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Canyon Lake,Lake Elsinore, or Temecula

Anthony's Ristorante in Murrieta. Great Italian food.

Apr 26, 2015
koshie in Los Angeles Area

Early Thanksgiving Take Out

I will be getting take out for an early Thanksgiving dinner on wednesday night with family that lives in Anthem. Any recommendations for a delicious take out meal for 6? Open to any type of cuisine but don't want to pay an arm and a leg. I will be staying on the Strip so any place between the Strip and Anthem would be ideal. Your suggestions are appreciated!


Nov 19, 2014
koshie in Las Vegas

Vegas with boring old farts...

Piero's would be my rec. Old school italian. Great vibe, amazing osso bucco (their specialty) and wine list. Cant go wrong.

Oct 20, 2014
koshie in Las Vegas

Recs in Midtown West

Thanks for responding Kathryn.

I'm obviously unfamiliar with the NYC area!

For a solo dinner, I'm willing to spend around $50 w/o drinks.

For the business dinner, my associates are staying near Madison Square Garden so any where in between would be great. Looking at spending no more than $50-75 pp wo drinks.


Jan 11, 2014
koshie in Manhattan

Recs in Midtown West

I will be staying at the Waldorf Astoria for business. It's been over 15 years since my last visit and in need of a couple recommendations for meals. I consider myself a foodie and enjoy types of cuisine.

I get into JFK at 7pm on a Sunday night. By the time I get to the hotel and settled, I assume it will be around 9pm. Any recommendations for dining alone near the hotel?

I need another recommendation for a business dinner for 3-5 people. Looking for a good restaurant but not too formal. No Asian cuisine please. I am from Los Angeles where Asian food is aplenty. So something more unique to New York would be great.

Thanks for your recs and help!

Jan 10, 2014
koshie in Manhattan

Good for Dinner in Temecula?

Second on Anthony's. Great lounge with live music and Wonderful food selection of wines. Owner, Anthony, is the best. Wonderful homey and neighborhood joint to spend the evening

Jul 04, 2013
koshie in California

Looking for great sushi near Diamond Bar.

Rokuan in Chino Hills. I live in DB and IMO is the best sushi in the IE. Extremely fresh fish, I've been to Zo, Sasabune, Kiriko, etc and Rokuan will not disappoint. The place is really small to expect a wait. It's full of asian customers. It beats any of the other sushi places nearby. And its owned and operated by a lovely japanese couple.

Nov 03, 2008
koshie in Los Angeles Area

Anyone know a good Taco Bar/Catering Service Diamond Bar, North Orange CO

Gonzalez Catering (323)5691785 I used them for a taco bar party for 100 pp in Garden Grove. They cook everything on sight and bring all of the sides and condiments. I am not sure as to the smallest party they will cater to but I am sure they will go to DB or North OC.

Jul 17, 2008
koshie in Los Angeles Area

Ciudad- Review

I went to dinner at Ciudad last night and I must say, this place was average at best. The prices that they charge for their tapas were ridiculous for the amount and quality of food.

Spicy Limas- The lima beans were ok..a little bit mushy. It was mixed with sliced serrano ham. The only good thing about this dish was the spicyness. Otherwise, I could have completely made this dish at home with a bag of frozen lima beans and some serrano ham.

Paella- Could this even be considered paella? It was more like a risotto with seafood. Again, food was mushy and the flavors indistinctive. The seafood was fresh though.

Lambchops- This came with some sort of green sauce and some polenta. This was probably the best dish of the bunch. The lambchops were tender and juicy. This dish was passable but not great. Again, I felt like I could have made this at home. The dish did come with some sort of small red chili pepper that was filled with cream cheese. This was delish. The pepper was sweet yet tangy and spicy. It went with the cream cheese very well. Sad that that was the best part about the dish.

Grilled eggplant- Ummm..this was bad...just mushy eggplant with something on the inside. I have no idea was it was. Dont order this dish.

Sauted Shrimp- This was OK. The shrimps were fresh and plump. It came in this butter garlic sauce that wasn.t too bad. I knew that there were massive amounts of butter beacuase the sauce solidified after awhile. Yuk. The dish also came with a cube of garlic bread, placed on top of the butter garlic sauce. The dish was then covered with red onions. This was a passable dish.

I don't think I would ever go back. The bill came out a little under $100. Definitely not worth the price I paid.

Apr 28, 2008
koshie in Los Angeles Area

Who offers the best Fried Pork Chop in the LA & OC vicinity?

The pork chop rice at Sinbala

Jan 25, 2008
koshie in Los Angeles Area

Green Tea

Your best bet is to go to a japanese supermarket such as Nijiya (west LA and Little Toyko), Mitsuwa (West LA, Little Tokyo, Torrance) or Marukai (Little Tokyo) to purchase your green tea since it is more of a Japanese tea. There are various types of green teas sold: Sencha- basic green tea; genmaicha- green tea with toasted barley; and other types as well. I think these are the two most common. Any brand of green tea at the japanese supermarkets are superb.

if you need to get it at the 99 Ranch Market, I would suggest Ten Ren Teas. Their quality is good and they have a good name.

Jan 21, 2008
koshie in Los Angeles Area

刮包 Gua Bao (taiwanese burger): HELP!

They have it at Yi-Mei deli in San Gabriel. 608 E. Valley Blvd. # G

Jan 18, 2008
koshie in Los Angeles Area


Another vote for EARTHEN. I love their House Chicken and Spicy Noodle Soup as well

Dec 30, 2007
koshie in Los Angeles Area

ISO "Kuai Kuai" (Taiwanese snack)

They definitely have it at any location of the 99 Ranch Market.

Dec 08, 2007
koshie in Los Angeles Area

Not to be missed places in Diamond Bar area

I Love to go to:

1) Rokuan- Japanese in Chino Hills, Grand and Chino Hills Pkwy in the Stater Bros center. They have fresh, great quality sushi.

2) Tamarind- Indian in Chino Hills, Grand and Pipeline. They have a wonderful lunch buffet. It's higher quality Indian. They have the best chicken tandoori.

3) Combo house: A food stall inside the Korean market on Colima and Brea Canyon. Thet have a yummy Cham-pong (sp?) noodle soup (spicy seafood noodle soup)

Dec 07, 2007
koshie in Los Angeles Area

Eat-In Tax?

I'll admit, I'll have the chicken nuggets @ McDonalds, which i love. When I take it to-go, they dont charge a tax. but If eat-in, they will chage a tax. It is actually say "Eat-In Tax" on the receipt.

Dec 04, 2007
koshie in Not About Food

Tsukuba in Torrance

I have been there twice, both with clients of mine who loves japanese food. It's good, no frills japanese food. donburis, saba, curry, katsu, simple sushi, etc. You cant go wrong with it. But it's nothing spectacular if that is what you are expecting. Just yummy japanese comfort food.

Dec 03, 2007
koshie in Los Angeles Area

Eat-In Tax?

Why do fast food places charge an Eat-in tax if you are eating there and not charge tax when you are taking it to-go? And does this only apply to fast food restaurants or all restaurants in general? I have always wondered about this.


Dec 03, 2007
koshie in Not About Food

Really Great Senbei?

I live off of senbei! The Mitsuwa marketplace is Costa Mesa has a very wide selection. They also have an independent vendor in the market that sells authentic senbei in lovely little packages.....yummmm......

Nov 07, 2007
koshie in General Topics

Solo in Tokyo... Is eating alone taboo?

Thanks guys! I cant wait!

Nov 02, 2007
koshie in Japan

Solo in Tokyo... Is eating alone taboo?

I will be visiting Tokyo solo for 6 days in the middle of November. Since I am alone, I fear that my meal may be limited to quick Japanese eats (i.e. ramen, Mos Burger, 7-11...etc). Is it frowned upon the eat alone in a restaurant? I definitely dont want to miss out on a great sushi experience but I dont want people looking at me funny if I am lone. I love all types of Japanese food

Can anyone recommend any places? I will be staying at the Keio Plaza in Shinjuku but will be visiting all areas of Tokyo.


Oct 29, 2007
koshie in Japan

Top Chef 4 in Chicago

I just saw Hung today on Ontario and Michigan! Ha was the highlight of my day!

Oct 03, 2007
koshie in Chicago Area

Omakase in the OC?

Are there any good omakase in the OC area? If so, how much? I'm looking for something pretty comparable to Sushi Zo and Sasabune in LA.

Sep 14, 2007
koshie in Los Angeles Area

Dinner in the Inland Empire to take parents?

It's my mom's bday tomorrow and we are planning to go out to dinner. She lives in Diamond Bar. We are chinese so instead of the normal chinese fare, i wanted to take her somewhere different. Since it will be a friday, I dont want to drive too far and be stuck in traffic. My father likes steak and good japanese. My mom likes anything. We've done the Pomona Valley Mining Co. but that was just ok. We go to Rokuan for japanese pretty frequently so we dont want to go there. No mexican or italian (not unless they have some spectacular steaks). I am willing to go as far east as Chino, as far south as Fullerton, west as Hacienda Heights and north as Covina. Any reccomendations?

Sep 13, 2007
koshie in Los Angeles Area

85 C Tea House in SGV same as Taiwan branches?

Does anyone know if the 85 C Tea House is the same branch as the popular 85 C cafes in Taiwan?

Sep 11, 2007
koshie in Los Angeles Area

LA Hound going to Chicago for the first time

I will ge going solo to Chicago for the first time for business. I hear that there are some spectacular eats. But since I am going alone this will limit my choices I assume. Can you guys make any recommendations for a solo eater? I'm pretty adventurous so all cuisines are welcome. I will be staying at Homewood Suites in Downtown. Thanks for your help!

Sep 11, 2007
koshie in Chicago Area

Gas Stove Won't Stop Clicking

Thanks guys! i cleaned the stove and it stopped! I was so afraid that it was going to blow up or something!

Sep 10, 2007
koshie in Cookware

Gas Stove Won't Stop Clicking

My gas stove will not stop ticking. It ticks after the burner is on and even after I turn off the burners. I have to unplug it to make it stop. Any suggestions on what I can do to fix it? Thanks!

Sep 09, 2007
koshie in Cookware

Your choice for Trader Joe's BEST item

Dried Wild Bluberries! I'm eating them right now. You can put them on so many things, cereal, yogurt, salads...and a great healthy snack.

Sep 02, 2007
koshie in Chains

Driving out to Petrillo's...what should I order?

I like the regular crust. Their olives and mushrooms are the best! (canned mushroom)

Sep 01, 2007
koshie in Los Angeles Area