZ)
- http://www.svejk-restaurant.cz/en/
- Good athmosphere, food was ok.
- Beef Goulash (ok), Salad (very basic), Mushroom Soup w dill (very good
)- 6/10- nothing special but given it is in touristy area, was good for location and simple meal

CAFE STRUDL - (Cesky Krumlov- CZ)
- http://latran.hotely-krumlov.cz/index...
- Great Apple Strudl w ice cream, Unique Algrean Coffee (expresso, egg liquor w whipped cream
)- 8/10- definitely worth checking out, very nice setting with good snacks.

- http://cafesavoy.ambi.cz/cz/
- Good place for breakfast/brunch - a bit pricy
- Ham/cheese sandwich w poached egg, Crayfish soup, Hot Chocolate (dessert
)- 7/10 - soup was quite salty, Sandwich was good not great. For the price, probably skip it.

- http://www.mujsalekkavy.cz/
- Was recommended as best coffee in Prague
- Tasting flight, Almond Cookie, Cheesecake
- 7/10 - I am not the best judge since I am not a coffee connoirseur, but the almond cookie was awesome

​U DWAU MARYI (Cesky Krumlov CZ
- Hidden in a back lane- old school bohemian food.
- Cabbage pastry (very different); Veg Pie (cheese+tomatoe in crust); smoked meat (ham).
- 5/10- Maybe not my thing but food was super basic, nothing special at all. Cool setting but food and service is average to below average.

CUKRKAVALIMONADA (Sugar, Coffee, Lemonade- Prague CZ
)- http://www.cukrkavalimonada.com/en/
- Amazing bakery, bistro right beside Charles Bridge = AND NOT A TOURIST TRAP!!
- Bacon+egg+onion pancake, Elderberry wine (sooo good...), Ham+Cheese Croissant, Apple meringe pie.
- 8.5/10 - great meal, definitely will go back if ever back in Prague. Very quaint place with awesome food.

)- http://www.restauracekastrol.cz/
- A little ways out of town, mostly locals. BUT worth the trek- owner and staff super friendly and it was like having supper at a friend's back yard.
- Duck Confit w cabbage+dumplings, Chicken soup(amazing), pork terrine, Svickova (steak w czech sauce) never had such tasty unique sauce... SOOO good...
- 8.5/10 - If I knew what Czech home cooking would be... I would imagine this would be it. Definitely go try it.

)​- http://www.paul-international.com/cz/...
​- Good bakery, better then average but not amazing.
- Donut, Quiche, Apple Tart, Macaroon, Croissant (reg, choco, rasin
)- 7/10 - Apple tart was a 10 but the rest was average to good. (found out later- lots of locatons - 2nd experience wasn't as good)

LOKAL (Prague CZ)
- http://lokal-dlouha.ambi.cz/cz/#index
​- Czech classics- pretty good. More of pub, drinking grab.
- Pilsner (of course), Sausage (w whipped horse radish), Soup w dumplings, Fried Cheese, Schnitzel.
- 8/10 - good place for drink and food. The steamed cabbage w the fried cheese = awesome!

)​- ​http://www.cafedeparis.cz/
​- Great food, good price, and very close to Charles bridge BUT no tourist trap.
​-​ Steak&Frites(w secret Swiss sauce);FoieGras; onion soup; Pork SouVide
- 8/10 - definitely a place to check out when in area - found in Book "Where Chefs Eat"

)- http://poppiesfishandchips.co.uk/
​- OK food. Batter was really good, light, crispy but everything else wasok.
- Skate Fish + Chips. Tried skate because someone recommended it. Maybe should have stuck with cod.
- Chips were soggy (suppose to be like that...) + paying for Ketchup and Tartar?
- 6/10- lastly Tartar is part of F&C in Canada, maybe not in UK BUT Heinzprepackage Tartar?? Fail.
)- https://www.stjohngroup.uk.com/
​- My brother went on food tour and loved this place BUT could only get baked goods.
- No donut on day I was there but tried the flaky pastry w currant jam- very good.
- 9/10 - just wish I had more room to try more things and stay for lunch

)- http://www.urbanspoon.com/r/52/561462...
​- Another recommendation from my brother's food tour
- Just had the salted meatbeigel- tasty!
- Not the best, TryKats(NYC) or Schwartz (MTN) which I liked better.
- 8/10 - good cheap quick bite.

- Another great meal from "Where Chef's Eat"
- Pork belly; 3 tapas (duck;aubergine;samosa); crab; almond pie
- Extremely good. All the dishes were either good or exceptional. Nothing we weren't satisfied with.
- 8.5/10 - Great find with really good prices (for London)​

​​MANOR HOUSE INN (Somerset/Ditcheat, UK
)- http://manorhouseinn.co.uk/
​- Cousins stumble by accident and pleasantly surprised
- There was a group of 10 so too many dishes to name.
- Had the steak/ale pie and bangers&mash- great pub food.
- 7.5/10- not typical pub fare.

WHITE HART (Somerset/Castle Cary,UK​​)​
- ​http://www.yell.com/biz/the-white-har...
​- Just had to eat and it was open
- ordinary, comparison to Manor house - this was our basic, and Manor is what you wish
- 5/10- nothing special at all. Will fill you up if you are there.​

Aug 10, 2014
chung006 in U.K./Ireland

Dragon Boat Weekend JUN 5-9 2014

YEP! I think there are quite a few Vancouverites on this board... I think we are obsessed with food.... Had to go to Voodoo just because.. I know, I know.. should have listened. I had Blue Star on my map but could only squeeze in so many calories for 2 short nights. Definitely heading back there soon. I can picture Annie's probably like Honey's in Deep Cove? Cake like??

Jun 10, 2014
chung006 in Metro Portland

A Bellingham driveby report

Nice! Going to Bellingham in a couple weeks! Will have to check this out. Also love Rocket donuts there...

Jun 10, 2014
chung006 in Pacific Northwest

Dragon Boat Weekend JUN 5-9 2014

Yeah, I was surprised that they were quite mediocre.... But also felt that they should be considered as non gourmet donuts based on price. We have a really good donut shop in Vancouver, Lucky donut but each donut is $3-4 so can't really compare the 2.

Jun 10, 2014
chung006 in Metro Portland

Dragon Boat Weekend JUN 5-9 2014

Had a quick road trip to Portland for 2 nights! This really is food heaven, so many places to eat... so little time... I had over 25 places on my map- http://goo.gl/maps/dcenQ

Here are the places I managed to hit.... Can't wait to go back!!

1) VOODOO DONUTS - 6.75 / 10
- Crazy variety of donuts - tried a dozen random + Bacon maple.
- Decent donut for price. dozen for $13
- Nothing spectacular, ok if not much of a line up. Have had way better donuts.
- http://voodoodoughnut.com/index.php

2) PEARL BAKERY - 7 / 10
- Had mini bouchon & ruhbarb pie
- Good pastry, not amazing but good
- Definitely worth checking out if in neighborhood
- http://www.pearlbakery.com/the-bakery/

- Basic cheddar cheese burger + truffle fries
- For $4.75 + $2.75 = excellent deal
- Definitely check out if in neighborhood- amazing burger for the price.
- http://littlebigburger.com/

4) ANDINA - 9 / 10
- Duck 2 ways + cevivche + Stuffed peppers + dessert and bunch more
- Definitely the stuffed peppers + duck + dessert... + everything else
- Really an amazing restaurant. Love the food + service is amazing + handle grp of 30
- http://www.andinarestaurant.com/

5) POK POK - 8 / 10
- Chicken Wings (of course) + Papaya Pokpok + Roasted chicken + Sii Khrong Muu Yaang
- Will all the talk on wings, they definitely didn't disappoint. Bought 2 dozen for my grp of 30 and every single person was licking their fingers.
- Great place, had to get take out due to party size, wish can go back to sample more
- http://www.pokpokpdx.com/menu/togo/

6) SALT & STRAW - 8 / 10
- Tasting flight - Freakled woodblk choco + Coffee/burbon + Honey Lavender + Almond brittle w Salted ganache
- Seriously, forget wine and beer flights... this is the way to go!
- Almond brittle w salted ganache being the best, a must try to wdblk choco was just ok
- http://www.pokpokpdx.com/menu/togo/

- Had to hit 10th & Alder since I was in Portland - unfortunately, most carts are closed on weekends.
- People's Pig- Tried the Bacon w duck egg (extra runny) 7 / 10- great tasting pork, wish it was a little thinner slice with burnt ends..
- Kargi Gogo- had the sampler to try out Georgian food for the first time 6.5 / 10 - not bad, but nothing special.
- http://kargigogo.com/

Jun 09, 2014
chung006 in Metro Portland

Food staycation....

Thanks! I always use this site when I travel and figure it is easier for other users (out of towners) to locate the restaurant to plan their trip....

Food staycation....

Had a friend from SF in town from Thur afternoon to Sunday noon. We hit up quite a few places (as many as we could stuff in 3 days). Usually write about places when I travel but never rated restaurants at home. I was quite an adventure, now time to diet...

- http://www.urbanspoon.com/r/14/181110...
- Xiao Long Bao; Drunken Chicken; Tan Tan noodles
- Amazing food, probably the best Bao in Vancouver; super thin skin.
- 9/10 - great cheap eats.

- http://www.hawksworthrestaurant.com/
- Duck Breast; Pork Belly; Jelpeno/Potatoe soup; Steak/short rib
- Going down hill. Duck was one of the best I have had but rest was OK.
- 7.5/10 - This use to be one of the best. 2X in 3 mtns and both were disappointing for the price you pay

- http://www.bellagelateria.com/
- Espresso cannoli; Maple pecan, Chocolate, Lavender gelato
- Really good... Cannoli was excellent BUT not your traditional pastry.
- 9/10 - Been good every time. Try the affogato - awesome.

- http://www.urbanspoon.com/r/14/181389...
- Chicken wings (of course); #4 Dry egg noodles; #35 Beef rich w fried egg
- Vancouver institution; can't get enough of the wings...+ fried egg on rice= can't go wrong
- 9/10 - for cheap eats, one of Vancouver's best, just be prepared to stand in line

- http://www.japadog.com/
- Didn't join guest but had dog and new butter shaken fries
- Good Vancouver staple.
- 8/10 - good and surprisingly butter fries are awesome and addictive...

- http://www.newtownbakery.ca/
- Apple Tart
- Haven't been in a long time, last time wasn't amazing BUT this time it was! So flaky and good
- 9/10- just that one item, haven't tried others, but worth the trip

- http://lecrocodilerestaurant.com/
- Duck Confit; Bone marrow; Onion soup; Frog legs; Steak; Chilean bass; tons of desserts
- Vancouver Institution, NEVER had a bad meal here and service is exceptional
- There is a palate cleanser that is served, this evening was melon but told waiter the pear sorbet w liquor was a must and he got it- one of the must taste in this world- amazing
- 10/10 - solid - always

- http://www.temperpastry.com/
- Almond Croissant; Coconut Croissant
- Crazy good - worth the trip just for one bite.
- 10/10 - must eat

- http://www.continental-coffee.ca/
- Coffee - our guest also had Cafe Artigiano (Spanish Latte- so good
)- 8.5/10 - really good coffee, a definite stop if you are on commercial drive

10) MIKU
- http://www.mikurestaurant.com/
- Too many items- ask chef to feed us until we were full
- Aburi Salmon Oshi Sushi; Seared Sea Bass - both are so buttery good = must have
- 10/10 - fav Japanese restaurant in Van and after relocation, way better atmosphere

- http://www.seaharbour.com
- Final meal, ended with dim sum
- various dishes, most were good, stuffed chicken wings was really good.
- 7.5/10 - overall good option when in neighborhood.


LOL... I actually just get the book from the library and "borrow" the info. Usually add locations on google maps, really good way to have suggestions around the city I visit. The book isn't only about absolute amazing food, has hidden neighborhood gems that are consistent staples. Definitely find it at a library to browse.

NOLA- have a look, the 2 I loved are August, they had a squash angnolotti that was one of the best things I have ever eaten... amazing.... Also Cochon butcher for lunch.
- http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/919322

NYC- The BLB was really good, but for price, if you get a chance, do check out Umami Burger, I can't get enough of that place. Been to LA, Miami and NYC... wish they opened one in Vancouver so I don't have to spend a flight to enjoy it....

Feb 10, 2014
chung006 in Manhattan


I just wish it was longer to hit more food joints...

The recommendation for Le Pain was from this book. Used it as a guide for Miami and New Orleans and they were about 75% on the money. http://www.wherechefseat.com/about/

The BLB was basic in the sense there was no special ingredients like "short rib", "foie gras" etc.. too many $28 burgers jazz it up with stuff that takes away from the true taste of the burger.

Feb 10, 2014
chung006 in Manhattan


I had about 46 joints to try but w only 4 nights and an important beat down to witness on FEB 2- GO SEAHAWKS! I only made it to some of them. Below is a list of the places we hit up. Wish I had more time.....

​IGUANA RESTAURANT-stumbled upon restaurant.
- 6.5 / 10
- Acceptance meal, nothing special.
- Good guacamole, and staple foods. If need meal and you are in area, ok.
- http://mobile.dudamobile.com/site/igu...

- 7 / 10
- Suggested by book " where chefs eat"
- decent coffee, lots of locations. Nothing with travelling to but good recharging spot if in area
- http://www.lepainquotidien.com

- 9 / 10
- Good food, most things way above average. Does classic food justice.
- Duck Confit, frisse salad w lardon, spatzle, deserts- Amazing.
- Make rez, institution in NYC worth checking out.
- http://mobile.dudamobile.com/site/bal...

​- 8.5 / 10
​- NYC institution, surly service, eat and get out!
​- Corned beef on rye, basic mustard and a pickle, can't go wrong.
- http://katzsdelicatessen.com/

- 7 / 10
- Good basic cheap eats. Basic after drinking greasy food
- Can't go wrong with Pep and bacon...
- http://rayspizza.com/Location.html

​- 8 / 10
- Good solid staples.
- Black Label Burger- simple basic burger- Pasta Za Za- decent pasta- Grand marnier souffle- good.
​- ​http://minettatavernny.com/

- 7 / 10
- Stumbled upon this place and tried PB cookie and brownie- nothing special
- I hope the Maple PB and Chocolate PB I bought is good...
- http://ilovepeanutbutter.com/sandwich...

​- 9 / 10
- Recommended by locals in Brooklyn- worth the trip
- Meatball Hogie (awesome); spicy pork meatball in spicy sauce- all good. Super tender meat yet has texture. Dessert can be skipped- nothing special
- http://www.themeatballshop.com

​- 8 / 10
- Saw this name pop up multiple times. Made the trip to Brooklyn & also visited store in Manhattan
- Tried multiple things- Blueberry/miso shake(really grows on you... now kinda missing it...); ALL the cookies, good but PB was awesome; Pork bun, good but not as amazing as people made it sound; pretzel milk- ok. Salmon bagel thing- awesome! Crack pie- too sweet.
- http://momofuku.com

- 7.5 / 10
​- Recommended by a foodie as typical NYC pie
- I had it cold after night out, a friend brought it from store to our hotel. Good pie but thought Ray's was better.​
- www.joespizzanyc.com

HALAL GUYS ​53rd & 6th
​- 8 / 10
- Told a must find by a SF foodie. BUT she said good luck, just look around 6th ave for a cart with a line up = not hard to find...
- Had the Chicken w rice. Perfect street food.... just make sure you get extra creamy yogurt type sauce to dump on the chicken and rice. So good
- www.53rdand6th.com​

​- 7.5 / 10
- Was told to check out, a few around town.
- Was ok, nothing special, if you see it and need food, it is ok. Definitely way better dumplings (xiao long bao) in Vancouver.
- http://www.joeshanghairestaurants.com

- 9 / 10
- Had to find this... been to LA location, then Miami location- HANDS DOWN best burger under $15, in fact will beat most burgers PERIOD.
- Stuck with my usual - The Original. Simple, amazing..... sampled the Truffle, awesome, Monte Cristo special- was ok.
- Only complain.... it should be 10 / 10 (when I had it in LA and Miami) this medium rare was more of a medium to me.... AND waitress forgot to tell me their special was a 5 spice duck burger (so disappointed and way too full to eat a second burger, AND it was hours before my flight home...
)- http://www.umami.com/umami-burger/eat...

​- 8 / 10
- simple basic burger- had it last time I was in NYC 2003. Same as before, good staple, med rare was well cooked, nothing fancy.
- http://www.burgerjointny.com/​

- 7.5 / 10
- Tried variety of cupcakes, still not fan of small cupcakes. some we good some ok.... Prefer larger cupcake, find it more moist.
- http://www.bakedbymelissa.com/checkou...

Feb 08, 2014
chung006 in Manhattan

Needing some Recommendations for two days

Heard there is a rule in Vancouver, restaurants can't serve burgers pink in the middle = all are served well done. That would be a reason for no good burgers here.... Live in Vancouver and tried many times to get them to serve me a medium rare to no avail.....

Jan 21, 2014
chung006 in Manhattan

Too many restaurants, not enough time....

It was definitely fun "testing" the food to write the feedback... Makes me hungry just thinking about it....

Too many restaurants, not enough time....

Was just in Miami a week ago and hit up a bunch of places. Some were on my list from researching thru this site, TV shows, and "where chefs eat" book. Others, we stumbled upon... Very disappointed we missed Michael's Genuine.

Below is summary of places we visited. Thank you Miami, I will be back!

LA SANDWICHERIE - http://www.lasandwicherie.com/ -
- Rate it 7/10
- 4 different types of beugettes sandwiches + 1 crouque- the croque was great, the rest was average to slogjt;u above average.
- Smoothies and milk shakes were great- open super late = great place for late night eats.

YARDBIRD - http://runchickenrun.com/
- Rate 9.5/10
- So much hype and really did not dissappoint. Can't think of a single dish that wasn't outstanding. The mud piie and BP and Maple bacon sundaes are sooo good....
- HIGHLY recommend. A place to go out of your way to try.

PUERTO SAGUA - http://www.urbanspoon.com/r/12/155379...
- Rate 6.5/10
- Late night eats. Good cheap food. Had cuban sandwich, pulled pork sandwich both good. Rest was white fish, fish soup, empanandas, which was nothing special.
- Don't go out of way but good late night option.

LA PERRADA DE EDGAR - http://www.laperradadeedgar.com/
-Rate 7.5/10
- Much hyped Anthony Bourdain visit... tried the whip cream dog and really it wasn't horrible. Not my thing but didn't disgust me....
- The other dogs were actually quite god. Not gourmet by no means but tasty basic dogs. Soft steamed buns with good dog and crazy toppings.
- Tried the Paraguayan; Argentinian, Columbian, Edgar special, & Roma. Owner is super friendly

EL PALACIO DE LOS JUGOS - http://www.elpalaciodelosjugos.com/en/
- 7.5/10
- Cuban sandwich; ribs, pork rice, lechon, various juices, empanadas
- Definitely worth the visit. many locations- find one close to you and go.
- coconut juice = awesome!!! Super cheap good eats!!

JOE'S STONE CRAB - http://www.joesstonecrab.com
- 8/10
- Institution in Miami.
- We were lucky, it was stone crab season. It was delicious! Other items were good, nit amazing but consistent good.

LA MOON - http://www.urbanspoon.com/m/r/12/153597
- 6.5/10
- Columbian Food, Food got dogs. Had the chiccerone, and yuka fries. All the other dishes we ok to good.
- Not worth going out of your way, but good option for cheap food if you are in area and open late.

UMAMI BURGER- http://www.umami.com/umami-burger/eat...
- 10/10
- GO! Simple, basic, amazing burger.
- Had the original burger. Nothing fancy but out of this world. Loved it in LA and made the special trip in Miami to eat it.

CHICO'S CANTINA - http://chicoscantina.com
- 6.5/10 (KEY WEST
)- Mexican Food, some good dishes but nothing amazing.
- ok to check out if in area, don't make special trip.

LE PETIT PARIS - http://www.urbanspoon.com/m/r/144/172...
- 6.5/10 (KEY WEST
)- Same as above, everywhere was closed so stumbled into this restaurant. Savory crepes. A little heavy for a crepe. Quite pricy.
- Nothing that blew me away, ok if in area for a meal and can't find anything.

ROOSTICA- http://www.roostica.com
- 7/10 (KEY WEST
)- Lazy day, ordered take out.... Usually not a good judge of a restaurant, especially neapolitan style pizza. Fig&pig was good. Funghi& cheese and lasagna was ok. Risotto balls was not that good.
- Good option in key west. It was close to our hotel.

SANDY'S CAFE- http://www.kwsandyscafe.com
- 8/10
- Great snack shop, super cheap eats. Got to stew (ok), prawn tacos (great), mariachi tacos(great), Sandy's cubano(awesome), crab cakes(not so good
)- Definitely a place to check out and 24hrs!

CONCH SHACK - http://www.myconchshack.com/default.html
- 8.5/10
- Get the lobster roll! Soo goood....
- Also had cracked conch(good), sampler (good), conch fritter(ok) then got second lobster roll.... Definitely check it out.

GLAZED DONUT - http://www.glazeddonutskw.com
- 8.5/10
- Might not have did this justice... Just had a couple lobster rolls and was sooo full but had to check out 1 of the top 10 rated don't shops in the U.S
- Key lime (great), Apple fritter (good), maple bacon (good), copy of cronut (ok), cinnamon sugar(ok). Worth checking out.

KIM'S KUBAN- http://m.yelp.ca/biz/kims-kuban-key-west
- 7.5/10
- Unfortunatly didn't actually get a cubano....
- Everyone raved about the cafe con leche (ok). BLT(Good), steak&cheese (good), bollos (good) had to try these unique hush puppies/falafel type snacks.... Wish they weren't as heavy handed with the salt, otherwise, it was super tasty.


Really disappointed I missed dooky... Walked by there a couple times but was just way too full the entire trip. Lol, tried hard to walk off a lot of the meals and tried to build an appetite..

Oct 21, 2013
chung006 in New Orleans


Most of the restaurants were actually outside or the quarter... Seems like the up and coming neighborhood is the warehouse district. Loads of restaurants.

Oct 20, 2013
chung006 in New Orleans


Thanks! The menu looks awesome! Will have to add to list then narrow things down..

Oct 20, 2013
chung006 in New Orleans


Definitely enjoyed the trip! Planning the next one for Miami in 3 weeks!!

Oct 20, 2013
chung006 in New Orleans


I wish I had more time... I would probably have eaten at Cochon Butcher 10 times to try every single sandwich they have.... Would also have loved to try R'evolution and Root. Both seem to have amazing menus.

Oct 09, 2013
chung006 in New Orleans

Too many choices, not enough meals. Suggestions and comments on our short itinerary, please!

Cochon butcher. one of the best sandwiches ever... sweet potatoe hotsauce.. so amazing I brought 5 bottles back home.

Oct 09, 2013
chung006 in New Orleans


Hey everyone,

I got a few amazing suggestions from this board so wanted to post a review and summary of my food adventures. NOLA is really a food paradise....

1) NOLA (Emeril Lagasse) http://www.emerilsrestaurants.com/nol...
- Smoked duck was awesome.
- Stuffed Chicken was another high light.
- Shrimp & Grits- was tasty.
- Dirty rice was awesome...
- Other stuff we had was ok to good. Rated about 8.5 out of 10

2) Dickie Brennan's Steakhouse - http://www.dickiebrennanssteakhouse.com/
- Turtle soup- too salty, so were the veggies (to a point we couldn't eat it
)- Duck and egg sandwich - ok, nothing special
- My cowboy rib eye - nothing special.
- Other people got the prime rib and they loved it.
- Rated this 6.5 out of 10.

​3) Cafe Du Monde - http://www.cafedumonde.com/
- Beinets - awesome!!! so good, went back 3 times.
- Coffee- basic but awesome!
- For a cheap place with so much history- a MUST - Rated 9 out of 10.​

4) Brothers Chicken - http://www.yelp.ca/biz/brothers-food-...
- Fried Chicken- awesome late night eats after the bar.
- Cheap Fried Chicken w a hint of spice- can't be beat.

5) Galatoires - http://www.galatoires.com/home
- Institution in N.O. Old school and cool setting but none of the food was amazing.
- A jacket a must, they can provide you a jacket to wear.
- Rated this 7.5 out of 10.

6) August - http://www.restaurantaugust.com/
- Prawn w ravioli like pasta... seriously the best ravioli I have ever had... we ordered an extra dish.
- Duck w dirty rice- Asian influence - like Korean hot bowl rice. excellent.
- This was the place that everyone agreed we had the best meal.
- Rate this one 10 out of 10. Freaking amazing...

7) Royal House Oyster Bar - http://www.royalhouserestaurant.com/
- Someone else picked this place.
- Hush Puppies; Crawfish Ravioli - both ok, nothing special. Edible meal.
- The only stand out was the redfish beinet - that was pretty good.
- Rated 6 out of 10

8) Parkway Bakery - http://www.parkwaypoorboys.com/
- Roast beef w gravy po boy, not bad. Good basic eats.
- Lots of history, good to try it out.
- Rated 7 out of 10

9) Cochon Butcher - http://www.cochonbutcher.com/
- Buckboard Bacon Melt- damn... one of the best sandwiches I have had. top 10.
- The sweet potato hot sauce is also excellent.
- Chocolate cookie & bacon praline - good, above average.
- Rated 9 out of 10

10) Taceaux Loceaux - http://www.urbanspoon.com/r/57/153301...
- Anthony Bourdain visited this food truck on his layover
- Braised short rib taco - excellent - perfect street food for right before the game.
- Had this at the Saints vs. Dolphins game- food cart - rate this 8 out of 10

​11) Coquette - http://coquettenola.com/
- Cured meat w soft boil egg - very tasty
- Soft shell crab - pretty good, but didn't blow me away.
- Rate this 8 out of 10​

12) The American Sector - http://www.nationalww2museum.org/amer...
- Go for happy hour- 75cent pulled port sandwiches!
- Fries w Italian sausage and barrata - not that good- too soggy.
- Lump crab meat salad - not bad, but not amazing.
- Duck wings- heard it is awesome- was hoping to try but sold out.
- Great place to eat when you are checking out the WWII show - rate 7 out of 10.

13) Phil's Grill - http://www.phils-grill.com/
- Check out the menu- you build your own burger
- For $10, best burger I have had at that price. Unlike in Canada you can order your burger medium rare!
- Rated 9 out of 10

14) Dat Dog - http://datdognola.com/
- Had the Duck Dog - really good, but I think they put bacon in the dog for the fat content.
- Tasted good but would have like more duck taste.
- Rated 8 out of 10

15) Willie Mae's Scotch House - http://www.urbanspoon.com/r/57/134932...
- Was shown on Food Network as America's best fried chicken
- It was above average but definitely not the best.
- Skin had too much batter and too greasy
- Rated 6 out of 10

16) Central Grocery - http://www.urbanspoon.com/r/57/620391...
- Suppose to be the original Muffuletta
- Super busy- went to store 4 X before getting one. 1- store close at 5pm. 2-store close on Sunday. 3- sold out by 4pm. 4- finally got one!
- A lot of hype and it was good but not worth the line up and waits.
- Rated 7.5 out of 10

17) Santa Fe - http://www.santafenola.com/
- Crawfish empanada - pretty good.
- Fried whole fish - very tasty.
- Rated 7.5 out of 10