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Vegan Fluffy Buttercream Frosting

I used to be the lead decorator in a bakery in Chicago, and we did 100 cakes per weekend, just me and another girl; needless to say, I'd had a LOT of experience with buttercream and I have very high standards.
Recently, I've been trying out recipes because I want to start a little cake boutique, but since I am vegan, I don't want to work with or sell animal products anymore. I tried all kinds of icings, and none of them were the right consistency. Keep in mind, I'm trying to create stuff like this: , which means the cake must be sculptable AND palatable, and the icing must offer the right structure, must be pipeable, must be able to create design and hold colour, AND taste good.
All that being said, THIS RECIPE IS PERFECT!!!! I omitted the soymilk entirely; I need the buttercream to be stiffer so I can create roses and structure and whatnot. I was absolutely floored at how perfect this stuff is. I used Spectrum non hydrogenated shortening and Earth Balance margarine. I can't beleive that something non-hydrogenated could be so perfect in texture as this!
If you are looking for something vegan that is similar to store-bought icing, this is the stuff. I can't say enough good things about it, this icing saved my business! :-D

Oct 30, 2009
shaktidance8 in Recipes